Worsley, Alberta

Located approximately 90 km northwest of Fairview, Alberta, is the Hamlet of Worsley, with a population of approximately 130. Located 16 km off Highway 64 on Highway 726.

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Worsley, Alberta is a small community in northern Alberta. Barley, wheat, canola and fescue are normally grown in the Worsley region. Forestry and oil gas also are important to the economy.

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It is said that there were a few settlers who arrived in the area in the 1917's. The first post office was established here in 1931 with Lillian O'Neil the first postmaster. There was a post office located 3 miles east next to graveyard and also at Marina Post, 1 1/2 miles west and 1 mile north of Worsley run by Cliff Robertson. A small settlement was established here around 1947. The community was named after Eric Worsley, a British Calvary Officer, who arrived in the area before World War I. He was involved with the Fur Trade when in the area. Bill Whitford served under Captain Eric Worsley and named his first son after him. It is said that Whitford was also responsible for naming the community "Worsley."

The Worsley Health Centre provides preventative health care and dental services. The nearest hospital is Fairview and Grimshaw.

The Worsley area is mostly grain and mixed farming and is evident with the UFA located along the highway.

WORSLEY EVENTS: The Clear River Rodeo is held the second weekend in July at the Clear River Rodeo Grounds. The Worsley Pioneer Day is held each year in August, the Sunday after the long weekend.

In 2009 a Motocross Track was built and hosted its first successful race. The track is located on the north side of town next to the Hockey Arena. Over 250 riders and 500 spectators attend these races.

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