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Welcome to Winagami Lake Provincial Park Alberta.

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Rates: Power $34, No Services $27. (52 sites with power, 14 without services) Reservations $12. Rates subject to change. Firewood included in fee. Tap water.

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Winagami Lake is open May 17 to October 9. Power and non-powered camp sites, group camping, day use areas. (66 sites, now 52 with power) Horseshoe pits and volleyball nets. Sandy beach area. RV Dumping area.

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An outdoor wading pool next to the confectionery is located in the centre of the park. Lots of lawn area to run and play.

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The Winagami Lake boat launch makes it easy to put your boat into the water. Plenty of parking.

Fish this lake for Northern Pike, Walleye, Yellow Perch and Lake Whitefish. Other species include Spot-tail Shiner, White Sucker and Tullibee.

Also Ice Fishing is popular here too during the winter season.


Winagami Lake Provincial Park is located approximately 25 km north north-west of High Prairie. 11 km east of Highway 2. Winagami Lake is considered a fairly large lake and is enjoyed by the surrounding communities.

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Boat at Pier, Day-Use Area, Fish Cleaning Stand, Beach, Day-Use Shelter, Playground, Breakwater Plaque
Winagami Provincial Park was established in 1970 and was named after the Lake. The lake was named Winagami in 1911 which translates as "Stinking Lake" or "Dirty-water" . The water can smell strongly of hydrogen sulphide. In 1950, a dam and canal was built that diverted fresh water from the South Heart River into the lake to solve the stagnant water situation. The lake is the main source of water for Girouxville, McLennan, Falher and Donnelly. The park encompasses over 160 square kilometers or 16,000 hectares of land. The mean depth of the lake is 5.6 feet with a maximum depth of 15 feet.
This Provincial Park is well kept and includes outdoor wading pool, concession stand, telephone, playground, sandy beach area, boat launch and plenty of fishing. Walleye and northern pike are the catch of the day. During the winter months, many enjoy cross country skiing on 17 km groomed trails, as well as skating and ice fishing.

This Peace Country lake is located about 30 minutes north-west of High Prairie, Alberta. Lots of good camping and boating can be found here and a short new video featuring this lake has been added to
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The Winagami Breakwater was erected by the Government of Alberta in 1984 to improve the recreation opportunity for Albertans and their Visitors. The Breakwater protects the boat launch area and the swimming area from huge waves. Just a short walk from the boat launch is the Breakwater, where many take advantage of its location to fish from. (enlarge picture, view opposite side of breakwater)

The water levels of the lake have changed slightly over the years, but since 1999 there has been a steady decline with one of the lowest levels recorded in 2003.

Events of the Peace Country

The McLennan and High PrairieKnights of Columbus have their annual Children's Fishing Derby every June at Winagami Lake.


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At Winagami Lake Provincial Park, birdhouses were made for the refugees, the largest swallow in North America Purple Martins. The Winagami Lake colony is the most northwestern Purple Martin Colony in the world. The Martin House was erected in 1990 by Richard Kemy of High Prairie.

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There are many walking trails within Winagami Lake Provincial Park that can be enjoyed by all ages. Located next to the Martin House is the beginning of a paved 1 km trail that takes you to two viewing platforms. Each has a spotting scope. You have a good chance on seeing waterfowl like the pintail, mallard, Gadwall and Shoveller who make Winagami Lake their home.

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