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.North Peace Hockey League


North Peace
The 2012-2013 NPHL consists of 11 teams.
EAST DIVISION: Falher Pirates, Grimshaw Huskies, High Prairie Regals, Lakeland Eagles (McLennan), Manning Comets, (Manning Comets have joined the league after 5 year absence) Valleyview Jets.
WEST DIVISION: Hythe Mustangs, Dawson Creek Canucks, Spirit River Rangers, Grande Prairie Athletics, Fort St John Flyers. (Horse Lake Chiefs have dropped out)

2012-2013 Season - The Team
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2012-2013 Season - The Team
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2012-2013 Season - The Team
Spirit River Rangers Play >
2012-2013 Season - The Team
Dawson Creek Canucks Play >
2012-2013 Season - The Team
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2012-2013 Season - The Team
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2012-2013 Season - The Team
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2012-2013 Season - The Team
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2012-2013 Season - The Team
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North Peace Hockey

.The Spirit River Rangers battle the Lakeland Eagles for the Playoff Championships

PLAYOFF FINAL (Best of seven) Spirit River Rangers vs Lakeland Eagles
Spirit River Rangers WIN the series 4 games-0
Sat, Mar 9 Spirit River 8 at Lakeland 5 ...summary Thur, Mar 14 Spirit River 14 at Lakeland 1 .summary
Tue, Mar 12 Lakeland 2 at Spirit River 6 ...summary Sat, Mar 16 Lakeland 1 at Spirit River 10 .summary

NEW STATS POSTED MARCH 17, 2013: Includes new photos
FINAL STATS: Spirit River, Lakeland. Leading Scorers, Leading Goaltenders, Goaltender Stats, Penalty Leaders, Team Penalty Stats, Team Kill Stats.

The Spirit River Rangers are now the 2012-2013 CHAMPIONS

Falher Pirates vs Lakeland Eagles
Lakeland Eagles win series 4 games to 3
Spirit River Rangers vs Grande Prairie Athletics
Spirit River Rangers win series 4-2
Thur, Feb 21 Lakeland 2 at Falher 5 ..........summary Thur, Feb 21 Spirit River 4 at GP 3 .......summary
Sat, Feb 23 Falher 8 at Lakeland 6 ..........summary Sat, Feb 23 GP 6 at Spirit River 4 .......summary
Tue, Feb 26 Lakeland 5 at Falher 6 OT ....summary Tue, Feb 26 Spirit River 3 at GP 0 .......summary
Thur, Feb 28 Falher 1 at Lakeland 3 ..........summary Thur, Feb 28 GP 1 at Spirit River 3 .......summary
Sat, Mar 2 Lakeland 5 at Falher 4 .........summary Sun, Mar 3 Spirit River 1 at GP 2 .......summary
Tue, Mar 5 Falher 2 at Lakeland 3 .........summary Tue, Mar 5 GP 2 at Spirit River 3 .......summary
Thur, Mar 7
Lakeland 6 at Falher 3 .........summary
Lakeland Eagles WIN East Division Final Spirit River Rangers WIN West Division Final

EAST-WEST PLAYOFF STATS: Goaltender Stats, Leading Goaltenders, Leading Scorers, Penalty Leaders, Team Penalty Stats, Team Kill Stats.
EAST-WEST PLAYOFF PLAYOFF TEAM STATS: Falher, Lakeland, Grande Prairie, Spirit River.
*schedule may change without notice
EAST DIVISION SEMI-FINAL (Best of 7) Grimshaw Huskies vs Falher Pirates
Falher Pirates leads wins series 4 - 0
Manning Comets vs Lakeland Eagles
Lakeland Eagles wins series 4-1
Tue Feb 5 Grimshaw 2 at Falher 6 ........summary Tue Feb 5 Manning 5 at Lakeland 7 ..........summary
Fri Feb 8 Grimshaw 2 at Falher 6 ........summary Fri Feb 8 Lakeland 1 at Manning 6 ..........summary
Sat Feb 9 Falher 8 at Grimshaw 1 ........summary Sat Feb 9 Manning 5 at Lakeland 6 OT .....summary
Tue Feb 12 Falher 11 at Grimshaw 3 ......summary Tue Feb 12 Lakeland 6 at Manning 5 ..........summary
FALHER WINS SERIES Fri Feb 15 Manning 4 at Lakeland 5 0T .....summary

SEMI-FINAL PLAYOFF STATS: As of Feb 17, 2013 (Stats now complete.) Goaltender Stats, Leading Goaltenders, Leading Scorers, Penalty Leaders, Team Penalty Stats, Team Kill Stats.

SEMI-FINAL PLAYOFF TEAM STATS: Falher, Grimshaw, Manning, Lakeland, Hythe, Grande Prairie, Dawson Creek, Spirit River.

WEST DIVISION SEMI-FINAL (Best of 7) Hythe Mustangs vs Grande Prairie Athletics
Grande Prairie Athletics wins series 4 - 0
Dawson Creek Canucks vs Spirit River Rangers
Spirit River Rangers l wins series 4 - 0
Tue Feb 5 Hythe 1 in Grande Prairie 6 ..summary Tue Feb 5 Dawson Crk 3 at Spirit River 4 .summary
Thur Feb 7 Grande Prairie10 at Hythe 3 summary Thur Feb 7 Spirit River 6 at Dawson Crk 3 .summary
Sun Feb 10 Hythe 1 in Grande Prairie 7 .summary Sat Feb 9 Dawson Crk 2 at Spirit River 7 .summary
Tue Feb 12 Grande Prairie 10 Hythe 5 ...summary Tue Feb 12 Spirit River 5 at Dawson Crk 2 .summary
Note: The Fort St John Flyers are not eligible for NPHL Playoffs as they are a Senior AAA Team.

NEW 2012-2013 NPHL AWARDS - VIEW List and Photos
Most Valuable Player, Rookie of the Year, Coach of the Year, Best Goaltender, Best Defencemen, etc

NEW 2012-2013 ALL-STAR TEAMS - VIEW Teams
All-Star Team for the East Division and also the West Division

All hockey games start 8:30pm .....CHECK THE SUMMARIES FOR PHOTOS......

Fri, Oct. 26 GP 3 OT at Hythe 2 .........summary
Sat Oct 27 Fort St John 5 at GP 1 ....summary
Thur, Nov 1 Fort St John 9 at Hythe 4.summary
Spirit River 1 at GP 3 ......summary
Fri, Nov 2 Dawson Crk 4 at FSJ 5....summary
Grimshaw 6 at Falher 4.. summary
Sat, Nov 3 Hythe 8 OT at High Pr 7 ..summary
Lakeland 7 Grimshaw 4..summary
Valleyview 2 Manning 6 .summary
Thur, Nov 8 Dawson Crk 3 at GP 2 ....summary
Falher 6 at Lakeland 3 ...summary
HP 9 at Valleyview 5.......summary
Spirit River 5 at Hythe 2..summary
Fri, Nov 9 Hythe 5 at Manning 3.......summary
Sat, Nov 10 GP 5 at Grimshaw 2 .......summary
Manning 2 at Lakeland 6.summary
Spirit River 8 at HP 5 ......summary
Thur, Nov 15 Hythe 2 at GP 5 ...............summary
Lakeland 2 at Falher 6.....summary
Spirit River 8 at DC 7.......summary
ValleyV 3 - Grimshaw 5..summary
Fri, Nov 16 High Pr 2 at Manning 9....summary
Sat, Nov 17 DC 10 at Lakeland 11 .....summary
Falher 1 at Spirit River 7.summary
Grande Prairie 6 FSJ 3...summary
Grimshaw 1at Hythe 4.....summary
Manning 6 Valleyview 4..summary
Tue, Nov 20 Lakeland 10 at HP 8........summary
Thur, Nov 22 High Prairie 1 Falher 8....summary
Valleyv 7 at Lakeland 10 summary
Fri, Nov 23 Grande Prairie 6 at SR 2 summary
Grimshaw 1 Manning 7 ..summary
Hythe 5 at DC 6 ...............summary
Sat, Nov 24 Falher 6 at Hythe 3 .........summary
FSJ 6 at Spirit River 8 ....summary
HP 15 at Grimshaw 3 .....summary
Lakeland 2 at Manning 4 summary
Valleyview 1 at DC 15.....summary
Thur, Nov 29 D Crk 6 at Spirit River 9 .summary
Falher 7at High Prairie 4 .summary
Hythe 4 Grande Prairie 3.summary
Fri Nov 30 Valleyview 4 at Falher 8 .summary
Sat, Dec 1 GP 10 Valleyview 1 record
Lakeland 8 at Hythe 5 .....summary
Manning 6 at HP 5 ...........summary
Spirit River at FSJ......... postponed
Dawson C at Grimshaw postponed
Wed, Dec 5 Spirit RIver 3 at FSJ 5
make up game from Dec 1st.
Thur, Dec 6 DC 2 at Grande Prairie10 summary
Falher 7 at Grimshaw 1 ..summary
Hythe 2 at Spirit River 10
Valleyview 4 at High Prairie 9
Fri, Dec 7 Grimshaw 9 Lakeland 4 ..summary
Manning 3 at Falher 5 .....summary
Sat, Dec 8 High Prairie 6 at DC 17 ....summary
SR 7 at Lakeland 1 ..........summary
Valleyview 3 Manning 10 summary
Tue, Dec 11 Lakeland 9 Valleyview 6 .summary
Thur, Dec 13 Dawson Creek 5 at Hythe 2
Falher 0 at Lakeland 1 ....summary
Fort St John 3 at GP 5 .....summary
Grimshaw 8 at HP 6.........summary
Fri, Dec 14 Falher 5 at Manning 6 .....summary
Grande Prairie 7 at DC 5..summary
Sat, Dec 15 Grimshaw 9 ValleyV 5....summary
Manning 5 at HP 4 ..........summary
Hythe at Fort St John... .postponed
Due to death in Mustangs organization.
Thur, Dec 20 Fort St John 4 at Hythe 2 .no report
Grande Prairie 7 at Spirit River 6
HP 7 at Lakeland 9...........summary
Manning 3 at Grimshaw 5 summary
Falher at Valleyview......postponed
Fri, Dec 21 Grimshaw 4 Manning 2 ...summary
Hythe 4 Dawson Creek 6 .summary
Sat, Dec 22 Fort St John 8 at DC 5 .....summary
High Prairie 5 at Falher 8.summary
Valleyview 2 at Spirit R 9 summary
**Dates and location of games can change without notice.
Thur, Jan 3 Manning 5 at Grimshaw 1
Spirit River 10 at DC 8 ........summary
Fri, Jan 4 Lakeland 2 at GP 13 ..........summary
Valleyview 3 at Falher 5 report
Sat, Jan 5 Grande Prairie 9 Falher 0 report
Grimshaw 7 Lakeland 13 ..summary
HP 10 at Valleyview 2 ........summary
Manning 2 at DC 8 ..............summary
Tue, Jan 8
Falher 4 at Valleyview 1.. report
Makeup game from Dec 20th.
Thur, Jan 10 Dawson Creek 2 at Spirit River 7
Falher 7 at High Prairie 4 report
Valleyview 0 Grimshaw 10..summary
Fri Jan 11 Dawson Creek 5 at Fort St John 4
Manning 2 at Lakeland 7.....summary
Sat Jan 12 Falher 3 at Grimshaw 6.......summary
High Prairie 4 Lakeland 8....summary
Hythe 13 at Valleyview 1 report
Spirit River 7 at Manning 2..summary
Tue, Jan 15
Dawson Crk 7 Grimshaw 5.summary
Wed Jan 16 Hythe 2 at Fort St John 8 ....summary
Thur Jan 17 Falher 10 at Valleyview 1 report
Lakeland 8 at Grimshaw 6..summary
Spirit River 6 at GP 0 ..........summary
Fri Jan 18 High Prairie 2 Manning 18 ..summary
Hythe 3 at Fort St John
6 .....summary
Sat, Jan 19 FSJ 6 at DC 5 Overtime ......summary
Grimshaw 1 Spirit River
8 report
Lakeland 4 at Falher
7 report
Manning 2 at GP
7 ...............summary
Valleyview 2 High Prairie
7 no report
Thur, Jan 24 Dawson Crk 10 at Hythe 6 report
Grimshaw 6 at High Pr
9 .....summary
9 at Valleyview 7 .summary
Fri, Jan 25 GP 2 at Fort St John 7 ........summary
Manning 2 at Falher 7 .........summary
Spirit River 8 at Hythe 6 report
Sat, Jan 26 Dawson Creek at Falher 11 summary
6 at Spirit River 5 report
7 at Valleyv 6 ....summary
High Prairie 4 at GP
12 .......summary
Lakeland 8 at Manning 3 ....summary
Thur, Jan 31 Grande Prairie 7 at Hythe 5.summary
High Prairie 1 at Grimshaw
Valleyview 6 Lakeland
14 ..summary
Fri, Feb 1 Spirit River 0 at FSJ 4 ........summary
4 at Manning 3 ........summary
Sat, Feb 2 Grande Prairie 5 at DC 4....summary
Grimshaw 1 at Falher
5 .....summary
Hythe 2 at Spirit River
17 ...summary
16 at HP report
5 at Valleyview 2..summary
**Dates and location of games can change without notice

Breakdown of points by each member of each

Team FINAL REG Stats updated Feb 3, 2013
Team Stats
Team Stats
Dawson Creek Canucks Falher Pirates
Fort St John Flyers
Grimshaw Huskies
Grande Prairie Athletics High Prairie Regals
Hythe Mustangs Lakeland Eagles
Spirit River Rangers Manning Comets
Valleyview Jets

NPHL ROSTER 2012-2013 - NEW
Dawson Creek Canucks Falher Pirates
Fort St John Flyers Grimshaw Huskies
Grande Prairie Athletics High Priaire Regals
Hythe Mustangs Lakeland Eagles
Spirit River Rangers Manning Comets
Valleyview Jets

REGULAR SEASON: North Peace Hockey League STANDINGS 2012-2013
(Most stats below could not be updated this week, as some teams have not submitted the game sheet to the statistician.)

League Leading Scorers NPHL - FINAL STATS as of Feb 3, 2013

Home and Away Records NPHL/ Interlocking Records -- FINAL STATS as of Feb 3, 2013

Leading Goaltenders NPHL- FINAL STATS as of Feb 3, 2013

Goaltender Statistics - FINAL STATS as of Feb 3, 2013

Penalty Leaders NPHL - FINAL STATS as of Feb 3, 2013

Team Power Play/Team Killing Stats - FINAL STATS as of Feb 3, 2013

Shots on Goal/Shots on Goal Against/Team Penality Minutes - FINAL STATS as of Feb 3, 2013

April, 2013: After a one year probation, the Manning Comets have now been accepting as members in the NPHL. Horse Lake Chiefs had indicated they wanted to ice a team for the 2013-2014 season, except no-one from the team attended the April NPHL meeting. Therefore the Chiefs membership in the NPHL was revoked. FSJ Flyers indicated they would not likely register as a "AAA" team next year which would mean they would qualify for the NPHL Playoffs.

The Spirit River Rangers won their first game 7-4 over the Ranchland Hockey League Champions, Nanton Palomino's Friday April 5th in Innisfail. game summary
Unfortunately, the Rangers lost their second game 5-2 against Daysland, Saturday April 6th. This has elimated the Rangers from the Provincials.

March 18, 2013: Spirit River Rangers win their 7th NPHL Title. The Rangers sweep the NPHL Final for the 3rd time. (Grimshaw, Dawson Creek and Lakeland). They become the 16th team in NPHL history to sweep the NPHL final. They also become only the 3rd tieam to score at least 10 goals in a Campbell Cup-clinching game. Spirit River becomes only the 2nd team to score 10 or more goals in last 2 games of NPHL Final.

Lakeland loses the 7th straight NPHL FInal (League record, Spirit River 3 times, and Grimshaw, Dawson, Peace RTiver and GP, one time. Lakeland's 9 goals in NPHL Final ties league record (Fairview in 1960 and Manning in 1971)

Oct 2012: The Manning Comets have joined the league this year after a five year absence. The Horse Lake Chiefs were granted a leave of absence for the 2012-2013 NPHL season.

Mar 24, 2012: History of Game 7 NPHL Final Results from the 1950's to 2000's. 12 previous Game 7 matches have seen the home team winning, so history is against Falher winning Sunday's final game. See NPHL History.

Mar 23, 2012: Complete History of Game 6 NPHL Stats for Home Ice Advantage -Visiting Team Victories. (goes back to include the 1950's-2000's etc) See NPHL History

Feb 1, 2012: Falher Pirates clinches the Lawernce Cup title, awarded to the NPHP team with the most points in the regular season play.

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