RIDGEVALLEY - Population, History, School, Camping. Northern Alberta, Peace Region.
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Welcome to Ridgevalley, Alberta located in the Municipal District of Greenview, includes the Towns of Fox Creek, Grande Cache, Valleyview and the Hamlets of Ridgevalley, Debolt, Landry Heights and Grovedale.


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The Rosedale Church of God in Christ - Mennonite, is located a short distance west of the Ridgevalley Road. Sunday school is also taught here.

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The Rosedale Christian School is located about 1km south of Ridgevalley. (780) 957-2543.

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The Ridgevalley Seniors Home is located next to the Rosedale Church of God. (780) 957-2372.


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Swan Lake Alberta is located 16km southwest of Ridgevalley. Limited number of campsites, stocked with rainbow trout.
Swan Lake

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The Ridgevalley Arena is located next to the school east of the Ridgevalley Road


Located approximately 69 km east of Grande Prairie, Alberta, on Highway 43 and 3km south on Ridgevalley Road, is the Hamlet of Ridgevalley. The Ridgevalley community has a population of about 100 people.

The main street, Ridgevalley Road, brings you right to the centre of the Hamlet that includes a mixture of homes, businesses, churches and schools.
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Highway, Grain Bins, Ball Diamond, Farming, Pasture with Cattle, Street View, Residential Area

In 1931, the Mennonite community established the Ridge Valley School District. The name of the community came from that name and Ridgevalley was declared a hamlet in 1992.

It wasn't long after the first school was built, that many homes were built nearby also bringing a handful of businesses adding to the population. Ridgevalley is a hamlet in the Crooked Creek Area and many remember the Crooked Creek Store located along Highway 43. A large percentage of the population in the community is Mennonite. Located 10km south of Ridgevalley is a Hutterite Colony known for their market gardens and dairy operations.

The East Smoky Gas Co-op is located on the Ridgevalley Road in the centre of the Hamlet of Ridgevalley. It was originally an Egg Grading Station where farmers in the area came to grade their eggs for market. In 1973 the Gas Co-op was incorporated to bring natural gas to the farming community. The East Smoky Gas Co-op employs about 6 people and provides natural gas to customers in the Valleyview and Debolt area covering 1,800 km of pipeline.
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Ridgevalley also has a few businesses that are home based operations. There are bed and breakfasts, a fabric store, Sunrise Memorials / Sign Shop and welding shop, all located within the area.

The main industry of the Ridgevalley area is Agriculture which includes cattle, grain and chicken farms. Near the community you can usually see the rolling prairie fields planted with grain as they turn to gold each fall.

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The Crooked Creek Store and post office is still in operation along Highway 43 only 3km north of Ridgevalley. It was originally built by Ivan Morrison and Jack Wilburn and was known as the Morrison-Wilburn Store. It was originally located 1 mile south of its present location along with a dance hall and rec centre. It was moved in 1956 when the new highway was built.

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Located across from the Gas Co-op is the first store of Ridgevalley that was moved the area and was in operation until 1971. Next to it is the house that was home to the telephone centre until the late 1960's.

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The Ridgevalley School is located along the Ridgevalley Road and is home to about 200 students from Kindergarten to grade 12. (780) 957-3995. school website

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