GRANDE PRAIRIE Central West Business Park
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June 2008- Construction continues at a rapid face just west of Costco and 116 Street on the far west of the city known as Centre West Business Park.

With the expected increase of traffic, new traffic lights have been installed along 116 Street at the corner of 97 Avenue.

The new KCM Construction building is closer to completion at the corner of 97 Avenue and 117 Street. This is the building that is farthest to the south of the construction area.

A strip mall is being constructed in the same area. A new CIBC branch is scheduled for this area, as well as the new City Furniture Store and rumors of a new Hotel may also be located at Centre West Business Park.



The large building on extreme left (south) is the new Future Shop building.
(Construction 2008)

The middle building is the new Best Buy store that will be new for Grande Prairie.
(Construction 2008)

The large building at the very right (north) and closest to Highway 43 is Work Warehouse.
(Construction 2008)

The new Esso along with Tim Hortons is part of the Central West Business Park. The Esso is located further west on the south side of Highway 43, at 120 Street. (across the highway from Stahl Peterbilt, Brochu Industrial Park)

July 08- Rona has announced it will be constructing a 62,000 sq ft building on the west side of Grande Prairie. Other businesses that will also be in the same area are Pet Smart, a Super Walmart and another Pomeroy Inn and Suites west of Costco.


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