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North Peace
The 2015-2016 NPHL consists of 7 teams.
EAST DIVISION: Falher Pirates, Grimshaw Huskies, Manning Comets, High Prairie Regals.

WEST DIVISION: Dawson Creek Canucks, Spirit River Rangers, Fort St John Flyers.
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North Peace Hockey

NPHL Final Playoffs - Huskies vs Rangers
The Grimshaw Huskies vs Spirit River Rangers for the 2015-2016 NPHL Champions.
<SLIDE SHOW> Features 8 photos from Game One of the NPHL Playoffs (Mar 3, 2016)
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PLAYOFF FINAL (Best of Seven) Spirit River Rangers vs Grimshaw Huskies
NOTICE: The FSJ Flyers used an illegal player on Saturday and will be forfeting the series vs Grimshaw. Grimshaw and Spirit River will now be competing in the NPHL Final. Read More: PRESS RELEASE
The Spirit River Rangers WIN the 2015-2016 NPHL Championship!!
Thur, Mar 3 Grimshaw 2 at Spirit River 4 summary PLAYOFF FINALS STATS: Final Stats Mar 11, 2016
Leading Scorers, Penalty Leaders, Team Penalty Minutes, Team Power Play, Team Penalty Killing, Team Shots on Goal For, Team Shots on Goal Against, Leading Goaltenders, Goaltender Stats.
Final Stats Mar 11, 2016
Grimshaw, Spirit River
Sat, Mar 5 Spirit River 8 at Grimshaw 1 summary
Tue, Mar 8 Grimshaw 2 at Spirit River 6 summary
Thur, Mar 10 Spirit River 9 at Grimshaw1 summary
Rangers WIN Series in 4 games
ROSTERS:Huskies List of Players - Rangers List of Players
"Congratulations to the Spirit River Rangers on winning the 2015-2016 NPHL Final. Thank you to all those who regularly sent the gamesheets to me so that I could write up the game summaries, add photos and post them here. Looking forward to next year." Ken Connors, owner and creator of
SEMI-FINAL (Best of Seven)
Fahler Pirates vs Spirit RIver Ranges
Spirit River WIN the series in 4 games
SEMI-FINAL (Best of Seven)
Fort St John Flyers vs Grimshaw Huskies
Fort St John Flyers win series 4 games to 3
Sat, Feb 13 Falher 3 at Spirit RIver 6 summary Sat, Feb 13 FSJ 6 at Grimshaw 7 (OT) summary
Tue, Feb 16 Spirit River 7 at Falher 2 summary Tue, Feb 16 Grimshaw3 at Fort St John 1 summary
Thur, Feb 18 Falher 2 at Spirit RIver 5 summary Thur, Feb 18 Fort St John 3 at Grimshaw5 summary
Sat, Feb 20 Spirit River 4 at Falher 3 summary Sat, Feb 20 Grimshaw 2 at FSJ 11 summary
*Spirit River will meet either FSJ or Grimshaw in Finals Tue, Feb 23 Fort St John 5 at Grimshaw 0 summary
    Thur, Feb 25 Grimshaw 3 at Fort St John 5 summary
    Sat, Feb 27 Fort St John 5 at Grimshaw 3 summary
This Series will be remembered for the fact that Grimshaw had won the first 3 games, but FSJ struggled back to win the next 4 games to win the series. FSJ had never played a game 7 in its entire history.
Semi Final Series STATS UPDATED FEB 28, 2016: Falher, Spirit River, Fort St John, Grimshaw,
Leading Scorers, Penalty Leaders, Team Penalty Minutes, Team Power Play,Team Penalty Killing,
Team Shots on Goal For, Team Shots on Goal Against, Leading Goaltenders, Goaltender Stats

(Best of 5 Series) FSJ WINS SERIES 3-2
(Best of 5 Series) Falher WINS SERIES 3-0
Tue, Feb 2 DC 1 at Fort St John 4 summary Tue, Feb 2 Manning 4 at Falher 7 summary
Thur, Feb 4 FSJ 4 at DC 5 OT summary Thur, Feb 4 Falher 4 at Manning 1 summary
Fri, Feb 5 DC 1 at Fort St John 9 summary Sat, Feb 6 Manning 3 at Falher 4 (2OT) summary
Tue, Feb 9 FSJ 3 at Dawson Creek 4 summary    
Thur, Feb 11 DC 2 at Fort St John 7 summary    
Fort St John will meet Grimshaw in the Semi-Finals
Falher will meet Spirit RIver in the Semi-Finals
**Both Grimshaw Huskies and Spirit River Rangers received a Bye in the Playoffs

FINAL STATS: Quarter Final Series
(posted Feb 12, 2016): Falher, Manning, FSJ, Dawson Creek, Leading Scorers, Penalty Leaders, Team Penalty/Power Play/Shots on Goal, Leading Goaltenders, Goaltender Stats.

NEW 2015-2016 NPHL Award Winners/All Star Team CLICK HERE
Award Spotlights: Rick Cleaver - FSJ, Tyrin Wiebe - Grimshaw, Sheldon Szmata - Grimshaw, Braden Gamble - Manning, Alex Curran - Spirit RIver

   All hockey games start 8:30pm.

Sat, Oct 24 Manning 3 at FSJ 4 summary
Thur, Oct 29 FSJ 4 at Spirit RIver 2 summary
Fri, Oct 30 Grimshaw 5 at Manning 3 summary
Sat, Oct 31 Manning 4 at Grimshaw 5 SO sum
Tue, Nov 3 Falher 3 at Grimshaw 1 summary
Thur, Nov 5 DC 2 at Spirit RIver 3OT summary
High Prairie 2 at Falher
9 summary
Sat, Nov 7 Grimshaw 2 at DC 4 summary
8 at High Prairie 1 summary
Spirit RIver
7 at Falher 3 summary
Thur, Nov 12 Falher 5 at High Prairie 3 summary
Fri, Nov 13 Spirit River 3 at FSJ 4 SO summary
Sat, Nov 14 Dawson Creek 8 at HP 5 summary
4SO at Grimshaw 3 summary
Manning 4 at SR
5 SO summary
Tue, Nov 17 Spirit RIver 5 at DC 6 OT summary
Thur, Nov 19 High Prairie6 at Grimshaw7 summary
Fri, Nov 20 Spirit River 8 at Manning 7 summary
Sat, Nov 21 Dawson Creek 1 at Falher 6 summary
8 at Manning 5 summary
3 at Spirit River7 summary
Tue, Nov 24 Dawson Crk 5 SO at FSJ 4 summary
Thur, Nov 26 FSJ 5 at Dawson Creek 10 summary
3 at Falher 1 summary
4 at High Prairie 2 summary
Sat, Nov 28 FSJ 4 at Falher 2 summary
High Prairie 2 at Manning
6 summary
Tue, Dec 1 Falher 4 at High Prairie 2 summary
Thur, Dec 3 High Pr 2 at Spirit River 6 summary
Manning 3 at Grimshaw
4 summary
Fri, Dec 4 Spirit River 4 SO at FSJ 3 summary
Sat, Dec 5 FSJ 7 at High Prairie 5 summary
Manning 3 at Dawson Crk
4 summary
Tue, Dec 8 Falher 2 at Grimshaw 4 summary
Spirit RIver
10 at HP 3 summary
Thur, Dec 10 Grimshaw 6 at HP 2 summary
5 at Falher 3 summary
Fri, Dec 11 Spirit River 3 at FSJ 6 summary
Sat, Dec 12 Falher 3 at FSJ 7 summary
4 at Manning 1
HP 3 at Dawson Creek
13 summary
Tue, Dec 15 FSJ 9 at Dawson Creek 5 summary
Grimshaw 2 at Falher
4 summary
Thur, Dec 17 Falher 5 at Manning 0 summary
HP 0 at Grimshaw
17 summary
Fri, Dec 18 DC 6 at Spirit River 8 summary
Sat, Dec 19 Falher 4 at DC 10 summary
Manning 7 at High Prairie 3 summary

Sat, Jan 2 DC 3 at Grimshaw 2 summary
7 at Spirit RIver 3 summary
4OT at Falher 3 summary
Tue, Jan 5 Dawson Creek 6 at FSJ 3 summary
High Prairie 0 at Falher
3 summary
Thur, Jan 7 Grimshaw 9 at HP 0 summary
Fri, Jan 8 Dawson Creek 4 at FSJ 5 summary
Falher 2 at Manning
4 summary
Sat, Jan 9 DC 5 at Manning 3 summary
High Prairie 2 at FSJ
6 summary
10 at Grimshaw 4 summary
Thur, Jan 14 Spirit River 5 at DC 2 summary
Fri, Jan 15 Manning 1 at Falher 3 summary
Sat, Jan 16 Falher 5 at Grimshaw 3 summary
High Prairie 2 at Manning
3 summary
Tue, Jan 19 High Prairie 1 at Falher 7 summary
4 at Grimshaw 2 summary
Thur, Jan 21 FSJ 7 at Dawson Creek 6 summary
Falher 3 at Spirit RIver
5 summary
Grimshaw 4 at Manning
5 SO summ
Sat, Jan 23 DC 3 at Spirit River 8 summary
12 at High Prairie 4 summary
8 at FSJ 5 summary
Tue, Jan 26 Grimshaw9 at High Prairie5 summary
Thur, Jan 28 FSJ 2 at Spirit River 3 summary
HP 3 at Grimshaw
6 summary
Fri, Jan 29 Falher 1 at Manning 5 summary
Sat, Jan 30 Grimshaw 3 at Falher 6 summary
High Prairie 1 at Manning
7 summary
Spirit RIver
1 at DC 0 summary
  End of Regular Season
Breakdown of points by each member of each team
UPDATED Jan 31, 2016
Team Stats
Team Stats
Dawson Creek Canucks Falher Pirates
Fort St John Flyers
Grimshaw Huskies
Spirit River Rangers High Prairie Regals
  Manning Comets
NPHL ROSTER 2015-2016
Fort St John Flyers Falher Pirates
Dawson Creek Canucks Grimshaw Huskies
Spirit River Rangers Manning Comets
  High Prairie Regals

REGULAR SEASON: North Peace Hockey League STANDINGS 2015-2016
League Leading Scorers - NPHL - As of Jan 31, 2016
Assists Leaders - NPHL As of Jan 31, 2016
Hat Trick Leaders - NPHL - As of Jan 31, 2016
Game Winning Goals - NPHL - As of Jan 31, 2016
Power Play Goal Leaders - NPHL - As of Jan 31, 2016
Short Handed Goal Leaders - NPHL- As of Jan 31, 2016
Penalty Leaders - NPHL As of Jan 31, 2016
Leading Goaltenders NPHL - As of Jan 31, 2016
Goaltender Statistics - NPHL As of Jan 31, 2016
Home and Away Records NPHL/ Interlocking Records - As of Jan 13, 2016
Team Penalty Min/Team Power Play /Team Penalty Killing Stats - As of Jan 31, 2016
Team Shots on Goal for - Team shots on goal against

By Ken Connors of

April 26, 2016: BREAKING NEWS: The application from the Lakeland Eagles to re-enter the NPHL for the 2016-2017 season has been turned down by a vote of the teams.
Jack McAvoy NPHL President says "If the Lakeland Eagles wish to do so, they will be asked to submit an application for the 2017-18 season at the NPHL’s Spring Meeting in 2017. Lakeland will again be advised to complete their application according to all rules set out in the NPHL Constitution." The Valleyview Jets have already been accepted into the NPHL at the spring meeting and will join the Grande Prairie Athletics, Spirit River Rangers, Grimshaw Huskies, Falher Pirates, High Prairie Regals, Manning Comets, Dawson Creek Canucks and FSJ Flyers

(April 2016) The Valleyview Jets are back in the North Peace Hockey League with the outcome of the vote released today. Rick Young President of the team (photo above) made the application at the NPHL's spring meeting. “I congratulate and welcome back the Valleyview Jets into the NPHL,” says NPHL president Jack McAvoy. “I know that fans in Valleyview missed senior hockey and will be excited to see a team in the league again.”
The NPHL swells to nine teams with the acceptance of the Jets. The Jets first entered the NPHL in 1975-76 and played every year until 2012-13, except for 1986-87. The Jets have never won an NPHL title or Lawrence Cup title. The Grande Prairie Athletics will also be returning to the league after their leave of absence was terminated at the April 2 meeting.

Jets moving ahead.
March 10, 2016: Rick Young who is now the President of the Valleyview Jets and tells me that after the last meeting, the executive is now in place they have high intentions on icing a competitive team next season. There are a number of players who have already shown interest in playing. Another meeting is scheduled at month end that will determine the manager, coach etc. (At one time Rick Young was the coach of the Jets).

The Fort St John Flyers have won their second straight Coy Cup in Terrace BC. They defeated the Terrace River Kings 3-2 in the final.
(March 2016)

The Grande Prairie Athletics Hold Meeting.
Jan 21, 2016: After having a year absence from the NPHL the Athletics held a meeting for players and volunteers Wednesday, Jan 29 at the Coke Centre. They are also looking for financial help to be able to operate. "It was very positive" says Athletics Darren Walker. "We should have enough volunteers heading into next season. Starting this early helps".

Dec 10, 2015: There have been many Overtime games and Shootout games this season. Here are the rules on how that works in the NPHL posted here.

Dec 4, 2015; NPHL Records Tied as the Spirit River Rangers defeat the FSJ Flyers in another shootout.
Click here for more info

Nov 2015: Fort St John Flyers goaltender Troy Hunt gets his 100th career win (photos-interview).

Oct 23, 2015: GP Athletics will not be icing a team for the upcoming season. Darren Walker of the A's says because of the large group of players retiring this year, they were not replaced by newcomers, and because many players were on shift work in the oil patch, meant that it would be difficult to have the minimum 12 skaters during the week. Darren says the team has every intention of returning next season. Chris Clegg NPHL Statitician says this is the first time the Athletics didn't ice a team since they joined the NPHL in 1998-99, some 17 years. Grande Prairie had the longest consecutive active years in the league.

Sept 26, 2015: FSJ Flyers have announced that Andrew Leriger and Craig Ingebrigston will be Head Coach and Associate Coach for the upcoing season. After 2 seasons as head coach, Gerard Dicaire has decided to step down.

Sept 21, 2015: Lincoln Carriere informs us that it is confirmed that the Dawson Creek Canucks will be back but without Aaron Powell as GM or Sheldon Wilkinson as President. The new president was named last night, RIck Gies, formerly of the DC Juniior Canucks. The rest of the executive is being put in place this week. Lincoln says. "The executive looks to be strong and the team will be competitive, like former years".

Sept 2015: The Falher Pirates will be back for the 2015-2016 season but with a few changes. Dan Bouchard stepped down as GM and Gilbert Desharnais is the new GM/President .


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