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Located just 15 km from Dawson Creek, British Columbia is the small community of Rolla. (west of Dawson Creek on Highway 49 then north on Range Road 211/ Rolla Road) The population of Rolla is 95 (2021 statistics) with 42 occupied dwellings. In 2016 it was repored to have 103 people a decrease of -12% since the 117 of 2011.
The well known Rolla Pub closed in 2023.

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There are only a few businesses in Rolla, BC with the majority of buildings being residential. The population of Rolla is about 119 (2006 stats) and if you include the immediate farming area it totals about 300. Area residents pronounce Rolla as "Raw-la".

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Travelling north on Rolla Road the Communiity of Rolla BC is located just to the left. White building by highway is the Rolla Pub.


The Lea Miller family was the first settlers to arrive in the area in 1912 that were originally from Rolla, Missouri in the USA. This new area then started being referred to as Rolla. The Millers opened a post office and Rolla was officially named in 1914. In the early years there a number of businesses including a bank and newspaper (Peace River Block News) The newspaper published its first newspaper in Rolla in 1930 and was set up at the Pioneer Hall. In 1932 the weekly paper and a lot of other businesses moved to Dawson Creek when the Railway arrived in that community.

Residential area in the Community of Rolla, BC. There is also a post office in the community that is run out of home.

EVENTS OF ROLLA: Sweetwater 905 Festival, Sweetwater 905 is a special event that takes place 1.5 miles west of Rolla BC on the Sweetwater Road. The three day festival of local and national talent includes artists, musicians and poets. UPDATE: The Festival did not go ahead in 2018 but may return in 2019. The Annual Turkey Supper is held on November 11th, and the Annual Good Friday Event takes place in Rolla. There are also Fireworks each Halloween.

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