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Grande Spirit Foundation
9505-102 Avenue, Grande Prairie. (780) 532-2905. A non-profit organization providing affordable senior and family house in Grande Prairie and surrounding area. Established in 1960, the Grande Spirit Foundation has expanded to offer residences in 11 communities. Senior Lodges in Grande Prairie include the Heritage Lodge, Pioneer Lodge, and Wild Rose Manor, plus the Pleasantview Lodge in Spirit River. Senior Apartments in Grande Prairie include Aurora Court, Wild Rose Villas,Dieppe Manor and James Manor plus senior apartments in Beaverlodge, Bezanson, Debolt, Eaglesham, LaGlace, Rycroft, Sexsmith, Spirit River, Wanham, and Wembley.
Family Housing is available in Beaverlodge, Clairmont, Grande Prairie, Sexsmith, Spirit River and Wembley.

Grande Spirit Foundation:
Applications, Floor plans of rooms, etc.

Seniors Outreach
The one-stop shop for information for seniors who turn 65. Applications are available for Old Age Security, Guaranteed Income Supplement, Spouses Allowance, Canadian Pension, Alberta Seniors Benefit, etc. Located at #102, 9905-101 Avenue, Grande Prairie. (780) 539-6255.

Meals On Wheels
Serving the community since 1972, is a non-profit community service that delivers hot, nutritious meals. Helping seniors, disabled, convalescent, or those who lack the strength or motivation to prepare adequate meals for themselves. (780) 539-3901.

Peace Country Health
Continuing Care Centres are located in Grande Prairie, Hythe, Spirit River, Fairview, Grimshaw, Peace River, Manning, McLennan, High Prairie, Valleyview and Grande Cache. Peace Country Health also offers Continuing Care Programs including the Adult Day Program, CARE Program, Home Care, Palliative Care, Regional Placement and more. For more information visit:
Peace Country Health

Lifeline, is the leading personal response service, that ensures help is available at the press of a button, 24 hours a day.(780) 538-4597.

Heritage Lodge.
Located at 10111-96 Street, Grande Prairie the Heritage Lodge has 74 units for senior living. (780) 532-8712.


There are approximately 2321 seniors over the age of 65 in Grande Prairie, Alberta (2000 stats) 973 males and 1348 Females. Age 55-64 there is a total of 1918 people. (986 males/ 932 females)

Wild Rose Villas
Wild Rose Villas are supportive senior apartments that consists of 25, 1 and 2 bedroom units located at 7015 Poplar Drive, Grande Prairie. These apartments were constructed in 2003. (780) 538-1818. Connected to Wild Rose Manor Lodge.

Wild Rose Manor
Wild Rose Manor is a 75 unit lodge located in the southern part of the City. 9358-70 Avenue, Grande Prairie. (780) 538-1818. Each day, three home-cooked meals and an evening snack are served , as well weekly cleaning of rooms are provided.

Pioneer Lodge
Located in the central part of the city, this senior lodge consists of 48 units. Three home-cooked meals and an evening snack are served each day, as well weekly cleaning of rooms are provided. 9508-Richmond Avenue, Grande Prairie. (780) 532-2901.

Aurora Court
Aurora Court is a senior citizens apartment with 30 suites, located at 10013-96 Street, Grande Prairie. (780) 532-2901.

James Manor
James Manor is a senior citizens apartment that has 21 suites, located at 10102-103 Avenue, Grande Prairie. (780) 532-2905.

Dieppe Manor
Dieppe Manor is a self-contained seniors apartment that consists of 71 units. Located in the northern part of the city. 9428-121 Avenue, Grande Prairie. (780) 539-1451. Rent for apartments is based on 30% of income. Heat, water & sewer is included, and laundry is free. Meal services are available. Access to nursing and personal care. There are regular activities and events.

For more information:
The Alberta Senior Citizens Housing Association (ASCHA) is a registered society and operates as a non-profit association. The membership consists of over 100 organizations operating over 18,000 Senior's Housing units across the Province. For up-to-date information on the many complexes in the Peace Country contact:

Alberta Senior Citizens Sports & Recreation Association.
Seniors from 55 and up can get together to compete with other seniors in other zones in Alberta. There are 8 zones in Alberta with Games Competitions held every 2nd year. Competitions include: carpet bowling, floor curling, slow pitch, horseshoes, table tennis, cycling, darts, badminton, pool, swimming, golf, card games and many more events.

Changes to Old Age Security Benefits. (2012)
Starting April 1, 2023, the Government of Canada will be raising the age of eligibility for Old Age Security (OAS) and Guaranteed Income Supplement from 65 to age 67. For some, the Old Age Security amounts to about $500-$600 a month income. For those who will be eligible for OAS in 2013, will have the option of delaying receiving OAS in exchange of having a higher monthly payment at a later date. Each year you delay OAS will increase payment by .6% (2017 info). Delaying CPP will increase payment 8.4% each year.

Grande Prairie and District Golden Age Centre
Located at 10222-101 Avenue. (780) 532-5818. This centre has a number of activities for seniors. It is a seniors recreation centre build for seniors to have fun, socialize and meet other seniors. The quilting group donate to the Red Cross, Victims Assistance, Wapiti Dorm, Odyssey House and Parenting Teens. Many look forward to Jamboree Night where groups donate music for dances. Other activities include card games, painting, dancing lessons, floor curling, and carpet bowling. There are approximately 550 members who take advantage of the services. Open Monday-Friday, closed weekends and holidays.

In January 2014 a survey showed that 30% of Canadian Seniors went back to work after retiring either part time or full time, as most of those did it due to financial reasons as expenses were higher than expected. Many of those said they should have started saving for retirement at an earlier age.

In 2015 the number of Seniors in Alberta was 8%. By the year 2030 the number is expect to increase to 17%.

April 2015: The Federal and Provincial Governments announced there will be $19.6 million in funding for a 150 unit seniors housing facility in Clairmont. It is expected to have room for up to 180 people. Schedulde to open in spring of 2017.

April 2017: The Provincial Government announced a $971,000 grant for seniors housing in Grande Prairie. Most of the grant will be used to upgrade the Heritage Lodge.

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