St Isidore, Alberta

Located just 16 km south east of Peace River, Alberta along Highway 688, is the Hamlet of St. Isidore, with a population of 235 (2021 statistics) with 87 occupied dwellings. In 2016 the population was 266 so it has decrease by 11.3% over the years. Of the 235 people living here, 150 speak English as their first official language while 85 speak French as their first official language. (Photo above: a strip mall contains a number of businesses including the Post Office and the Co-op Store.)

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The population of St Isidore actually increased a bit from the 2006 to the 2011 census. From 211 people to 218 people. 2011 Census for the Northern Sunrise County has a population of 1,791.

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St. Isidore was founded as a co-operative by the "Companion's Society" in 1953. A group of ten farmers from Quebec set up an agricultural co-op to buy land, share equipment and settle land in the area. They also established a co-op for services and products and eventually evolved into what is now St. Isidore Co-op (Grocery and agro services) The Companion's Society still exists with a mandate to further develop and support economic and cultural ventures in the community. The community was named after St. Isidore, who was a patron saint of farm workers who was a hard worker.

There are a variety of homes in St. Isidore. The community is mostly agriculture and residents work either in St. Isidore or outlying areas such as Peace River at Daishowa or Shell. In St. Isidore the main employment opportunities are with the St. Isidore Co-op, a timothy processing plant, two beekeeping operations, a dairy farm and other farms and businesses.

The community organizes one of the biggest winter carnivals in the north, the St. Isidore Carnaval. Held every year during the long weekend of February, it attracts over 1500 visitors. Activities include live entertainment, sleigh rides, snow sculpturing, log sawing, and other competitions. The first Carnaval was held in 1983.

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There is no school in this hamlet so children go to Peace River to various schools as well as to Falher to attend Ecole Heritage. There are no restaurants, hotels or campgrounds in St. Isidore. St Isidore Bibliotheque - Library. (780) 624-8182.

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