Snipe Lake Community Campground, Alberta

Travel about 25 km east of Valleyview, Alberta on Highway 669. Then 5 km north of the Sunset House on Highway 747. From highway turn east at Township Road 713A for 14 km to reach the campground.

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Snipe Lake Community Campground is on the far east side of Snipe Lake. The campground is a bit rustic with no services but the fishing is usually pretty good. Look for Northern Pike, Walleye, Yellow Perch, Burbot, and Lake Whiitefish.

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Snipe Lake is regarded as a very shallow lake with a maximum depth of about 20 feet. The centre of the lake is the deepest and makes up about 10% of the entire lake. About 50% of the lake is 15 feet and the remainder is 5 and 10 feet deep. The lake covers an area of 10,998 acres.

Fishing is relatively good at Snipe Lake. It has been reported that a 30 lb Northern Pike was caught in the spring of 2007. The lake has been over fished and in recent years even the population of Perch has dwindled. There is now catch and release on some species.

Getting to and out of Snipe Lake Community Campground becomes a challenge when it rains. The gravel roads become very soft and soupy. Would not recommend the south side road from the post office at Sunset House during rain as it is 30km from the highway to the Snipe Lake Community Campground. (Tried that on the way home pulling an RV and had to use 4x4 for about 10km at 20 kmph top speed. Any faster, and the back of RV would slide to the ditch. Most likely I should have used the north side road as that is how I came in. It was shorter but when it was dry, the deep ruts worried me. There were a few times I could hear my skid plate hit bottom of my 3/4 ton GMC truck.

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There is a number of different species of birds at Snipe Lake, Alberta and the Seagull makes this area its home.

No ATV's are allowed at Snipe Lake Community Campground.

There are many locations around the lake that you can fish right off the bank of the lake.

The above video was done near the South Shore Resort of Snipe Lake. It is now closed to the public but you can now buy your own RV Site.

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