TANGENT - Tangent Park and Village of Tangent. History, Location, Campground, Blakley Landing. Northern Alberta.
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Tangent Park, Alberta. Located approximately 27 km southwest of Peace River or 48 km north of the Village of Tangent. The park is open May to September. (780) 359-2025.


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Rates 2017: Power/ Water/ Sewer $35, Power/Water $30, No Services $20. Tenting $10. Total of 68 campsites. Showers, Tap water, Flush Toilets, RV Dump, Laundry, Wheelchair Access, Group Camping. Firewood fee.

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Tangent park has a playground, ball diamond, and horseshoe pits.

Village of Tangent

Memories of the Past

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One of the oldest buildings in Tangent Alberta is the old Garage located along the highway in Tangent, Alberta.

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An old barn stands after many years of use along Highway 740, right next to the Village of Tangent.

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The same old barn a few years later starts sinking into the ground.

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The old Smoky River Bridge at Watino before it was torn down (southeast of Tangent) along Highway 49, now demolished.


The Tangent Park is located approximately 27 km southwest of Peace River, Alberta along Highway 740, and is located next the Landing, where a Shaftesbury Ferry takes you across the river.

The Shaftesbury Ferry has a maximum with load of 6.25 metres, and maximum wheel length of 16.62 meters, with maximum load of 38 tonnes. Does not operate 24 hours (7am to 11:30pm subject to change-check to confirm)

Blakley Landing was named after Everett Thomas Blakley an innovative Peace Country Pioneer. (1886-1970) In 1930 he made a makeshift raft loaded with a tractor and breaking plow to get to his homestead land on the other side of the river. In 1951 the first official ferry was built by Blakley and neighbors. Blakley's brothers continued to operate the ferry after the retirement of Everett Blakley in 1961. The government took over the Shaftesbury Ferry in 1977.

24 km south of the Town of Peace River is one of the few remaining ferries in Alberta called the Shaftesbury Ferry. Take a look at this video featuring the ferry.

View VIDEO> (3:24min)

The Tangent Park located 48 km from the Village of Tangent, dates back to 1975 when area residents used to stop by the river for the afternoon or night for free. It was called Tangent Park, because it was situated on the Tangent side of the river. Tangent Park is situated in the valley. Follow the trail along the river for 10km which takes you to the famous "Mackenzie's Lookout," the area where Alexander Mackenzie
travelled in the late 1700's.


The Village of Tangent is located approximately 30 km west of Falher, Alberta or 65 km south of Peace River. The population is about 50 people.

In 1916 the Edmonton, Dunvegan and British Columbia Railway Station opened at this location. In 1928 the settlers started coming. The name "Tangent" comes from how the railway curves and then forms a straight line. It is the Geometric term that inspired the name of the community. In 2005 Tangent celebrated 75 years.
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Tangent Community Hall
Located on the south part of Village of Tangent is the Community Hall. It was built in 2001 replacing the previous hall that burned down. Capacity for 300 people, many weddings and parties are held here. (780)359-2251. (enlarge picture right)

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Many farms surround the community of Tangent. As the seasons change so does the landscape.

Events of the Peace Country


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Welcome to the Village of Tangent, Alberta located in the M.D. of Birch Hills #19.
Birch Hills which includes Eaglesham, Peoria, Tangent, Wanham and Watino with a total population of 1,815 (2015). Covers an area of 2,895 sq km.

At one time there was a school in Tangent, with up to 200 students. The present Big Buck Cafe and General Store was a residence used by the Nuns who taught at the local school in and around the year 1967. Because the amount of students had decreased over the years, the school was finally closed and was torn down in the 1970's. Most were then bussed to Eaglesham, with just a few wanting to go to Falher.

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The Big Buck Cafe and General Store is located along Highway 740. For many years it was known as the Tangent Pit Stop Store. Also a small RV Park is located next to it with water, sewer and power hook-ups. (780) 359-2101.

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Along Highway 740 at Tangent is the Paroisse Saints Martyrs Canadiens, Roman Catholic Church, established in 1930.

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S.F.T. Cultural Centre, is a building with 3 parts. On the west side is the library, the middle is used by children, and the 3rd portion is used by seniors (Yaremko Seniors Club.) who spend time playing cards and having coffee. Library website

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