(Photo above from the 2019-2020 NPHL Series. Pat Rowan: Pirates, Bond Hawryluk: Grimshaw Huskies, Jeff Taylor: Dawson Creek Canucks, Riley Jebb: Grande Prairie Athletics, Braden Gamble: Manning Comets)

Behind the Scenes - NPHL Coverage
Helping Make the NPHL Come Alive!

For over the last 10 years, has been supporting the NPHL in ways not done before and may never be done again. With photos, videos, including current scores, stats, rosters and even game summaries. All the NPHL information over the years has been archived on

Ken Connors (Chernuka) is the person who has created and is the only one person responsible for posting the content/photos/videos of each page. was first launched in 2003 and now features over 80 areas of the Peace Country. (Promoting the Cities, Towns, Parks and Lakes) It features over 7,500 photos and around 4,000 pages of information, and over 250 local videos. It has become one of the most viewed websites in northern Alberta and BC with up to 2 million pages viewed per year.

Many of the photos featured on include the NPHL. In past years besides going to all the Home games in Grande Prairie, Ken Connors (Chernuka) travelled to Hythe, Valleyview, Spirit River and Falher and McLennan taking photos and capturing the teams on video. More recently the photos and videos are done when teams visit Grande Prairie so there is no delay on posting the scores and summaries right after each game.

“At each game I take over a thousand photos during the warm up including the first period and rush back home to start sorting the photos” says Ken Connors (Chernuka) . “I write up the Game Summaries from the Game Sheets, and those final sheets don’t usually start coming in by e-mail until after 11pm. (Sent by Coaches, GM’s or others associated with the team) Each Game Summary takes about an hour to create and post as it takes a while to find and size each photo, so there are a lot of late nights”. He spends a number of days sorting photos and creating videos of the teams and spends more hours, posting the Stats each week on that are submitted by the NPHL Statistician.

Just the NPHL featured pages on get up to 75,000 pages viewed per month.

What many people don’t realize is that the 1,000 or so hours a year Ken Connors (Chernuka) spends promoting the NPHL is all volunteer. Because the volunteer effort is so extensive with unusual hours, he also sacrifices thousands of dollars of income he could normally be making from October to March each year to be able to support the NPHL.

It has taken a considerable amount of investment in Video Cameras, Digital Cameras, Computers, Printers and Software to make this website possible. Ken Connors (Chernuka) has had 10 years experience in Radio and Television (that include major markets like Calgary, Edmonton, and Regina) to be able to create and voice the videos...also many years experience in Newspaper Sales, has given him the experience in taking photos, selling advertising and to be able to use software to create the advertising that appear on

Appreciation for the South Peace Hockey League and NPHL started when Ken Connors (Chernuka) grew up near Rycroft, Alberta and had the opportunity to sit in the stands as a youngster in the Spirit River Arena. His appreciation for the league has continued to this very day. "One of the main reasons I am behind this league so much is that it is great hockey and provides a lot of good entertainment. There are times when a team travels a few hundred Kilometres and don't get home til the wee hours of the morning, and they have to go to work later that same day. I respect that." features Archived NPHL Photos, Videos, Stats, Scores for past 10 Years

        Events of the entire Peace Country featured here

Ken Connors (Chernuka) capturing video footage.
Photo by William Vavrek Photography gets a new re-design. underwent a complete re-design which included in making the website mobile friendly in 2019. Ken Connors did the work himself and worked up to 50 hours a week from March 2019 to October 2019 to do this task, to find all 7,500 photos and resize them and the rewrite the content on most of the 4000 pages. By being mobile friendly, secures the higher Google ranking of for many years to come. does not get any Federal, Provincial or any other Government funding but relies on local businesses to feature their business for a small fee to help pay the expenses of operating the website. The majority of those businesses are from Grande Prairie. In the last few years his wife Linda has been helping out on some of the sales and promotions, that the website can generate.

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It is really neat to know someone devotes so much time volunteering to do things like this.  I did not think there was still people out there that give so freely of themselves.  You are SPECIAL.  I hope I can pay forward a titch of what you give of yourself. -Dixonville

So appreciate your website (as many other Manning fans do!). Thanks for all your hard work and keeping us informed of the happenings in “the Peace Country”. Your dedication is truly amazing!! Thanks again!!- Manning Comets

Congratulations on a job well done! It is great to read up on the histories of these small towns, parks, etc. Maybe it will entice people to do some day-trips to some of these areas and check out the history in our own backyard. -Grande Prairie.

I write you from my home in Oakville, Ontario. Just wanted to send along a note of thanks, to let you know how much I have enjoyed reading about the NPHL. As a young school teacher, I played for and captained, and then coached the Valleyview Jets from 82-86, and I recall those years with pride. Anyway, it's great to keep in touch with what is happening in the league, thirty years later. I still recognize many names, although now it is the sons that are playing. All the best Ken. Thanks for your great work with the league.

I have looked at your web page, you have very nice photos of our area and the write up is very good. We appreciate your work to promote the Peace Country and the communities within. -Hythe.

I appreciate the information you have on your website and will be a great tool when sending my employees to work in your area. I have book marked it. -Edmonton.

Great work, this looks great. I think your website is a great idea. -County of Grande Prairie Council Member.

I viewed your website shortly after the launch on May 1, 2003, was very impressed, and have recommended it to people making inquiries about the Peace. You have provided a much needed service to the Peace Country and an invaluable aid to development and tourism. Congratulations on a job very well done! -Fairview.


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