Kakut Lake , Alberta

Kakut Lake Fish Pond and Wildlife Conservation Area is located 1 km north of the Woking, Alberta turnoff on Highway 2, then 11 km east on Secondary 677 which is also known as the Peoria Road.

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Kakut Lake is located in northern Alberta and offers a great camping experience. There is overnight camping and fishing for Rainbow Trout and Perch. It is a very shallow lake with it being only 5 feet deep at the centre of the lake. The larger part of the lake has no fish.

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A larger number of campers can park their units in the shade of the trees and out of the wind at Kakut Lake, Alberta. This area is ideal when a group would like to be fairly close to each other.


Kakut Lake was named in 1911 when the area was first surveyed, which translated from Beaver or Cree means "Mud Lake".

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Canoes and small boats can make their way to all parts of the lake. No power boats are allowed.

EVENTS AT KAKUT LAKE: Each year an Annual Fishing Derby is held here in June. It usually includes a Pancake Breakfast, Kids Activities and Supper. There have been a few Music Festivals that have taken place here as well. With the Hall that is for rent, it has been a perfect spot for reunions, weddings and other functions.

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