Peace River, Alberta

Located 200 km north of Grande Prairie, Alberta, on Highway 2 is the Town of Peace River situated on the banks of the Peace River, with a population of 6,619 (2021 statistics) and 2,590 occupied dwellings compared to the population in 2015 of 7,693. It serves a trading area of over 15,000 people in the Mighty Peace Country in northwestern Alberta. The highest population sector are under the age of 14. The lowest populated sector is 65 and over. Life expectancy is 78.9 years (2015) and the average Family Income is $105,400 (2013). Some of the attractions of Peace River include the 12 Foot Davis Statue in Riverfront Park and the Peace River Museum.

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The top five industries of Peace River is Retail Trade at number one, followed by Agriculture, Health/Social Services, Construction and then Manufacturing. The Peace River Pulp Mill is located 25 km from the town of Peace River. (Daishowa-Marubeni International) Employs over 350 employees. It was in October of 1996 that Daishowa announced plans to build the $900 million light-weight coated paper mill.

Radio Stations in Peace River include River Country 94.9 FM (Formerly YL Radio) and 106.1 KIX FM. more info/ archived photo

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The Peace River Hospital.
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Also in Peace River is the Peace River Community Health Centre and next to it on 103 Street is the Sunrise Medical Centre which opened in January 2020.


A Provincial Historic Monument honors the gravesite of Henry "Twelve Foot" Davis, (Archived photo above s it looked in 2005) overlooking the Peace RIiver Valley and the confluence of the Peace River, the Smoky River and the Peace River. As history puts it, it was a memorable day in 1862 when Henry Fuller Davis, a prospector made a 12 foot claim, between two much larger claims and struck it rich with gold.


Photo of Gravesite with picket fence: PHOTO ONE
Close up photo of the Marble Marker: PHOTO TWO

The 1st settlements date back to the 1700's when the 1st Hudson's Bay Company Fur traders arrived in the region along the Peace River. Fort Fork was established by the Northwest Company when Sir Alexander Mackenzie made his journey along the Peace River. When the rail line reached the area, also came the settlers and the first settlement began 1906-1916. about the same time the first post office opened. Before 1919, this community was known as "The Peace River Crossing". The settlement on the east bank of the river was known for many years as the "Peace River Landing Settlement".

A Beaver Indian legend says "Drink the waters of the Peace River and you will return".

Al (Boomer) Adair was a well known radio personality before entering politics in 1971 and serving as a Conservative Cabinet Minister until his retirement in 1993. He died at the age of 67, December 24, 1996. Boomer Adair Rec Centre: VIEW ARCHIVED PHOTO

Archived Photo: From the East Hill looking down at the valley and the Town of Peace River. (photo was taken in 2005 well before the second bridge was built)


Photo of Bridge and Downtown: PICTURE ONE
Photo Close-Up of the Bridge: PICTURE TWO
Photo Close-Up of Downtown: Photo Three
Photo of the Confluence of Rivers: Photo Four

PEACE RIVER EVENTS: The Peace River Trade Fair- 3 day event held each spring. Peace Regional Air Show - event takes place every two years at the Peace River Airport. Canada Day Celebrations - July 1, parade, festivities at River Front Park. Peace Festival- takes place mid-July, 2 days of rock concerts and street performers. Rock Fest - takes place mid-September, outdoor music, one day event. Christmas Festival - Santa Claus parade through downtown, midnight madness, skating, held last weekend of November. Lots of fun for the whole family. Peace Fest website

Peace River and Grimshaw jointly hosted the 2010 Alberta Summer Games July 19-25, 2010. The Games are held every 2 years and is Alberta's largest sporting event that features approximately 3000 athletes. - 2011 was the year Peace River won the CBC Cultureville for its passion for Arts and Culture.

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Peace River Record Gazette Newspaper - Archived photo: VIEW PHOTO
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The bridge crossing the Peace River was built in 1968.
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UPDATE Nov 2020: A new 3-lane bridge has opened in Peace River and accommodates westbound traffic. The new bridge that started construction in 2017 also includes a pedestrian crossing under the bridge. Upgrades to the existing bridge will start in 2021 and with the plan to be completed for the fall of 2022.

The scenic drive along the Shaftesbury Trail on Highway 684 takes you along the west side of the river. You can see SGT. Anderson's Cabin (1899), St. Mary's Fort #2, St. Augustine's Mission (1888) (located at Peace River Correctional Centre), located 17 km from town is Mackenzie Cairn (1929), Shaftesbury Ferry (27 km from town) plus many other historical sites. The Shaftesbury Ferry officially opened in 1978.

Town of Peace River. (780) 624-2574. For more information on Peace River visit the Town of Peace River Website
Peace River and District Chamber of Commerce. Webiste

Peace River Bowling Lanes. 9806-77 Avenue. (780) 624-3840.
Peace River Community Health Centre. 10101-68 Street. (780) 624-7500.

Peace River Public Library. 9807-97 Ave. (780) 624-4076. Library Website

SKI HILL: Peace River Misery Mountain Ski Hill offers hours of fun for the entire family. Located on the west side of the river. (780) 624-4881. Ski Hill Website

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