Simonette River Recreation Area, Alberta

Located about 55 km southeast of Grande Prairie, Alberta on Highway 43 is the Simonette River. From Grande Prairie take Highway 43 east. At Bezanson cross the Smoky River and after a few kilometers take the Forestry Truck Road otherwise known as Highway 734, south for 10km.

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Simonette River Recreation Area in northern Alberta is located right on the riverbed of the Simonette River. There are two small campgrounds, one on each side of the road, it makes a nice escape to enjoy the beautiful scenery and as well as the river.

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Surveys of this area as early as 1879 referred to this river as Simonette or Moose River. Others believed the River got its name in the 1930's when Simon Walker was living on the river. In 1980 the Peace Country Pioneer (a Summer Riding Camp) was established at Simonette River.

Off-road vehicles, quads motorbikes, are prohibited within the park area which also includes the shore of the river or the riverbed. No boats are allowed to launch their boats in the park.

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Because of the shallow water at this point of the Simonette River, many people feel it is an ideal location for swimming or floating down the river.

FIREWOOD NOTICE: Alberta Parks no longer provides firewood to this campground. If you plan on having a campfire in the firepits supplied, you are encouraged to bring your own firewood. Please note Collecting and Burning deadfall or collecting roasting sticks within the boundaries of the Provincial Recreation Area is not permitted and is illegal at all Provincial Parks.

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