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Moberly Lake Provincial Park is located in the west part of the Peace Country. The park was established in 1996 and is open from May 15 to mid Sept.

Contact information (250) 964-2243. Reservations can be made to reserve a site at Moberly Lake Provincial Park by phoning 1-800-689-9025.
2016 Rates: $20.00 no services. Group Camping $35, Sani Station Fee $5.

Moberly Lake Provincial Park Campsite Map.

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You can tie your boat to the Pier or fish from it.

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109 campsites, no services. Each campsite has picnic table and firepit. Wood must be purchased. Find an unreserved spot and an attendant will come around for payment. (cash only)

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The double boat launch provides access to the lake. Large parking area for vehicles and trailers.

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Moberly Lake has a day use area with a number of picnic tables, a shelter as well as a playground and washrooms.

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Moberly Lake & District Golf Club. Located north of Chetwynd just 10 km past Moberly Lake on Highway 29. 9 holes, par 37, licensed clubhouse and cart rentals. (250) 788-3880


Moberly Lake Provincial Park is 25 km northwest of Chetwynd, British Columbia on Highway 29. Just 3 km off the main highway on gravel road. Located on the south shore of Moberly Lake.

Fur traders first came to the area as early as 1778. When gold was discovered in 1861 it attracted a number of people to the area. The lake was named after Harry Moberly, who worked for the Hudson's Bay Company. He had lived on the north shore of the lake in 1865. During the Riel Rebellion in 1885, an number of Saulteau Indians found sanctuary at Moberly Lake.

Legend has it that the Denne-za first nations people believe Moberly Lake had no bottom (because of its depth) and an ancient creature would sometimes come to the surface.

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Day-Use Area, Boat on Lake, Firewood, Sunset, Rocky Shore, Paved Roads, Pontoon Boat.

There are some designated hiking trails in the park. Pets must be kept on a leash at all times and not allowed on the beach areas. When riding bikes, it is mandatory in British Columbia that helmets must be

VIDEO 360 CAM VIDEO - Boat Launch
Featuring the Boat Launch Area of Moberly Lake
From the Parking Lot for Boat Trailers we take a 360 view of the Lake.

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VIDEO 360 CAM VIDEO - Beach Area
Featuring the Beach Area of Moberly Lake
Along the beach there is a grassy area where most people put their lawn chairs and watch their children play in the water. There is no sand and the area closet to the water is rock.

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Fishing and Swimming:

Moberly Lake is known for its fishing. Northern pike, bull trout, arctic grayling, lake and mountain whitefish, longnose sucker and white sucker are what you can expect to find. Many have been coming to this lake for many years to fish and enjoy the park.

The swimming area at Moberly Lake has no lifeguards on duty. Gravel Beach. There are a number of walking trails along the shore with a number of small bridges over small streams. Moose and Black Bear are common to this area and more than 25 species of birds are located in this area.
On the north shore of Moberly Lake, is a small community of Moberly Lake, which includes a general store, gas station, firehall and many residences. The Moberly Lake Lodge and Inn located at Lakeshore Drive is said to be the largest log structure in the world. It is 56,000 square feet. (250) 788-9690.
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Moberly Lake Resort and Marina located about 2 km west of the Moberly Lake Provincial Park (approximately 5km off highway 29 on the gravel road). Only 20 minutes north of Chetwynd, British Columbia. The campground is small with campsites with power and wood, hot showers, log cabin accommodation. Docks and moorage.

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A Convenient Store is located at Moberly Lake Resort and Marina.

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At Moberly Lake Resort and Marina you can rent different type of boats. The peer offers access to a viewing area and boat area.

Over harvest of Lake Trout at Moberly Lake has threatened the long term survival of the fish. A Lake Trout Recovery Program (2010) is in place to try to re-establish the population. Fishermen now catch and release all trout. Once a trout has been caught, it is advised to gently release it back into the water. You are to record and report any tagged lake trout to the Ministry of Environment office. 250-787-3411.
2016 Update: 8,800 lake trout were released Moberly Lake in May.. There were also releases in 2012 and 2014 to try to bring up the numbers of lake trout. Northern Pike, burbot and whitefish prey on them. Fishing for lake trout is still prohibited and all fishing at the lake is closed from Sept 15 to Oct 15 which is the spawning season for lake trout.

Events of Moberly Lake:
In July, the west Moberly Band holds its West Moberly Days, on the west shores of Moberly Lake. Pemmican Days are also held in July with the Saulteau Band.

Events of the Peace Country

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