Manning vs Grimshaw - NPHL
The Grimshaw Huskies hosted the Manning Comets, both teams in the Eastern Division of the NPHL fighting for a better position in the standings. Last night the Huskies won it 6-3, Friday Feburary 1, 2019.
In the first period it was the Grimshaw Huskies scoring first as Loewen Lambert scored after 3:05, a short handed goal with Corson Fairless assisting. Dalton Ducharme of the Comets tied it up 1-1 after 4:24 with Britt Olischefski and Michael Gillen assisting. The Huskies pulled ahead 2-1 as Ty Wiebe found the mark, a power play goal after 10:20, Mark Simpson and Josh Peters setting up that one. Then it was the Comets turn to tie it up 2-2 as Jeremie Perron scored after 13:13, assisted by Thomas Simpson. The Comets took the lead 3-2 after 16:59 as Dalton Ducharme got his 2nd of the night with Michael Vreeling getting the assist. That was it for goals on this back and forth period. The score after 1 period was 3-2 for the Manning Comets. Shots on goal: visitors 14 - home 13. In goal for Comets was Braden Gamble and in goal for the Huskies was Corey Houlder. There were 6 minor penalties called with each team getting 3. 

In the 2nd period the Huskies tied the game 3-3 after only 4:26 as Corson Fairless scored with Loewen Lambert assisting. Then Loewen Lambert would give the Huskies the 4-3 lead after 9:37, Josh Peters and Ty Wiebe setting up the play. There was only one more goal scored in the period and it was Ty Wiebe getting his 2nd of the night, Josh Peters and Clint Reid assisting at 11:50. After 2 periods the Huskies were now leading 5-3. Shots on goal: visitors 10 - home 16. There were 5 minor penalties called along with Bo Asmussen (Comets) getting a 10 minute misconduct. The Comets also received a 10 minute Bench Misconduct at 19:24.

In the 3rd period the Huskies snuffed out all attempts by the Comets. Josh Peters got the lone Huskies goal after 13:16, a shorthanded goal with Ty Wiebe and Corey Houlder getting the assists. When the game was over the Huskies won it 6-3. Shots on goal: visitors 9 - home 12. There were 9 minor penalties called as well Jeremie Perron (Comets) received a 10 minute misconduct at 7:55, Michael Gillen (Comets) received a 10 minute misconduct at 19:18 and Bo Asmussen (Comets) receive a 10 minute misconduct at 20:00. (Game Summary and photos by Ken Connors)
NPHL Game Summary - Manning Comets vs Grimshaw Huskies
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