SWAN LAKE RECREATION AREA - History, Location, Fishing, Boating, Campground. Northern Alberta Peace Region.
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Welcome to Swan Lake Recreation Area, Alberta now managed by the MD of Greenview No. 16. Canfor and the Forest Resource Improvement Association of Alberta have supported the enhancement of the Recreational Area over the years.


To get to Swan Lake Recreation Area, the 16km southeast of Ridgevalley is a fair/good gravel road.

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There are a number of walk-in sites that are well sheltered by trees. They have picnic tables and firepits and are located next to the lake.

This park are very rustic and offer no services. There only a few camping spots and the MD of Greenview does not charge any fees to users. There is a washroom near the fish cleaning stand, and some wood is available. This recreation area lacks a beach area and playground but does give the serious fisherman the essentials to have a good day.

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This old timer has been fishing at Swan Lake over 20 years and has seen some big trout caught at this lake.
Best fishing is May and June as the water is clear. From July to September, the lake is usually filled with algae. A lot of fly fishermen like to come here.

Many birds in the area can be spotted on the lake including the Common Loon. Also, a Bald Headed Eagle has made its home for a few years at the east end of the lake.



Swan Lake Recreation Area is located 16 km southwest of Hamlet of Ridgevalley Alberta ( Ridgevalley is 72 km east of Grande Prairie, Alberta along Highway 43.)

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Swan Lake Recreation Area was officially named in 1952 and was believed to have been named after the Swans that were present at the lake. The lake is aerated each winter to ensure that anglers can enjoy good quality fishing year round.

There are only a few camping spots available near the lake. The rest of the area is used for parking.

MAY 2011- Many people are taking advantage of the many lakes in the Peace Country for camping and fishing. A new video has been added to DiscoverThePeaceCountry.com featuring Swan Lake Recreation Area, near Ridgevalley Alberta.
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There are a number of camping spots as well as there good access to the lake on the east bend of Swan Lake Recreation Area. A lot of smaller inflatable float tubes or belly boats are used by anglers in this area as the water seems to be calmer. Also an ideal place to park your boat when you need a break.

A new 8 lot subdivision has been started next to Swan Lake Recreation Area called Rosebud.

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A steep road to the lake gives access to launching your boat.

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To keep down the noise and preserve the natural habitat of the lake area, electric motors are only to be used on this lake. During the winter the lake is Aerated and causes thin ice and open water near the Lake Aeration area.

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Good fishing is available at Swan Lake with rainbow trout being stocked annually. Rainbow Trout up to 10 pounds can be caught. An updated fish cleaning stand has been built.

Update June 2008- More changes at this Recreation Area. A Conservation Officer of Parks, Recreation and Sport Division, has said "Swan Lake will continue to allow camping (up to a 14 day stay limit) until such time as the area receives a Park or Recreation Area Classification." At that time their department will conduct a needs evaluation to determine if a campground would be constructed or if the area would be upgraded and maintained as a day use site. In 2011, The MD of Greenview has taken over the responsibility for the recreation area.

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