Rycroft, Alberta
Located just 64 km north of Grande Prairie, Alberta, is the Village of Rycroft, known as "The Hub Of The Peace". Rycroft has a population of 550 (2021 statistics) and 243 occupied dwellings. In 2016 the populations was 612 down 2.5% from 628 in 2011. PHOTO: Downtown Rycroft looking north with a number of businesses and the Rycroft Hotel, the furthest building in the photo. The Hotel is the White building and PRO HomeCentre is no longer there. Photo taken in 2004.

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The top 5 industries of Rycroft include Agriculture at number one, followed by Retail, Oil, Transportation, and Education. It serves a trading area of about 5,500 people. Since there is no hospital in Rycroft, residents travel to Spirit River a few kilometers to the west for health care.

The age group with the highest population of Rycroft is the under 14 at 1320. The second highest age group is the 45-64 with 1250. All other age groups are about the same and range from 665 to 770. Life Expectancy of Rycroft resident (2015) is 80 years old, and average family income (2013) is $92,710.

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The original town sight was the old mission located between Rycroft and Spirit River. Because the railroad missed this location, Those early settlers decided to move and it split into two communities, one to the west (Now Spirit River) and one to the east. (Now Rycroft). Rycroft became the railroad centre of the area. So how did the name "Rycroft" originate. In the early 1900's (around 1920) 3 settlers by the names of Doc Calkin, R.H. Rycroft and Bill English put their last names in a hat and Rycroft was the winner. Rycroft was incorporated as a village in March 14, 1944.

The Old Mission Cemetery is administered by the St. Peter and Paul Catholic Church of Rycroft.

The Mission is located between Rycroft and Spirit River and a few kilometers south. This cemetery was started by local natives in the early 1900's and was later served by priests from Dunvegan until that mission closed in 1903. the Spirit River/Rycroft Mission was then established at this site. The church was moved to Spirit River in 1941 and now the cemetery continues to serve the Rycroft parish.

Residential area on the west side of Rycroft.

ARCHIVED PHOTO - Rycroft Co-op
The Rycroft Co-op located on the main street has supplied the village as well as the surrounding community with groceries for countless years. In May 2003 it was announced a new 7,200 sq ft Co-op Grocery Store would be built located on the corner of 51 Street and 48 Avenue and on November 25, 2003 the new facility was officially opened. The old Co-op (shown above) was torn down in the fall of 2004. The Rycroft Co-op has more than 3.700 members and the association started in 1937. Located at the junction of Highway 2 and 49, Rycroft is situated on the crossroads that takes you north to Fairview and Peace River, or west to Spirit River and into British Columbia, or east to Wanham, Eaglesham and McLennan.

Once was a favorite downtown hang out for young people (1960's) was the well known Joe's Cafe. More recently it was a Drop-In Centre for seniors until the summer of 2020 when it was demolished. Archived photo of the Rycroft Merry Pioneers Drop In Centre: Enlarge photo

Also on main street was the Old Rogagenski Pool Hall. That location has changed its image over the years many times, from a Grocery Store, to Insurance Office, Co-op Furniture store and now, the Rycroft Municipal Library. Rycroft Library: Enlarge Photo

Village of Rycroft Mlunicipal Building: Enlarge Photo

Village of Rycroft. (780) 765-3652. Rycroft Website

Potter VIlla Seniors Retirement Home: Enlarge photo

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Rycroft Events: Annual Chuckwagon Races are held with parade early July each year. The Arena Board hosts a Community Christmas Party in early December. Also the Rycroft CWL Bazaar is an annual event held at the Community Hall the first part of November with games of chance, bingo, handwork sale, and more. (780) 353-2274.
Rycroft Agricultural Society website

In 2021 the Rycroft Rage captured the Wheatbelt Baseball League Championship defeating the County Brewers. This was the 6th time the Rage has won the Championship. View Photos

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The last of the remaining elevators in Rycroft before being torn down in 2016.

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