HAMLET OF WORSLEY - History, Location, Population, Accommodations, Schools, Whispering Pines Ski Hill.
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Welcome to Worsley, Alberta the Gateway to the Clear Hills. Located in the Clear Hills County.


Worsley Gateway Inn, Lounge, Restaurant, Liquor Store. 780-685-2080.

Worsley Camp, located behind the Gateway Inn. 42 man camp, 780-685-2080

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The Clear Hills County offices are located at the east end of the Hamlet. In January of 2006, the name changed from The Municipal District of Clear Hills No. 21 to Clear Hills County. website


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The Worsley RV Park, power sites with RV sani-station near campground. A second campground is now situated near the firehall.

Many Island Park, 25 km south of Worsley on Highway 64. Boat launch, camping, no services.

Carter Camp located 25km west of Hines Creek off Highway 685. 20 sites, shelter, water, firewood, boat launch, fishing and swimming, playground.

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The Homestead Heritage Museum has a collection of artifacts from the area.

More photos of museum:
(old barn at the museum)
(tractors and equipment)

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Built in 1956 along Highway 726, the Worsley Inn and Restaurant was one of the first buildings of Worsley but today does not rent room to the public. In 2007 the Worsley Gateway Inn was built on the outskirts of town which includes the FireSide Lounge.

The Worsley Health Centre provides preventative health care and dental services. The nearest hospital is Fairview and Grimshaw.



Located approximately 90 km northwest of Fairview, Alberta, is the Hamlet of Worsley, with a population of approximately 130. Located 16 km off Highway 64 on Highway 726.

A number of businesses are situated along Highway 726. (Two hotels, post office, church, UFA)

It is said that there were a few settlers who arrived in the area in the 1917's. The first post office was established here in 1931 with Lillian O'Neil the first postmaster. There was a post office located 3 miles east next to graveyard and also at Marina Post, 1 1/2 miles west and 1 mile north of Worsley run by Cliff Robertson. A small settlement was established here around 1947. The community was named after Eric Worsley, a British Calvary Officer, who arrived in the area before World War I. He was involved with the Fur Trade when in the area. Bill Whitford served under Captain Eric Worsley and named his first son after him. It is said that Whitford was also responsible for naming the community "Worsley."

The Worsley area is mostly grain and mixed farming and is evident with the UFA located along the highway.

Barley, wheat, canola and fescue are normally grown in this region. Forestry and oil gas also are important to and the economy.

There are a number of homes situated in Worsley. This street has a mix of a mobile home, bi-level and one story home.

The Clear River Rodeo is held the second weekend in July at the Clear River Rodeo Grounds. The Worsley Pioneer Day is held each year in August, the Sunday after the long weekend.

NOW POSTED Events of the Peace Country

In 2009 a Motocross Track was built and hosted its first successful race. The track is located on the north side of town next to the Hockey Arena. Over 250 riders and 500 spectators attend these races. The Peace Motocross Association lists the race schedules for Worsley and other communities in the Peace Country at the following website.

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Worsley Pioneer Club holds a number of activities for seniors. (780) 685-2078.
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Worsley Pioneer Village-Seniors Complex located next to the Pioneer Club.
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Worsley has one church, the Worsley Baptist Church. (Next to the Fellowship Centre.)

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Worsley is famous for the Whispering Pines Ski Hill. Located 25 km northwest of Worsley. 2 t-bars, fully equipped lodge, chalet, rental shop, ski/snowboarding school. 17 different runs. Vertical rise of 460 feet. Well groomed natural snow. Toll-free 1-866-685-2594. Website: www.skiworsley.com


Worsley Gateway Inn - 780-685-2080
Home of the FireSide Lounge open 7 days a week, Gateway Restaurant with Banquet open 7 days a week (party and luncheon catering). The Gateway Liquor Store also located here.
1-866-685-8020 - Worsley AB - website

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The Worsley Central School is located east on Alberta Avenue. Kindergarten to Grade 12. (780) 685-3842. The school was built in the 1950's and became the centralized area for education for Clear Prairie, Marina, Dancing Hills, Horseshoe Valley and MaryLand. The school is part of the Peace River School Worsley school

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Worsley Firehall is operated by a volunteer fire department of approximately 18 people. The Firehall and Community Centre opened in 2005.

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Worsley Post Office located along Highway 726 in the Hamlet of Worsley.

Worsley Arena: skating, hockey & curling. (780) 685-3921

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