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As I read these comments on the nuclear power plant purposed for your area I do not read much in the way of factual information, mostly comments based on emotion. I live in Edmonton but I have been to your area so I know it somewhat. My viewpoint is that of an investor who has done alot of research in the industry to try to make myself as knowledgeable as possible. I would like to challenge anyone to inform me of a accident at one of nuclear plants in Canada yes in Canada we have them you and they function every day safely and have for years. France made the switch to Nuclear back in the 70's so as not to be hostage to Oil and gas from Russia and in all this time they have never had a accident at one of their plants.They acquire 80% of their power from nuclear plants. Little do the public know that we have had nuclear submarines floating around in our oceans since after the second world war without one incident. Hundreds of new plants are being built around the world China, India, Paskistan, U.S. and even oil rich Saudi Arabia, just to name a few countries there are more. A handful of urainium will create the same amount of energy as a ton of coal without the emissions , urainium can be recycle 2 to 3 times before it becomes waste, coal burns once and your left with ash. As to the matter of waste query it up on the internet if in doubt as to what I say, there is a process call glassification  which neutralizes the waste material by heating sand to molten temperatures and blending the two together, stored in a stainless steel container and buried. Also I would like to mention the name Bill Gates of Microsoft fame, Mr. Gates and some of his rich friends are prepared to put up their own money to build 2 nuclear plants that are specially designed to burn nuclear waste , they would bring waste to feed the plant, and it is burn't to an ash  that will have zero radioactivety. They are in the process of looking for a host country now. For those who would like to find a good source of information about the nuclear industry, query Nuclear Energy Institute { NEI }. I could say alot more but space does not allow, just remember thousands of people lost their lives in the Japanese tsunami not one person lost their life in the nuclear incident. In closing I would like say that if at the turn of the last century if we would have had the enviromental activists that we have today the oil and gas industry would never have gotten off the ground , they had a dismal safety and enviromental record, but they grew up. So in a few years when the plant is up and running and local citizens have good paying,  reliable jobs attitudes will change and for those who are moving away if the plant is built I wonder what will scare them away from the next place they live. Gordon Tabachniuk - Edmonton.

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My name is Bobbie-Ann Craig, I'm from Fairview and I do not like the idea of building a nuclear power plant. First of all, why? We live in Canada, there are lot's of ways to create energy without harming the environment. Build a dam, wind turbines, solar, etc. Second of all, do you want to kill us? I may be thinking about the 'what ifs' of this project but we can't just ignore them. What if we have a nuclear disaster caused by human error or mother nature? And what are we going to do with all the waste? Put it under the Canadian Shield? What good is that doing for future generations? And now for my last point, if we create one power plant then we will want to make more! And if we create more power plants then there will be more of a chance of one of them blowing up! Plus this project costs money, where are we getting it from? The government? With what the economies coming to, I doubt they will support this projects upkeep and if there was a disaster that would cost ALOT.
I hope the government will really think hard about this project and think about the impact it will have on everything and/or everyone.

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Nuclear power should never be used when there are alternatives such as wind, solar and geothermal alternatives!  Look what has happened in Japan, a leading edge technological giant and yet, it could not protect itself from the natural forces of earth quakes and tsunamis!  For these areas, we'd have to consider that there are natural disasters that can happen to put any nuclear plant in danger. Forest fires, human error, acts of terrorism, windstorms (blowdowns), etc.  It is childlike thinking to suggest that the nuclear power option is the only way to go and that it is safe!?  IT IS NEVER SAFE!  No one can predict what will happen and therefore there is always danger moving forward with a nuclear plant.  There are too many unknown variables, no matter what experts say about it's safety.  

Economic benefits?!  for only very few people!  Yeah, and when an accident happens, believe me you won't be basking in the benefits of nuclear energy, you'll be basking in radioactive sickness!  To compare this with the "calculated risks" of burning coal or oil is inane; because of the burning of oil and coal the whole planet is in a flux of change that we have yet to fully realize and live out.  This nuclear plant will benefit the suppliers, builders (short term), the technical experts, the politicians...NOT YOU!  DEMAND that your leaders look to safe forms of alternative energy,like wind, like solar, like geothermal!  If they tell you those are too costly, you would be better off voting them outta there because they are looking for immediate personal financial/political prestige and do not have your family's concern in consideration.  The cost of building the nuclear plant is far more than the cost in wind energy, solar energy and geothermal energy.  It is no accident that human beings evolved in places where the uranium was buried thousands and thousands of feet UNDER the earth and we didn't morph into grotesque forms. When human beings did come across areas that made them sick, you can bet that they migrated far enough away to prevent further sickness.  You do not have the luxury of doing that as it will cost you too much.  Yet, there are so many willing to be short sighted and put your health and your land at risk!  

Look at what happened in Walkerton with their water supply;  because of human "error", because of human sense of "protecting the bottom line" all those safety precautions, policies, and practices were not followed and as a result people paid with their health!  Who's to say that the human element of carelessness, greed, protectionism, cover ups, etc. won't plague this proposed nuclear plant in the future.  You don't know this, they don't know this and it can't be just don't play with the possibilities. SAY NO TO NUCLEAR ENERGY! Tina Bernard, Edmonton.

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Hi, I am as green as the greenest young voter -- I'm 86, but I also know, or think I know that the greatest threat to this planet is global warming. You are going to need all of the sources of CO2 free energy you can find: wind, solar, nuclear. Let's be honest, nuclear reactors are safe and green. I worked as a scientist at the U.S. National Reactor Testing Station in Idaho for seven years, so I know reactors and reactor science. Look at Fukushima. It took the fourth strongest earthquake ever recorded, AND the tsumani, to bring the reactors down. And there has still been no loss of life and as we will see, very little if any damage to the surrounding areas. IF the designers of the plant had put the backup generators on a high and dry place, nothing at all would have happened. So, Fukushima should be a reason to advocate for nuclear power. -Louis Schmittroth, Phd. Athabasca AB.


I am against nuclear power in northern Alberta.   A few years ago there was an earthquake around Dawson Creek and we felt it here so we do have the possiblity of  something going wrong. I don't want to live in a radioactive area. As far as I'm concerned, we are not far enough way from Peace River if that goes through SAY NO TO NUCLEAR POWER IN OUR PROVINCE - Teresa Swerhun, Grande Prairie AB.

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