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Welcome to Musreau Lake Recreation Area, Alberta, located in the MD of Greenview. Musreau Lake was created in 1978 and upgraded in 1986.

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Park Information 780-538-5350. $27, no services. There are no power sites. Free firewood. Open May 15 to October 13.



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When arriving at Musreau Lake Recreation Area, the first road to the right leads to the Day Use Area and next to it is the Boat Launch and Pier. Further east, the next road takes you to the Group Camping Area. The large area is ideal for company parties, weddings, family reunions etc.

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East of the Group Camping Area, the next road takes you to the Sandy Beach that has a number of picnic tables and parking. Woodpecker Woods trail is also situated here. Then further east takes you to the 3 loops of campsites. Loops A, B and C. Some campsites have a view of the lake

The park is now operated by Parks Division. In 2015, the park is hoping to find a Park Host who will stay at the campground all summer, responsible for supplied information to campers.

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There are some general rules of the park that must be obeyed including Off Highway Vehicles prohibited in the park (see above).


Musreau Lake is located 70 km south of Grande Prairie, Alberta, on Highway 40 and 4 km east on gravel road. Grand Cache is 113 km south of the Musreau Lake.

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The name Musreau is of aboriginal origin and one of the meanings of Musreau is, "something noisy or devil-like." The Cree were the first to hear loud noises coming from the lake during the winter. Pockets of gas formed near the bottom of the lake and eventually rose to the surface creating enough pressure to crack the ice. As early as 1915, it was the name that was recorded on government maps. The other meaning of Musreau is said to be a Cree word for a young moose. Moose River is located nearby.

Musreau Lake offers 67 campsites. Basic Campsites with Firepits and Picnic Tables.
Many still try their luck and fish off the pier even though the lake is not stocked.

Not very many people can catch a fish at Musreau Lake. The lake has a rare minnow that seem to be thriving in the lake but they are quite small. Even though the lake has not been stocked for a number of years, the park attendant (of a few years ago) claims the rainbow trout, bull trout and burbot are starting to make a slight come back. (Some have challenged that this is incorrect) On hot summer days, they stay close to the bottom of the lake, which is reported to be at least 55 feet deep in some places.

Musreau Lake is a spring fed lake that provides a quiet and relaxing environment.

If you haven't been to this park in a while there have been some changes to it done in 2010. A new group camping area has been built and the boat launch has been moved to a second day use area (the old group use) to reduce congestion at the beach. Power vessels are now prohibited in the beach area.

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The Day-Use area is located next to the boat launch. Washrooms, and parking, plus firewood nearby.

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The boat launch gets your watercraft on the water with ease. The water is quite shallow for many feet.

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The Beach Area has lots of sand, roped off swimming area, and picnic tables.
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Next to the beach area is the Woodpecker Woods, a trail designed and constructed by the Wapiti River District Junior Forest Rangers Crew in 1997. The trail starts at the day-use area and is an enjoyable hike.

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