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Welcome to LaGlace Alberta located in the County of Grande Prairie.


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The Tennis Court and Camping Stall Project is located on the south part of the hamlet on 98 Avenue. 4 campsites, no services. Swings, slides and ball diamond in area.

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Calvary Lutheran Church on 101 Avenue and 100 Street.

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The Bible Fellowship Church is located on the east end of the hamlet, not too far from the LaGlace Christian Reformed Church.

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La Glace Recreation and Agriculture Centre. (780) 568-4737. The LaGlace Agricultural Society was formed in 1972 when they built the arena. Now in charge of the arena which provides ice for the bantams and midget hockey teams and the curling rink which has two sheets of ice. (780) 568-4511.

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Highway 59 goes right through the community east and west, with a hand full of homes and business surrounding it.

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An Old Barn near La Glace that has seen its better days. Makes an interesting photograph.



Located just 30 km west of Sexsmith, Alberta, is the Hamlet of La Glace. Highway 59 goes right through the community as it intersects with Highway 724. La Glace has a population of 181 (2011 stats) living in 73 dwellings.

The main street of LaGlace. Facing west, on the left corner is the Co-op, Post Office and VISION Credit Union and on the right is the CountryCabin Cafe.
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Farming, Carin, Christian Reformed Church, LaGlace New School, Curling Club, Old Entrance Sign, Retirement Home

The La Glace Heritage Park, pays tribute to its pioneers.
During the early 1800's the Peace Country was occupied by roving bands of Beaver Indians who traded for goods at Dunvegan. One of their leaders was known as "La Glace", which is French for "Ice". His descendants came to live in this area. Charles La Glace accepted the terms of Treaty #8 at Dunvegan in 1900. This confirmed that the entire area could be opened for homestead. In 1909, at the age of 62, Charles La Glace drowned in the lake about 3 km west of here known at that time as Rat Lake. It later became known as La Glace Lake. In July of 1909 this township was surveyed and made available for homestead. A store and post office were opened at the North end of the lake in 1917 and were eventually relocated to the present townsite around 1930. (information posted on Cairn) It was around this store that the community of La Glace evolved. A cairn commemorates the individuals who first settled in this area during the period 1910-1930. (Cairn is Located east of the Co-op)

Also located near the Cairn is a Time Capsule (enlarge photo)


La Glace Video featuring a drive down the Main Street, to the Rec Centre, FireHall, Library, and School: View Video> (4:59 min)  

One of the early settlers homesteaded in the Valhalla Centre area just a short distance west of LaGlace. The Ronning 2 1/2 story log homestead, built in 1914 by Halvar and his son Chester Ronning still stands today. The Ronning family played an important role to help settle the area. (Valhalla-Hythe District) Halvar Ronning was the founder of the Norwegian Lutheran community in the Valhalla region while Chester served as a missionary to China, became involved with politics, the air force and participated in the international commissions on Korea, Laos, Hanoi, Saigon and Vietnam. For his accomplishments he was designated an Officer of the Order of Canada in 1967, became a Companion of the Order of Canada in 1972 and inducted in the Alberta Order of Excellence in 1983.

The first school that served the area was built in 1921. In 1938 the first high school was built in La Glace.

Changes have also included LaGlace with a number of newer homes on the south part of the Hamlet.

La Glace School (Kindergarten to Grade 9). (enlarge photo of old school) More recently a new school was built (enlarge photo new school)
There are close to 145 children enrolled. (2008) (780) 568-2430.
School website

Older children are transported to the Sexsmith High School 30 km to the east.

Events: NOW POSTED Events of the Peace Country
The Annual Cultural Festival includes the LaGlace Folk Festival.

UPDATE: LaGlace won the Big Valley Jamboree's Small Town Contest in March 2017 that saw 10 communities competing. The money collected through the Jamboree's ticket sales could be up to $75,000 and will go to the LaGlace and District Agricultural Society which is planning on building a new Rec Centre. The $4.5 million Rec Centre will have a rink, gym, walking track, hall and a community centre.


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La Glace Co-op is owned by the Grande Prairie Co-op (780) 568-2410.
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The Horizon Credit Union employs about 5 people. The La Glace Savings & Credit Union (Incorporated in June,1946) merged with Caisse Horizon Credit Union Ltd in November of 2002. (with Girouxville, Falher, Manning, and St Isidore.) More recently known as VISION Credit Union (enlarge photo) (780) 568-2409.

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La Glace Twilight Centre has pool tables, floor curling, card games and shuffleboard. The library used to be located in the basement for many years.(780) 568-4696.

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Verona Caltrell Memorial Centre, Library and Post Office. Located off Secondary Highway 724 and 97 Avenue. 780-568-4696.

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La Glace Fire Hall manned by a 14 volunteer fire department. Built in 1993. (780) 568-2742.
(A new Firehall is to be built by late 2018, located south of Highway 59).

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