MAP OF THE PEACE COUNTRY Northern Alberta Northern BC. Click on the map and pictures and information come up of that area.
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Alberta and BC Canada

Located in the Northern Part of Alberta, The Peace Country also includes portions of Northeast part of British Columbia. The Peace Region is also known as the Mighty Peace Country.

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REST STOPS for Travellers- Grande Prairie to Edmonton

BEZANSON 2km east - Chain on Area, both sides of highway. West side of Smoky RIver.

BEZANSON 11 km east - Chain on/off Area, both sides of highway. South side of Smoky RIver.

VALLEYVIEW TOWN: Various gas stations/restaurants

VALLEYVIEW: 2km south of town- Valleyview Rest Stop Visitors Info, washrooms.

LITTLE SMOKY: 38 km SE of Valleyview- Waskahigen River Campground north side of highway.
Little Smoky Confectionary (NOW CLOSED) south side of highway.

LITTLE SMOKY Area: 19 km SE of Little Smoky- Large Rest Stop - both sides of highway, washrooms.

FOX CREEK TOWN: Various gas stations/restaurants

FOX CREEK Area: 28 km east of Fox Creek or 54 km to Whitecourt - east lane only (on the way to Whitecourt). Large pull in area, washrooms.

FOX CREEK Area: 59 km east of Fox Creek or 26 km from Whitecourt - west lane only (on the way to Fox Creek), rest area, washrooms

FOX CREEK Area: 65 km east of Fox Creek or 16 km from Whitecourt - east lane only, (on the way to Whitecourt), rest area, washrooms.

MAYERTHORPE TOWN: Various gas stations/restaurants

MAYERTHORPE AREA: 2km SE - rest area, washrooms, 1 side only.

MAYERTHORPE AREA: 8 km SE of Mayerthorpe/ 9km NW of Sangudo - Rochfort Bridge Museum and Rest Stop, Accessable from both lanes.

SANGUDO - town campsite washroom. Accessable from both lanes.

SANGUDO AREA: 6km SEof Sangudo- West lane only to GP, Rest Area with washrooms.

GUN gas station - (Sangudo to Gunn is 42 km)

ONOWAY gas station - (Gunn to Onoway 11 km)

ONOWAY to Jasper/Edmonton turnoff is 14 km. Gas station before turnoff on northbound lane of highway.

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