Sexsmith, Alberta

Located just 24 km north of Grande Prairie, Alberta, along Highway 2, the Town of Sexsmith was established in 1916. The population is 2,427 people (2021 stats) with 853 dwellings occupied compared to 2016 when population was noted as 2,461. Because Sexsmith is located so close to Grande Prairie, many residents travel to the city to work, but prefer the comfortable quiet town life to bring up their families. Some of the attractions of Sexsmith include the Paszkowski House, The Sexsmith Blacksmith's Shop Museum, Sexsmith Rail Station and Heritage Park and Campground.

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A stroll down mainstreet takes you a step back in time and is a must to see. In 1985, Sexsmith merchants undertook a revitalization program to bring it back to the early 1900's. The Grand Opening of the 1920's street took place in October of 1992.

Sexsmith had no hospital but more than 3000 babies were delivered in the Sexsmith Maternity Home, known as "Aunt Jo's" (operator Johanna Haakstad, a self-trained mid-wife) 1921 to 1957. From 2006 to 2011 there was an increase in population by almost 23%. The highest age group in 2011 was 0-9 at 490 while 10-19 yrs was 385, 20-29 yrs: 380, 30-39 yrs: 425, 40-49 yrs: 325, 50-64 yrs: 310, 65+ yrs: 110. The Life Expectancy is one of the highest in the County with 81.5 years (2015). Family income $113,580 (2013).

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An Ontario-born surveyor by the name of Walter McFarlane, who was contracted by the government in 1909, mapped out much of the Sexsmith area. At that time, the area was occupied by mostly Metis who traded their furs at the trading post at Lake Saskatoon, an area to the west. The Town was originally named "Bennville" after the early 1911 settler JB "Benny" Foster who had owned the homestead where the townsite was established. It was discovered another community had that name so it was renamed Sexsmith, named after David Sexsmith, one of the first trappers of the area. The railway finally came in 1916 which resulted in more settlers coming to the area. 200 people lived here in 1929 when it was incorporated as a village. In the 1930's, Sexsmith had 8 grain elevators and was known as "The grain capital of the British Empire". Sexsmith reached town status in 1979.

In 1955, gas, water and sewer services were introduced to the community. Sexsmith's population reached 1000 in the late 1970's and was incorporated as a town.

Home to the Peace River Bible Institute. 9601-100 Street. (780) 568-3962. Began operation in 1933. It originally started in Berwyn, Alberta some 147 km to the north of Sexsmith. Then it moved to Grande Prairie and finally to its present location in Sexsmith. Current enrollment is approximately 262 students.

In 1976 the Northern Alberta Rapeseed Plant opened employing 80 people. Eventually it had closed. In January 2002 a Resin plant was announced for Sexsmith. The old Canola Plant, which closed a few years ago, will open again employing 30 people, producing 340,000 metric tonnes of resin a year. The resin is used to cement wood products, paper and fibreglass, and will be made using local oil industry by-products. It will be sold to local forestry companies. In 2010 a new Viterra grain elevator was built on the outskirts of Sexsmith that employees about 28 people. The elevator is able to store 31,000 metric tonnes of grain and can load 108 rail cars in six hours or a truck in a matter of seconds. Sexsmith and District Seniors Association. (780) 568-4513. Town Office. (780) 568-3681.

The Sexsmith Agricultural Society was established in 1972.
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Grande Prairie water is now running from the taps in Sexsmith. Aquatera officially opened the new Grande Prairie to Sexsmith waterline on July 19, 2006.

In 2023 the Sexsmith Chamber of Commerce became part of the Grande Prairie and District Chamber of Commerce.

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Sexsmith Events:

(Above photo: William Vavrek Photography captures Ken Connors of videoing Carter Rowney - 2017)

Annual Chautauqua Day in early June of each year (Old-fashioned family day, centred around the main street). Andrea Vavrek Curling Bonspiel is held each November. Town Light up takes place on the 1st Friday of December. Reverse Santa Claus Parade held each year on the 1st Saturday in December.

The Teepee Creek Stampede Located 16 km east of Sexsmith, draws a lot of people in the area each July for the Rodeo and Chuckwagon Races. It has been held annually since 1916. Free camping at the grounds.

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Announcement: Walter Paskowski has been named to the Alberta Agriculture Hall of Fame in December 2020. He farmed in the Sexsmith area for many years and also served as Alberta’s Agriculture Minister for a number of years and continues to operate machinery at the family farm.

Sexsmith Arena:
Sexsmith Arena has artificial ice and concession and is home of the Sexsmith Minor and Junior B Vipers.

Not far from the Sexsmith Medical Clinic is the Sexsmith Skateboard & BMX Park. Sexsmith has two Tennis Courts located on 100 Avenue and is free to use. Benville Park has four ball diamonds and horseshoe pits.

Sexsmith Churches: Grace Bible Fellowship, Roman Catholic Church, Christ Lutheran Church.

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