Moonshine Lake Provincial Park, Alberta

Located 27 km west and 7 km north of Spirit River, Alberta, on Highway 49 is Moonshine Lake Provincial Park which opened on April 9, 1959. Spirit River is 72 km northwest of Grande Prairie. Moonshine Lake is a warm lake and less than four metres deep at the deepest point (12 feet). Originally it was a beaver pond and in 1959 it was converted to a lake.

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Moonshine Lake Provincial Park has campsites on the northside with beach, showers, and washrooms while the south side has the Day-Use area that has some picnic tables and firepits, shelter, playground, skating rink and large grassy areas. Further south is where the Group Camping Area is located. No gas powered motors are allowed on the lake.

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Moonshine Lake Provincial Park, Alberta was established in 1979 and covers an area of 847 hectares. The campground is located on the north and northeast side of the lake, while the day-use area and group camping is located on the south side of the lake.

As early as 1910, this small lake was located on what was known as the Moonshine Trail. The lake was originally called Mirage Lake. Local folklore tells of two men, Jack Campbell and Harry Hanrahan, who while climbing the steep bank of the north shore of the lake in the 1920's, spilled their home-brewed moonshine. It has been known as Moonshine Lake ever since.

One of the Piers on the south side of Moonshine Lake that has been upgraded. Enlarge photo above: View Photo.

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Winter fun at Moonshine Lake includes over 20 km of groomed trails for cross-country skiing, novice to intermediate trails. There is skating on the regulation size skating rink that is lighted, next to a shelter and firepit. Ice fishing also takes place during the winter months.

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Special Events: Parks Day takes place at Moonshine Lake each summer that includes all kinds of activities and displays. WIldlife Display at Parks Day. VIEW PHOTO

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In 1998 Moonshine Lake Provincial Park, Alberta was expanded to include Jack Bird Pond. This area was donated to the province by the estate of Jack Bird in 1978 and is located 1km east of the Moonshine Lake turnoff, and 3km north of Highway 49 on gravel road. You can have a picnic while listening to the birds sing.

Many species of birds can be seen at Jack Bird Pond as the area is surround by a diverse boreal mixed wood forest. It has two bird viewing platforms connected by an interpretative trail.
The wetland area also contains a number of beaver ponds.

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