- Posted January 10, 2018

Grande Prairie Athletics
Paul Laroucque – 3 games
Tyrell Mason – 2 games
Keifer Smiley – 1 game
Manning Comets
Bo Asmussen – 3 games
Thomas Dechant – 2 games
Dalton Ducharme – 2 games
Beau Fedorowicz – 3 games
Trevor Mortson – 2 games
High Prairie Regals
Brandon Cunningham – 1 game
Drake Cunningham* – 2 games
Austin Mood-Flagg (AP) – 2 games

*Drake Cunningham will be facing disciplinary action through Alberta Hockey after abuse of official. Action taken unknown at this time.

NOTE: actions in the pre-game skate in the Falher Pirates/High Prairie Regals game occurred before the game technically started so no disciplinary action can be taken by the league.


Information submitted by Dan Przybylski - Vice President of the Dawson Creek Canucks

NPHL - North Peace Hockey League