Twin Lakes Provincial Recreation Area, Alberta
Located about 65 km north of the town of Manning, in northern Alberta and only one km off Highway 35, is Twin Lakes Recreation Area. No ATV's are allowed in this park as well as No Motorcylcles, No Off-Road Vehicles and No Snowmobiles.

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Rainbow Trout is stocked annually at Twin Lakes in northern Alberta by Fish & Wildlife. Rainbow Trout up to 2 pounds are usually caught here. The daily bag limit is 5 trout/day. (Confirm with Alberta Guide to Sportfishing Regulations). Many get out to the lake during the winter months and do some ice fishing.

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Many are taking advantage of the warm weather to take a dip in the shallow area of Twin Lakes. There is no life guard on duty, so parents of children must take responsibility for their own child's safety. All Dogs must be on leases and no dogs allowed in the water.


Twin Lakes received its name from the description of the two lakes that are next to each other. Twin Lakes Provincial Recreation Area was opened in 1962 and is the smaller of the two lakes. Access to the other larger lake to the south can be made by hiking or using a quad.

As you first enter Twin Lakes Provincial Recreation Area you will see a modern looking playground, located in the central part of the park, with self-registration area, shelter and washrooms nearby.


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