SWAN LAKE PROVINCIAL PARK - BC History, Location, Fishing, Boating, Campground, Fish Ladder. Northern BC.
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Welcome to Swan Lake Provincial Park, BC. One of the first Provincial Parks to be established in British Columbia.


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Swan Lake Provincial Park has 41 sites with no services. There are firepits, firewood, and water. Open May to September. Campsites are available on a first-come, first-served bases. Reservations are not accepted.
2016 rates: $20 no services. Group camping $35. (250) 964-2243

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Boat Dock and Lake
The 360 degree video starts at the boat trailer parking lot and scans the entire lake and boat launch.

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A large playground with slides offers hours of fun for the youngsters at Swan Lake BC. The playground has been
upgraded in recent years.

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You can have a picnic right along the Lake in the day-use area. Each spot includes picnic table and firepit.

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An information stand has lots of information on the types of fish, birds in the area. Located near the boat launch.


Part of the Peace Country is Swan Lake Provincial Park located 35 km southeast of Dawson Creek, British Columbia on Highway 2 or 20 km south of Pouce Coupe.

Swan Lake Provincial Park BC was built in 1918 and is the 3rd oldest park in British Columbia. The park is 67 ha (165 acres). The lake is very shallow with the maximum depth of only 3 meters.

Swan Lake Provincial Park offers camping and plenty of activities to keep all ages entertained for hours. There are large grassy fields and a baseball diamond is also located next to the campground. You can go hiking along the lakeside trail. The sandy beach and warm waters are perfect for swimming, water-skiing, fishing, and sunbathing. Excellent fishing for Northern Pike and Walleye.
A Fish Ladder was constructed through cooperation between the Ministry of Environment, BC Parks, and BC Conservation Foundation, with funding provided by the Habitat Conservation Trust Fund. The purpose of this ladder is to facilitate movement of fish between Tupper River and Swan Lake.
The Fish Ladder is a very interesting site and the bridge can be crossed to get from the campground to the Boat Launch area.

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MORE HISTORY: The first white settlers arrived on the south end of the lake in 1910. In 1921 the first school opened on the south shore of the lake, and in 1930 the Northern Alberta Railway came to Swan Lake. A community hall was built at the park in 1937 and in 1939 the Sudetans arrived by passenger train. In 1942 the US Army set up a base camp on the north end of the lake.

Hot summer days are enjoyed by all ages at Swan Lake Provincial Park in BC. There is no supervision of the swimming area.

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Trailer Parking, Wake Board Info, Clean Boats Info, View at Boat Launch, Boil Water Sign, Fisherman, Bridge

In 2007 Swan Lake had a winter fish kill that destroyed 85% of the fish.


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Swan Lake is great for water skiing, boating, and for watercraft.

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A large boat launch makes it easy to put your boat in the lake. Also makes a good fishing spot

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Good fishing is available at Swan Lake with mostly Northern Pike and Walleye. Also Yellow Perch and Burbot are common. A fish cleaning stand is nearby.

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Swan Lake is one of the largest bodies of water in the Peace Country. Many birds in the area can be spotted including the Common Loon, Mallard Duck, Wigeon, Canada Goose, Coot and Horned Grebe. Also common to the area is the Swallow, Chickadee, Sparrow, Blue Jay, the Gull, Woodpecker, Osprey plus many more.

Moose and deer frequent the area including the Trumpeter Swan as well as a large number of other birds. It is always a treat when the young children spot wildlife
in the park

Events of the Peace Country

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