KEG RIVER - Alberta History, Location, Camping, Schools. Paddle Prairie.
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Welcome to Keg River Alberta located in the located in the County of Northern Lights.

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Sign at the Original Hamlet of Keg River.

Twin Lakes Provincial Recreation Area. 65 km north of Manning. 46 sites, electric motors only. Water, boat launch, fishing for rainbow trout, swimming, beach, hiking trails. Open May to October 31. (780) 836-4046.

Notikewin Provincial Park. Located 37 km north on Highway 35 and 30 km east on Highway 692. Situated in a valley where the Notikewin River joins the Peace River. Water, fishing, hiking trails. 19 sites. (780) 836-3065.

Keg River is a farming community. The elevator that stood for many years has been torn down where Alberta Resources Railway hauled the grain grown in the area. It was situated where the railway crossed the Keg River Post Road. A Forest Ranger Station is located nearby with its own grass airstrip. There are a few Bison Ranchers in the area as well. The area is still popular for fishing, hunting and camping.

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A teepee set up near the highway across from gas station.


The Hamlet of Keg River is located approximately 91 km southwest of High Level, Alberta. About 120 miles north of Peace River.

Located south of the Hamlet of Keg River on Highway 35 (where the bridge crosses the Keg River) is the Gas Station, Convenient Store, and in the same building is the Lounge, Liquor Store, Post Office, Greyhound Bus Stop and Millennium Cabins. Dr Mary Jackson School is located just across the bridge.

The Hamlet of Keg River is located on the original site of the Slavey and Cree Indians summer village. In 1896 the Hudson Bay Company arrived in the area as the fur trade industry was beginning to grow. Over the years more stores were built and in 1931 Keg River had their own doctor. The first post office opened here in 1932 with L.G. Harrinton the first postmaster. The name of the community "Keg River" was taken from the nearby river. The name of the river originated from the kegs of brew found in the river.

Photo by Bill Johnston June 1962 - Photo submitted (Click to enlarge picture)

In the early 1960's many men worked on the construction of the Great Slave Lake Railway that passed by Keg River. One of the civil engineers, Bill Johnston, worked on this project with many others and stayed at the main building on the left (now the site of the Millennium Cabins near the Keg River Bridge) The highway was gravel and turned to mud after a rain.

The Mackenzie Highway During the 1960's
During this time, the Highway was gravel, and many travellers struggled through the mud after the rains. (Photo by Bill Johnston) Enlarge picture.

The original Hamlet of Keg River is located 14 km west off Highway 35. At one time there were a number of houses located here but it was decided to move them next to the main highway. Today there is only a church, hall and library at the original hamlet location. Annual Events held here are the Annual Baseball Tournament and Christmas Bazaar.

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Located at the original Keg River Settlement is this church. The Church of St Jude.
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The Keg River Community Hall opened in July 1, 1980 at the original Hamlet location. Operated by the Keg River Community Hall Association.
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The Keg River Community Library is still in operation at the original Hamlet location of Keg River. 780-981-2128.

The community surrounding Keg River shares its services with nearby Paddle Prairie located about 15 km north, which has an Arena for skating and hockey, a BMX track, Skateboard Park, Day-care, School, Store, Library and Post Office. The original Hamlet site of Keg River has a Community Hall, Health Clinic, a Church. Encana Oil and Gas have plants set up at the Keg Post/ Keg River area and Paddle Prairie area. 89.9 FM CFWE, Alberta's Aboriginal Voice Radio is available from this area. The Hamlet of Paddle Prairie is located approximately 76km south south-west of High Level. It got its name from the paddles and canoes that were left behind when the Beaver and Slavey people moved north when the waters in the area dried up. The first post office was opened in Paddle Prairie in 1945.

Events of the Peace Country


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Located in the Northland School Division 61 is Dr. Mary Jackson School. Named after Dr. Mary Jackson, a pioneer physician and homesteader. K-12 with only 48 students and 4 teachers (2013). school website The school has an outdoor basketball court and outdoor skating rink. (780) 981-2275.

Paddle Prairie School. (780) 981-2124. school website

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Only a few homes are located where the bridge crosses the Keg River. They are next to Dr. Mary Jackson School.

Keg River Our Children Society Centre (KROC) is a non profit organization. The after school club for both boys and girls is held at the school.

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