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Welcome to the Village of Rycroft, Alberta the Hub of the Peace. Located in the MD of Spirit River N. 133.
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Cross Roads Motel. (780) 765-3951.

Leprechaun Motor Lodge. (780) 765-2044.

Rycroft Hotel & Cafe. (780) 765-3601.

St Michaels Inn. Junction of Highway 2 & 49. (780) 765-3366.


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NARDAM Campground Overnight camping. (16 camp stalls, campstoves, playground) The site of the old Northern Alberta Railway dam, where the steam engine trains took on water. Rainbow Trout are stocked annually. (780) 765-3687.


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Tee & Jay Golf Course, no longer in operation, was located 2 km west of Rycroft. (located on the old Swanson Lumber Mill Location).

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The Train Caboose, located at the entrance of Rycroft, was donated by Northern Alberta Railroad to the town and used as a tourist information booth for years. The Caboose with its old wood stove, was kept in the original condition as it was in its earlier years. The Caboose was designated A Historic Resource. "A reminder of the Railway history." A replica miniature train station was built and placed where the original train station stood for years. (The original train station was sold by the NAR for $100. and now is the Clubhouse at the Golf Course, near the small town of Eaglesham, located east of Rycroft.
Photo of Eaglesham Club House- Train Station

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This house was built in 1919 at the original townsite and lived in by the early settler, Bill English. It was moved in the 1940's to the Village of Rycroft and still stands today. It was lived in for many years by long time residents Orvel and Sandy Isaac.


Central Peace Signal. 4711-50 Street. (780) 765-3604.

Village of Rycroft. (780) 765-3652. Rycroft Website

Since there is no hospital in Rycroft, residents travel to Spirit River a few kilometers to the west for health care.

The age group with the highest population of Rycroft is the under 14 at 1320. The second highest age group is the 45-64 with 1250. All other age groups are about the same and range from 665 to 770. Life Expectancy of Rycroft resident (2015) is 80 years old, and average family income (2013) is $92,710.


Located just 64 km north of Grande Prairie, Alberta, is the Village of Rycroft, known as "The Hub Of The Peace". Rycroft has a population of 612 people (2016 stats) down 2.5% from 628 in 2011. There are a total of 316 dwellings.

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Welcome sign, NARDAM Campground, Old Mission Graveyard, Mini Train Station, Arena, Current Co-op, Burnt River

The Rycroft Co-op located on the main street has supplied the village as well as the surrounding community with groceries for countless years. In May 2003 it was announced a new 7,200 sq ft Co-op Grocery Store would be built located on the corner of 51 Street and 48 Avenue and on November 25, 2003 the new facility was officially opened. The old Co-op (shown above) was torn down in the fall of 2004. The Rycroft Co-op has more than 3.700 members and the association started in 1937. Located at the junction of Highway 2 and 49, Rycroft is situated on the crossroads that takes you north to Fairview and Peace River, or west to Spirit River and into British Columbia, or east to Wanham, Eaglesham and McLennan.

The original town sight was the old mission located between Rycroft and Spirit River. Because the railroad missed this location, Those early settlers decided to move and it split into two communities, one to the west (Now Spirit River) and one to the east. (Now Rycroft). Rycroft became the railroad centre of the area. So how did the name "Rycroft" originate. In the early 1900's (around 1920) 3 settlers by the names of Doc Calkin, R.H. Rycroft and Bill English put their last names in a hat and Rycroft was the winner. Rycroft was incorporated as a village in March 14, 1944.
The Old Mission Cemetery is administered by the St. Peter and Paul Catholic Church of Rycroft.
The Mission is located between Rycroft and Spirit River and a few kilometers south. This cemetery was started by local natives in the early 1900's and was later served by priests from Dunvegan until that mission closed in 1903. the Spirit River/Rycroft Mission was then established at this site. The church was moved to Spirit River in 1941 and now the cemetery continues to serve the Rycroft parish.

Today, Rycroft is a quiet friendly village with many residents growing up in this small community and preferring that lifestyle. They have always called this home. The main street has changed a bit over the years, with a few new buildings being built including the Treasury Branch and Rycroft Building Supplies. Once was a favorite hang out for young people was the well known Joe's Cafe, is still today's favorite place for seniors. It is now the Seniors Centre. Also on main street was the Old Rogagenski Pool Hall. That location has changed its image over the years many times, from a Grocery Store, to Insurance Office, Co-op Furniture store and now, the Rycroft Municipal Library. (780) 765-3973. At the rear of the Library is the Rycroft Capsite/Adult Learning Centre and Peace Adult Learning Society. (780) 765-2500.

(Downtown Rycroft looking north with a number of businesses and the Rycroft Hotel, the furthest building in the photo. The Hotel is the White building) Photo taken in 2004.

Featuring the Main Street Rycroft
The Dual Cam shows both sides of the street as one travels from Highway 49, the north entrance to Rycroft, and then south then east to mainstreet. (For best results increase video to fill screen)

VIDEO 100 Years Centennial Celebration PARADE
Aug 2016: One of the biggest parades in Spirit Rivers history was held as part of the Municipal District and the Town of Spirit River were both celebrating 100 years as incorporated municipalities. Over 70 entries made their way down main street. You can see the entire parade right here.


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There were 2 fires that had done extensive damage to the downtown area back in the 40's. The Rycroft Hotel, which missed those disasters, was build in 1921 (Johnson resident) and still stands today. The Co-op was rebuilt after the 1940's fire and was used until 2004 when it was finally torn down to make way for a new building.
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Bahry's Store, owned by Joe Bahry and his family sold groceries, clothing and dry goods until the 70's and only dry goods and clothing for many years after.
The Central Peace Signal a community newspaper started operation in Rycroft in 1980 and is published every Tuesday, and is situated in part of Bahry's store along with a Dollar Store.
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The Rycroft Community Memorial Hall is still kept busy with many social events, including weddings and funerals. The Hall was built as a Movie Theater in 1955 and later renovated with a new kitchen, dining wing, bathrooms and culture room in 1989. (780) 765-3942

The last of the remaining elevators in Rycroft before being torn down in 2016.

A Co-op Cardlock has been built in 2010 and is located along the Highway on the north entrance of Rycroft.
The top 5 industries of Rycroft include Agriculture at number one, followed by Retail, Oil, Transportation, and Education. It serves a trading area of about 5,500 people.


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Rycroft is a strong grain farming community. The remaining elevators at Rycroft, the Alberta Wheat Pool, UGG and Cargil elevators were finally torn down in 2016. No elevators remain standing in Rycroft.

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At the junction of Highway 49 and 2, stood a Giant Teepee for many years. It was originally erected for the purpose of a tourist information centre and served that purpose for many years. In 2016 it was moved to Teepee Creek, Alberta. At the corner in Rycroft is Alexander's Restaurant formerly known as Courtesy Corner. (780) 765-3870.

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The Rycroft Elementary School still is very active with Kindergarten to grade 8. About 109 students attend. Rycroft is 1 of 24 schools in the Peace Wapiti School Division #76. The Rycroft High School was located just east of the Elementary but was torn down after the Class of 1970 graduated. High school students were then bussed to Spirit River, 8 km west of Rycroft. (780) 765-3830.
school website

Rycroft Events:
Annual Chuckwagon Races are held with parade early July each year. The Arena Board hosts a Community Christmas Party in early December. Also the Rycroft CWL Bazaar is an annual event held at the Community Hall the first part of November with games of chance, bingo, handwork sale, and more. (780) 353-2274.
Rycroft Agricultural Society

Events of the Peace Country

Rycroft Farmer's Market is held (seasonal) in the Ag Society Building. (780) 765-4778.

Rycroft Sports Groups:
Minor Hockey: (780) 765-2273
Minor Ball; (780) 765-2337
Baseball Association: (780) 765-2337
Central Peace Soccer: (780) 864-3819

In 2018 the Rycroft Rage captured the Wheatbelt Baseball League Championship. This was the 2nd year in a row the Rage won the Championship and the 5th time in the Rage history.

Community Service Organizations:
Rycroft Order of Royal Purple #137 (780) 765-3070
Rycroft & District Lions phone (780) 765-3070
Rycroft Branch Royal Canadian Legion (780) 765-3901
Rycroft Ag Society (780) 694-2344
Rycroft Beautification Assoc. (780) 765-3045
Rycroft Merry Pioneers Drop In Center is located on Main Street (780) 765-3060
Rycroft Municipal Library (780) 765-3973
Rycroft Capsite/Adult Learning Center and Peace Adult Learning Society (780) 765-2500
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Friends of the Rycroft Hall: 780-765-3652

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