TEEPEE CREEK - Teepee Creek Stampede, History, Location, School, Talisman Gas Plant.
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Welcome to Teepee Creek Alberta, located in the County of Grande Prairie.


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One of the first modern homes of the late 1920's, owned by Norman Talbot, is now located at the Teepee Creek Museum. The home was originally located approximately 8 km south of Teepee Creek.

The Museum is currently being developed by Steel Wheel Craft & Historical Society which began operation only a few years ago. With about 7 board of directors the society has about 110 members. The Teepee Creek Museum Grand Opening took place July 1, 2004.

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As part of the museum is the early farm machinery which includes a seed drill, combine and thresher machine.
More buildings and items are being added.

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The Teepee Creek Store originally opened in the late 1920's. It served the community with groceries, hardware, movies, fast food take-out and propane and unleaded gas and finally closed in about 1999.

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The old Catholic Church built in 1928 by local volunteers was located 4 km west of Teepee Creek but has been moved to the museum. Talisman Energy has donated St. Stanislaw Church and financial assistance to the Teepee Creek Museum.

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Located approximately 9 km west of Teepee Creek is the St Steven's Anglican Church and cemetery. The church was built in 1939 and is still in use today.

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An Agricultural Events Centre has now been built in Teepee Creek that holds many events.


Located approximately 30 km north-east of Grande Prairie, Alberta (16 km east of Sexsmith) is the Hamlet of Teepee Creek near the junction of Highway 674 and Highway 733. With approximately 7 homes it now has a population of about 20 people.

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Welcome sign, 1929 Church, Teepee, Horse, Museum Sign, Museum Building, Residential Home

The Teepee Creek Alberta is best known for the Teepee Creek Stampede which began in 1916 and has become the largest amateur stampede in Northern Alberta. It is held on the 3rd week of July each year and is one of the longest running rodeos and chuckwagon races in Alberta. The event draws between 2000 and 4000 people each year. There is free camping available on the grounds. Teepee Creek Stampede Association and Recreation Arena (780) 568-2139.

Events of the Peace Country

The 2019 Teepee Creek Stampede date July 11-14, CPRA Pro Rodeo, Chuckwagon Racing, Junior Rodeo and more. www.tpstampede.ca

The Teepee Creek Stampede takes part in the 2012 Grande Prairie Canada Day Parade
Telsa Shaver has been crowned the 2012 Miss Teepee Creek Stampede.

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The Teepee Creek Stampede takes part in the 2010 Grande Prairie Canada Day Parade
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2005 Stampede Pictures: (4 archived photos)
Calf Roping Event - Opening The Gate - Rider Gets Bucked Off - Crowds Fill The Stands

Teepee Creek got its name from the stream that flows nearby that actually dries up each year. "Teepee", refers to the tents covered by animal skins used years ago by the aboriginal people. The first post office was established in 1924.

Located approximately 4 km west of Teepee Creek is the Canadian Natural Teepee Creek Gas Plant. (formerly the Talisman Gas Plant) Originally built in 1977 employs approximately 10 people directly and about another 30 to 40 people indirectly with trucking services, electrical, vacuum services and more. It creates employment for some local residents of the Teepee Creek area. (updated photo 2017)

Surrounding TeePee Creek, there are many farmers that have a strong connection to their land and animals.


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The Teepee Creek Hall was originally built out of square timbers in the 1930's. A few years ago an addition was added to the hall as well new siding was put on. Outside the hall is a hitching post to tie up your horse. The hall is located next to the stampede grounds. (780) 568-4361.

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Teepee Creek School. Serves about 75 students from kindergarten to grade 8. The school was built in the 1955. (780) 568-2265. Photo of school before 2017 upgrade.
School website

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Teepee Creek Fire Hall. Manned by about 19 volunteer firemen who live in the area and who are mostly farmers. The tanker truck with pump has seen about 10-15 fires a year.

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Teepee Creek Arena has natural ice and is used for skating and kids hockey.

Riverstone Golf Course east of Teepee Creek next to the Smoky River opened in 2011. (along hwy 733, 26 km north of Bezanson, then east 10 km on TWP 744.) 9 hole golf course, 74 serviced yearly lots, and 10 daily lots. River boat rentals. 780-568-2860. River Stone Golf website

July 19, 2011: The County of Grande Prairie has approved the extension of the boundaries of the Hamlet of TeePee Creek by 480 acres. The area can now be subdivided for residential and commercial business and opens the doors for developers.

VIDEO Church
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Bad Heart Straw Church
Located northeast of TeePee Creek was built in 1954 by Father Frank Dales and is made of straw. It is the only historic straw building in Canada. Located north on Secondary Highway 733 and watch for the signs.

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