QUEEN ELIZABETH PARK - Alberta, Lac Cardinal Lake, Pioneer Village Museum, North Peace Stampede. Northern Alberta.
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Welcome to Queen Elizabeth Provincial Park, Alberta.


Park information:
Rates: Power $34, No Services $27. Rates subject to change. Firewood included.
Open May 12-Oct 10.

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Total of 56 campgrounds with 20 electric serviced sites, 36 unserviced sites, 19 group sites (14 with power) Many treed sites.

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Lac Cardinal Lake is shallow but a large lake. Popular for boating, water-skiing and sailing. A boat launch makes it easy to get the boat in the lake. There are no fish in this lake.

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Get your boat on the water at the boat launch at Lac Cardinal Lake.

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Queen Elizabeth Provincial Park features a large sandy beach.

Located next to the Museum is the North Peace Stampede Grounds. Race track, covered viewing stands, concession booths, old time dance hall. The Stampede is held each year 3 days in early August. Camping is available at this location, playground, access to Lac Cardinal Lake.

Over 160 species of birds take sanctuary at Lac Cardinal and the park is a protective habitant for song birds and waterfowl. Some of the species include the the Common Coot which to most looks like a duck but has a blue bill along with rusty feathers. Red Wind Blackbirds, Robins, Great Blue Heron, Northern Oriole, Ruffed Grouse, Snipe, Yellowlegs plus many others birds are common on or near Lac Cardinal Lake. The hiking trails lead to a bird viewing platform.


Located about 3 km north and 5 km west of the Town of Grimshaw is Queen Elizabeth Provincial Park at Lac Cardinal Lake, Alberta. (Or 16 km west, 2km south and 5 km west of Peace River.) Under the giant arch turn right and get to Queen Elizabeth Park or go straight for a short distance and reach the Lac Cardinal Regional Pioneer Museum and North Peace Stampede Grounds.

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Boat Launch, Shelter, Sailboat on Lake, Playground, Day-Use, Entrance to Park, North Peace Stampede next to Lake.

In 1912, Bear Lake was re-named Lac Cardinal after a local homesteader, Louis Cardinal. A post office opened in the area in 1923 with the first postmaster R. Cadmus. The park became known as Lac Cardinal Provincial Park in 1956. Later when Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip of England visited the area in 1978, the park name was changed to Queen Elizabeth Provincial Park to honor the Queen. The park is located along the southeast shore of Lac Cardinal Lake.
VIDEO Lac Cardinal Lake and the Provincial Park
In this video we take a quick look at the Lac Cardinal Pioneer Museum and then the campsites, the lake and beach at Queen Elizabeth Provincial Park.

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Queen Elizabeth Provincial Park has 4.5km of hiking trails as well as cross country ski trails that are used in the winter. There are 3 camp shelters within the park. Three playgrounds, sandy beach with beach volleyball net. Also horseshoe pits. Also during the winter skating is available at the skating rink. This park is open year round . (780) 624-6486

Lac Cardinal has also been the location of the Alberta Pond Hockey competition in February each year.
This event has had up to eighty teams competing. Pond Hockey is comprised of a team of four players but no goaltenders. Each game is 30 minutes with two 15 minute halves. Alberta Pond Hockey website.

Events of the Peace Country

Lac Cardinal Lake was one of the first locations considered as a site of the Nuclear Power Plant proposed by Bruce Power in 2007. A new location near Peace River was then considered until 2011 when Bruce Power announced it would no longer go ahead with nuclear power plant in Alberta.


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Lac Cardinal Regional Pioneer Village Museum located 2 km north and 4 km west of Grimshaw and next to Queen Elizabeth Park on 20 acres. Many original buildings on display from the early years representing the 1920's to 1940's. Other buildings include the St. Charles Church, Strong Creek Hall, Hasell School and many more. Open May thru September. (780) 332-2030.

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Part of the Lac Cardinal Regional Pioneer Museum is the original train station now used as an administrative building. The Village is maintained and built by volunteers. The Lac Cardinal Pioneer Village Museum Society was formed in 1988.

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On display is an original tractor that was used in the area many years ago. The Annual Pioneer Days takes place the second weekend in August with demonstrations of the equipment, horse shoeing, wheel making, horse and wagon rides.

Parking Area right next to Lac Cardinal Lake
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