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Welcome to One Island Lake Provincial Park located in the northeast corner of BC.

Contact phone number: Park Facility Operator (250) 242-8054. 2016 rates: $20.00 per night. No quads allowed in park.

One Island Lake
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As you arrive to the park, the road takes right by a large number of private cabins that make it their summer home. Many are from Dawson Creek, BC. Also there are more cabins on the southside of the lake as well. In 2005 there were about around 55 designated lots.

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RV's park side by side next to each other at One Island Lake Campground.

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There is a extra long pier located next to the boat launch.

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The Heritage Highway south of Highway 2 has been improved in the last few years. (10 km highway to the gravel turn-off) Also the 24 km of gravel road has been improved, widened and straightened. The road has been treated for dust control.

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One the way to One Island Lake, 14 km from Heritage Highway, is a small river (East Kiskatinaw River) where many camp overnight at an unmaintained area. There are many trails good for quadding.


One Island Lake Provincial Park is located in the north east corner of British Columbia, 60 km southeast of Dawson Creek B.C. on Highway 2. The turn off is only 2 km west of the Alberta and BC border. Take the Heritage Highway 33 km south to One Island Lake Provincial Park.

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One Island Lake Provincial Park takes up 59 hectares and is located on the Alberta Plateau. The lake is a spring fed lake and has been stocked annually with brook and rainbow trout since 1963 and offers Trophy Trout Fishing. Many are impressed by the clear water of the lake which offers opportunities for fishing, swimming, water-skiing, windsurfing, SCUBA diving or even snorkeling. The deepest part of the lake is 10.7 meters.

Originally, in 1948 the lake was named HOP lake, after three men from Hythe who were in the lumber business : Len Hodgson, Bill Oakford and Art Pearson. (The initials of their last name spelled HOP) They were involved in building the first road to the lake as well as having some of the first lots available. Government surveyors later named it One Island Lake because of the small island located in one corner of the lake. It became a Provincial Park in February of 1990.

There are a total of 36 vehicle/tent campsites located on the east side of the lake each with picnic table, and firepit. There is a good number of campsites that back onto the lake. Small boats can be carried a short distance from the campsite and dropped in the lake. Larger boats use the boat launch area only a short distance away located near the entrance to the park. There is a firewood fee and all campsites are on a first-come first-served basis. The park has pit toilets, two hand pumps, but no sani-station facilities and there are no electrical hook-ups. The tenting area 1-4, is next to the Day-Use area. Also there are more tenting past campsites 20-23.

NOW POSTED Events of the Peace Country
Father's Day Fishing Derbys are held each year at One Island Lake Park with fun for the whole family. Many prizes are given away.

2006 saw the Grand Prize Winner (from Dawson Creek) receive $500 cash for catching a 16 lb. 1 oz, 32" in length Rainbow Trout. 2nd Prize winner (from Grande Prairie) received $250 cash for catching a Rainbow Trout that weighed 8 lbs. 7 oz and measured 28". 3rd prize winner also from Grande Prairie, received $150 cash for catching a Rainbow Trout that weighed 8 lbs. 7 oz and measured 28". The Park Facility Operator, tells, that even larger trout have been caught in this lake.

There is a variety of wildlife in the area which includes moose, deer, beaver and black bear in the area of One Island Lake Provincial Park.

ONE ISLAND LAKE - British Columbia

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Good boat launch next to pier. Only a short distance to park trailer or vehicle.

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There are a number of day use picnic tables with firepit.

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There is a playground in the central area of the park provides hours of enjoyment for young children.

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Anglers can try their luck for brook trout and rainbow trout. (No northern pike.) The largest government tagged
fish was 29.1" long.

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MAP - Depth of Lake

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There is a fish cleaning stand near the boat launch area and not far from the day use area.

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