Woking, Alberta

Located 55 km north of Grande Prairie, Alberta, on Highway 2 is the Hamlet of Woking. Woking is situated along Secondary Highway 677 only 5km west of Highway 2. Woking has a population of 106 (2011 stats), living in 46 dwellings.

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Woking is situated in the Saddle Hills County and the Saddle Hills County Office, has moved to a new building west of Spirit River along Highway 49 and junction Highway 725. At the Moonshine Lake turnoff. Saddle Hills is an area with a population of 2,288 (2011 Census) Website

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Woking was established as a station for the Edmonton, Dunvegan and British Columbia Railway. The station was named by J.B. Prest, an engineer for the railway who also named other stations in the area like Prestville, (east of Rycroft) and Wanham. J.B. Prest came from Woking in Surrey, near London and "Woking" means an area of the family or followers of a man called Wocca. The first post office in this community opened in 1932.

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Woking is abundant with oil and gas but the area is mainly agricultural with grain and cattle being the primary industry. At one time there were 2 elevators in the community of Woking. Today there is none. A UFA gas station, bulk fuel outlet and garage was in operation in this community, but finally closed for lack of business.

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