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Welcome to Pouce Coupe BC located in northern BC



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The Hart Hotel is one of the oldest hotels in British Columbia built in 1928 by two men. It was named after its founder, George Hart. Originally it had 16 rooms which over the years have been enlarged and reduced in number. It is still in use today. Includes restaurant, pub and liquor store. 48 Avenue and 51 Street. (250) 786-5223.


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Pouce Coupe Regional Park, 1 km southeast of Pouce Coupe along Highway 2. Situated near Bissette Creek. 40 campsites, 26 with power, playground, amphitheatre, horseshoes, confectionery, BBQ pits, shelter. (250) 786-5139.

Swan Lake Provincial Park. 20 km south of Pouce Coupe on Highway 2. (3 km on gravel road.) 41 sites, no services, fishing, swimming, beach. Open year round, ice skating and fishing in the winter.(250) 786-5960.
Swan Lake Park

Sudeten Provincial Park. Approximately 17 km south of Pouce Coupe on Highway 2. 15 sites, day use, shelter.

The old Pouce Coupe Elementary School was torn down in 2007.
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and new school

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Pouce Coupe Elementary School. (new 2008) Kindergarten to Grade 7. Junior and senior high school students are bussed to Dawson Creek.

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The Pouce Coupe Village Office is located across the street from the Museum. Opened in the year 2000. (250) 786-5794.
Pouce Coupe Website

Changes at Pouce Coupe:
The Pouce Coupe Regional Community Centre and Municipal Library was built in 2008. It is as the same location as the school. A new Fire Hall was built in 2009 and in 2010 a new firetruck was added.


The Village of Pouce Coupe is located in a valley in the north east corner of British Columbia, 10 km southeast of Dawson Creek on Highway #2. It is only 35 km to the Alberta Border from this community and 122 km to Grande Prairie. Pouce Coupe has a population of 726 people (2014 stats). There were 833 people in 2011. It serves a trading area of about 3000.

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2 pictures Main Street, Old Firehall, Legion, Old Library, Post Office, Highway going to Dawson Creek
VIDEO Downtown Pouce Coupe - 360 VIEW VIDEO
Downtown Pouce Coupe is captured in a 360 view video, along 49th Avenue. Includes the post office, museum, firehall, village office etc. The downtown is one block south of the Highway 2 that travellers use on route to Dawson Creek BC or Grande Prairie Alberta.

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VIDEO Highway 2 through Pouce Coupe, BC
We approach Pouce Coupe from the south and travel north up the hill then the few blocks west within the village, and turn north again on our way to Dawson Creek.

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The first settler to call this place home was Hector Trembley who was on his way to the Yukon to dig for gold in 1898. In 1909 he set up the first trading post. The Police Barracks were established in 1917 and the first Post Office started in 1914 with C.B. Duke as postmaster. In 1921 the Red Cross Out Post Hospital was built overlooking Bissette Creek, and in 1945 the Pouce Coupe Community Hospital was opened (today is used as an extended Care Unit). The first train arrived in 1931. The name "Pouce Coupe" was taken from Chief Posscapee of the Beaver Tribe. That is one version, as there are numerous other versions of how it got its name. Pouce Coupe became a village in 1932.

Welcome to Pouce Coupe BC, the Pioneer Capital of Peace River Country. It was the "End of Steel" for the Northern Alberta Railway which operated between 1931 to 1974.

The main industries of this village is agriculture and oilfield services. The highway takes you right through the centre of this community.

Of the 740 residents of Pouce Coupe, most are between the age of 35-54 years with a total of 220 residents. Under 19 has a total of 190, while 55-74 years of age has a total of 145 residents. (2006 stats)

Special Events: NOW POSTED Events of the Peace Country
In March, one of the bigger events is the Winter Jamboree. Mud Dawgs and Trail Blazers Annual Mud bog event is held in late May. July 1st Celebrations include the Pouce Coupe Hospital Barbecure, a parade, activities at the Pouce Park, the BBQ pit roast and the Canada Day Fireworks.

Many enjoy downhill skiing, cross country skiing, skating and snowmobiling in and around Pouce Coupe. There are many service groups in Pouce Coupe including the Cubs and Scouts, Brownies, Guides and Pathfinders, Royal Canadian Legion and Ladies Auxiliary, and more.

Residential area, on the northeastern part of Village of Pouce Coupe, British Columbia.
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New Firehall, Trestle Train Bridge, Metal Horse, Campsite, Amphitheatre, Old Wagon, Residential Area South


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Pouce Coupe Museum located in the original train station built in the 1930's. It was the first Northern Alberta Railway Station built in the Peace River Block and moved to its present location in 1973. Open May to September, 5006-49 Avenue, one block south of Highway 2. (250) 786-5555.

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One of the first Churches in the area, the United Church. Built in 1929, is now used as a Senior Citizens Hall.

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The Church of Christ Anglican now known as the Bible Missionary Church, located at 50 Street and 48 Avenue was built in 1932.

A newer subdivision was developed, located on the southern part of Pouce Coupe. Pederson Subdivision had over 30 lots along Bissette Drive.

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