Left to right-back row: Don Halbrick (coach), Ken Murphy, Vern Kratzer, (person unknown) Barry Mclean, Bobby Mclean, Captain Jimmy Mclean, Billy Mailhot, (left to right, front row): Wayne Buirgeois, Lawrence Yelenik, Goalie Lawrence Hoedl, David Williamson, and Paul Clarke.

Valleyview Petrol's 1957-1958
One of the first organized hockey teams from Valleyview were the Valleyview Petrol's. They had uniforms and matching jackets which was unheard of back then, and played hockey in an outdoor rink in Valleyview. They did go on the road to compete against other teams in the area, like the D Company from Grande Prairie, as well as teams from Falher, LaGlace, Guy and High Prairie.

Home to the Valleyview Jets, (Senior Hockey team - North Peace Hockey League) NPHL, that challenges other teams in the Peace Country. Photo from the 2016-2017 Season.

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