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Welcome to the Hamlet of Tomslake, BC.


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Sudeten Provincial Park located just south of Tomslake BC on Highway 2. (17 km south of Pouce Coupe) 15 sites. Day use. Shelter. The Park was built in 1967. A cairn in the park tells the story of the people who settled most of the area many years ago. Swan Lake Provincial Park. About 4 km southeast Tomslake. (20 km south of Pouce Coupe on Highway 2.) 41 sites, no services, fishing, swimming, beach. (250) 786-5960. Swan Lake Park

Pouce Coupe Regional Park, 1 km south of Pouce Coupe along Highway 2. Situated near Bissette Creek. Overnight camping, playground, amphitheatre, horseshoes, confectionery, BBQ pits, shelter. (250) 786-5139.


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Tate Creek Elementary School, built in 1976 is located on the south part of the Hamlet. 15439 Old Edmonton Highway. (250) 786-5577. (The first one room school in the area was opened in 1921 adjacent to Tupper BC. The new Tate Creek two room school was build in 1938)

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Tomslake Firehall. One of the 1st volunteer fire departments in British Columbia. (250) 786-5330.

Lots of fishing takes place at the nearby Swan Lake located about 4 km away. Since it is located in British Columbia, you will require a BC Fishing License to try your luck. Fishing licenses can be obtained in Tomslake at Papa's Pit Stop & Gas Bar as well as fishing and camping supplies and hunting licenses.


The Hamlet of Tomslake is located along Highway 2, on the Old Edmonton Highway, 28 km south of Dawson Creek, British Columbia near the Alberta-BC border. Tomslake has a population of about 25 and is part of the Peace Country.

(photo) Cupful Joy Tea, Craft and Gift Shop, pictured top left, was the original post office. 283-195 Road. Today the post office is located at Gramma's Pantry Country Store. Papa's Pit Stop & Gas Bar pictured top right is no longer in operation, was the original 1924 Co-op store. 15400-Tomslake Subdivision.
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Tomslake sign, Bench, Cemetery, Water truck, Firetruck, Tupper Church, Tupper Hall

In 1947, when the residents of the Tate Creek were trying to get their first post office, the Postal Authorities informed the name "Tate Creek" was already used by another community and could not be used. "Tomslake" was accepted. At that time Tomslake was a small lake at the north end of the settlement, which was named after Tom the Trapper who resided there. The lake was very shallow and eventually dried up.

Located next to the Museum is a cairn. The monuments stands in honour of the Sudeten German Social Democratic refugees who came to Canada in 1939. They fled from Hitler's Nazi Germany fate of persecution, imprisonment, torture and possible death in the Nazi-concentration camps of the Third Reich. They escaped and found asylum in Canada and joined with the settlers of Tomslake/Tupper to make a new way of life. The immigration of 518 settlers was impressive.
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Located on the east side of Tomslake is the Cultural Community Hall. Dances, and parties are held here as well it is used as a clubhouse for the Athletic Association. A soccer field is located next to it.

BBQ is held in mid August by the Tomslake and District Volunteer Fire Department. Floor curling is held at the Tate Creek Elementary School on a regular basis. First Saturday of the month is Family Night at the Cultural Community Hall.
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Tomslake Sudeten Museum located on the north part of Tomslake. (Next to the cemetery.) The Museum was built in an old teacherage from the Tate Creek Elementary School and holds many of the items that the Sudetens fled their homeland with.

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Tomslake Church, located next to the Museum was built in 1939. It is still used today for weddings and funerals.

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Tomslake Library is one of the first rural libraries in British Columbia.

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