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Welcome to Woking, Alberta located in the Saddle Hills County. This county is the next county north of the County of Grande Prairie.


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Woking Ukrainian Church is located about 1/2km east of the community of Woking. Mostly used for weddings.

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The Woking and District Community Hall is located just north of the main street, located on the corner of 50 Street and 51 Avenue. It was constructed in 1967 during our Centennial Year and is used for weddings, new years parties, and 4H Meetings. (780) 774-3744.


Chinook Valley Golf Course is located 5km west of Woking. 9 hole golf course, grass greens, camping. (780) 774-3838.

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The Woking Firehall was renovated in November of 2006. Manned by a volunteer fire department.

Saddle Hills Office

Saddle Hills County office, moved west of Spirit River to a new building along Highway 49 and junction Highway 725, Moonshine Lake turnoff. (780) 864-3760.

Saddle Hills County Website

March 2012- The Woking Municipal Library had its Grand Opening. 5033-52 Street, Woking. Part of the Peace Library System.
Woking Library website


Events of the Peace Country



Located 55 km north of Grande Prairie, Alberta, on Highway 2 is the Hamlet of Woking. Woking is situated along Secondary Highway 677 only 5km west of Highway 2. Woking has a population of 106 (2011 stats), living in 46 dwellings.

Photo of Highway 677 going East. Historic Woking Post Office on left with the General Store visible past the trees.

Woking was established as a station for the Edmonton, Dunvegan and British Columbia Railway. The station was named by J.B. Prest, an engineer for the railway who also named other stations in the area like Prestville, (east of Rycroft) and Wanham. J.B. Prest came from Woking in Surrey, near London and "Woking" means an area of the family or followers of a man called Wocca. The first post office in this community opened in 1932.

Featuring the Main Street of Woking
The Dual Cam shows both sides of the street as one travels east along Highway 677 (For best results increase video to fill screen)

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Photo of a residential area right along the Highway 677 going west towards Chinook Valley Golf Course.

On main street is the Woking Post Office that was built in 1949 by Hugh Thornton, with the carpentry assistance of Lloyd Corkum. Hugh Thornton operated the post office from 1949-1952 followed by Frank Coone until 1970. Betty Coone had the operation until 1982 then Judy Coone operated the post office until 1991.

Woking is abundant with oil and gas but the area is mainly agricultural with grain and cattle being the primary industry. At one time there were 2 elevators in the community of Woking. Today there is none. A UFA gas station, bulk fuel outlet and garage was in operation in this community, but finally closed for lack of business.

Kakut Lake Fish Pond and Wildlife Conservation Area is located near Woking on the Peoria Road which is located 1km north of the Woking turnoff on Highway 2, then 11km east on Secondary 677. This lake was named in 1911, which translated from Beaver or Cree means "Mud Lake". Kakut Lake Park offers camping at a very reasonable rate, camp kitchen, canoing, playground, Devon Field (ball diamond) and community hall. There is fishing for brook and rainbow trout with an annual June Fishing Derby held each year. Rainbow up to 3 lbs have been caught here. The lake is a Wetland Conservation Project (Ducks Unlimited Canada.) More information and photos on Kakut Lake.

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The Historic Woking Post Office on Main Street still stands today. It was in operation from 1949-1991.
Photo: Names of Postmasters

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Just a few doors down from the Historic Post Office site is the current post office, which also includes a general store, and liquor store. It is the only business in this community besides the school. (780) 774-3774.

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Located on the corner of 50 Avenue and 50 Street was the Old General Store. Abandoned for years it was one of the oldest buildings in Woking until it was demolished.

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Woking School has about 55 students from Kindergarten to Grade 8. The school is located just north of the Main Street. (780) 774-3932.
Woking School website

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Old building along mainstreet hanging on for exhistance as it deteriates.

WOKING - Alberta

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