Pipestone Creek Park, Alberta

Located 17 km south of Wembley, Alberta off Highway 43 is Pipestone Creek Park, situated in the Wapiti River Valley. The land at Pipestone Creek was a meeting place for the 1st People of the area who travelled from Lake Saskatoon on the trail to Jasper, Alberta.

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Many people come to Pipestone Creek Park in northern Alberta for the afternoon just to swim, while others bring their families to enjoy the outdoors, the playgrounds and the campsites and campfires. Many variety of birds in the area, as well as small fish and small snakes. With Pipestone Golf Course only a few km away, some golf during the day, and camp at Pipestone Creek Park in the evening.

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Largest ever find of a Pachyrhinosauris skeleton was found on the banks of Pipestone Creek. (A short hike west of Pipestone Park) Next to Drumheller, this is the second largest deposit of Dinosaur Bones in Alberta. A cast of the skeleton found in the summer of 2002, is displayed at the Grande Prairie Regional College and Centre 2000 Heritage Discovery Centre. The photo above was taken in 1987 on the banks of Pipestone Creek, by Ken Connors of DiscoverThePeace Country.com when some of the first dinosaur bones were being found. Another Photo from the 1987 Dinosaur Dig: VIEW PHOTO.

As far back as the 1800's, Pipestone Creek was a popular Indian campground. Tom-toms beating and dogs barking could be heard for miles. Aboriginal people made their pipes out of the argillite (river clay) found on the shores of the Pipestone Creek. In 1933 the Pipestone Creek Post Office opened with A.K.Watts, the first postmaster.

The Wapiti River flows by the park. The name Wapiti is named after the Cree word for Elk. The Wapiti River flows east into the Smoky River. The Pipestone Creek Store once located in the area is now located in Grande Prairie at the Pioneer Museum.

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The Bridge was officially opened in March 2011. It was named after Roy Bickell who has spent 40 years collecting fossils in the area that will eventually be donated to the Philip J. Currie Dinosaur Museum. (5,000 fossils) Roy Bickell passed away in 2015. The bridge now offers access to the Pipestone bone bed near the Wapiti River.


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Philip J. Currie Dinosaur Museum (River of Death Discovery Dinosaur Museum)

A multimillion-dollar dinosaur museum was proposed for Pipestone Creek Park, 17 km south of Wembley, Alberta. The site was later found to be unstable so another location had to be found. In March 2010 County Councilor and Museum Society Chair Jack O'Toole, announced the location for the River of Death Discovery Dinosaur Museum would be east of the Wembley entrance along Highway 43 at a cost of over 26 million dollars. In April 2011 the name of the museum was changed to Philip Currie Dinosaur Museum. Currie has been involved with the Royal Tyrrell Museum in Drumheller and over the last 25 years has been involved with the Pipestone Creek bone bed.

A short hike on the west side of the Pipestone Creek Park takes you down to Pipestone Creek where it joins the Wapiti River. The interesting cliffs are very scenic and a challenge to climb. Many hike along the creek bed, which usually dries up in the summer, to see if they can find the Pipestone Dig location.

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