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Welcome to La Crete Alberta. Located in the Municipal District of Mackenzie No. 23, the largest rural municipality in Alberta that covers an area of 30,500 square miles.
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La Crete Motel. Full RV hookups with cable TV. (780) 928-3806

Reinland Park. located in La Crete along Highway 697. Day use area. Kitchen shelter,water, Sani Station, playground. (780) 927-3718.

La Crete Motel RV Park. Electrical hook ups, water, concession, fishing. (780) 928-3806.

Lake Tourangeau, 2.5 km west of La Crete, Day use picnic site. Boat Launch, fishing. (780) 927-3718.


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Ridgeview Central School. Grades 4-7, over 260 students. (780) 928-3100.
School website.

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Reinland School, 10609-94 Avenue. Outdoor skating rink next to school. (780) 928-4757.

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La Crete Public School. Grades 8-12, 350 students attend. 10001-99 Avenue. (780) 928-3913. School website.
La Crete Community Library is located in the Public School. (780) 928-3166. Public Library

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Sandhills Elementary. Kindergarten to grade 3 over 280 students attend. (780) 928-3947. School website.

Blumenort Mennonite School. (780) 928-2242. Hillcrest Community School. Kindergarten to grade 9. About 240 students. (780) 927-3203.
School website.

NAIT/Northern Lakes College Campus.
College website.

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La Crete and Area Chamber of Commerce. (780) 928-2278. It was founded in 1961.
La Crete Chamber of Commerce website.

The Northern Pioneer is a weekly newspaper published every Wednesday by Mackenzie Highway News. It has served the La Crete, Fort Vermillion area for over 25 years. (780) 928-4000. An advertising pamphlet called "The Big Deal Bulletin" also is a local publication.



La Crete is located 320 km north of Peace River, Alberta. (South of High Level about 115 km) A Mennonite Community with a population close to 3,500 (2016) living in 811 dwellings, that serves a trading area of approximately 8,000.

There are many modern shops in the downtown area of La Crete, Alberta
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Curling Rink/Bowling, Rodeo Grounds, Sawmill Sign, Mennonite Heritage Village photos, Firehall, Senior Citizen Inn

The name La Crete came from what the early settlers described the ridge of land as resembling a rooster's comb (which in French is la crete.) The Rivard brothers came from Quebec during World War 1 and were the ones who filed for land in 1914 at the mouth of the small creek that flowed into the Peace River. The original landing is about nine kilometers to the southwest of the Hamlet and called La Crete's Landing. In the mid 1930's the first Mennonites moved here. The hamlet was created in 1955 with the first post office opening in 1956 with Mrs. Knelson as the first postmistress. Today 50% of La Crete residents are under the age of 25. The majority of the people speak "Plautdietsch" or "Low German" even though all businesses serve their customers in English.

La Crete’s economy is fueled primarily by agriculture with logging a close second. The largest employer of La Crete is La Crete Sawmills Ltd. (located a few km southeast of LaCrete along Highway 697) It employs approximately 110 people. (780) 928-2292. It is located next to Evergreen Lumber that specializes in dimensional lumber, rough and planed, also cutting squares. (780) 928-3616. Aspen Point Sawmills Ltd. Specializes in Aspen Cants and dimensional lumber. (780) 928-3366.

Featuring the Main Street La Crete
The Dual Cam shows both sides of the street as one travels along 100 Street to the Mainstreet of La Crete, (For best results increase video to fill screen)

View VIDEO> (3:28min)

Events of La Crete: NOW POSTED Events of the Peace Country
There are many activities held during the year in La Crete that brings the community together. Each spring the LaCrete Spring Trade Fair is held in April at the Northern Lights Recreation Centre. The Agriculture Society puts on 2 events each year. Farmer's Day held in June and Pioneer Days in September celebrate the history of La Crete. Demonstrations are held on how farming was done many years ago. La Crete Agriculture Society (780) 928-2817. La Crete also hosts their own professional rodeo each year which brings in some of the same cowboys who participate in the Calgary Stampede. Also each year in March, the Northern Lights Recreation Centre hosts the annual Challenge Cup Hockey Tournament. There are many golf tournaments are held through-out the summer months at the La Crete Golf & Country Club.

Jubilee Park is used year round. (formerly known as Hell Park) In the winter the hill is used for sledding, snowboarding and skating. In the summer there is skateboarding, roller blading, beach volleyball walking trails and picnic tables and firepits.

A newer residential area on the southern part of La Crete. Many are impressed on how neat and tidy the entire community appears.

La Crete Ferry VIDEO
69 km west of the Town of La Crete is the La Crete Ferry. Also featured in this video is the Dunvegan-Tompkins Ferry that was used previous to the La Crete Ferry. Before 1960 it was used at Dunvegan and after 1961 it was used at the Tompkins Landing where the La Crete Ferry is now used.
View VIDEO> (2:58min)

The Tompkins Landing is located 69 km southwest of La Crete or 18km east of Highway 35. The La Crete Ferry is one of only two ferries operating in Alberta. It crosses the Mighty Peace River and only takes a few minutes and there is no cost to travellers. Tompkins Landing was first used by the Paddle Prairie Metis Settlement upstream from its present location. When Highway 697 was built, the landing was moved.

La Crete Ferry Campground: (Located on the south banks of the Peace River)
This campsite was developed in 2008, and has 44 sites, wood and water supply, shelter building, playground, concession store, RV sewer dump.


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La Crete Mennonite Heritage Village is one of the main attractions built by the early settlers. Consists of many buildings and artifacts. A flour mill is still in running condition. A very old barn is also on display. Located 3km southwest of La Crete. Open May to October. (780) 928-2817.
Heritage Centre website.
Lacrete Museum

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Northern Lights Recreation Centre located in the centre of town. (780) 928-3066. Senior and minor hockey, old timer's hockey, women's hockey and figure skating takes place at the arena. Upstairs is a hall. Attached to arena is curling rink with 3 sheets of ice and a 4 lane bowling alley. Baseball diamonds and tennis courts.

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La Crete Agro Centre is an important part of the agriculture industry.

La Crete Airport - (enlarge picture)
Located only a few kilometres southeast of La Crete. Has hard surface runway, 100 feet by 4,400 feet.

La Crete Golf & Country Club,
La Crete. 9 holes, 2624 yards, grass greens, minutes from La Crete. Clubhouse, clubs, carts and power cart rentals, open mid may to end of September. (780) 285-2349

Hospital - RCMP
There is no hospital in La Crete or an RCMP station. La Crete's Medical facility is serviced by doctors from Fort Vermilion and High Level.

In the last few years shopping got a lot better with the Co-op Marketplace being built as well as the Apple Drugs Plaza on the northern part of La Crete.

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