Hythe, Alberta

Located just 54 km west of Grande Prairie, Alberta, along Highway 43 is the Hamlet of Hythe, known as the Volunteer Capital of Alberta. The population was 899 in 2015 but in 2016 statisitcs showed there were 827 with 289 occupied dwellings. In March of 2021, Hythe residents voted to dissolve their Village and become a Hamlet within the County of Grande Prairie. Rising operational costs and decline in property values would have meant a 150 per cent increase in property taxes. Hythe officially became a Hamlet July 1st, 2021. Some of the attractions of Hythe include the Hythe Motor Speedway, Sunderman Tack Shop, Spring Lake Summer and Winter Resort and Riverbend Golf Course.

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Farming has played a big part in the economy of Hythe over the many years as well as logging and more recently oil and gas. The average life expectancy of a resident of Hythe is 80 years (2015) and the average family income is $68,980.

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Hythe was first known as Happy Valley named after "Happy Fletcher" one of the early homesteaders. It was officially named Hythe by its early settlers after their home town in England. In 1913, the first post office was established. Kelly Sunderman was another early settler in the region and was the first to dig a well and was soon known as "The Town of Flowing Wells". It is situated on top of a large underground water supply.

The first settlers came to this area in 1910. Tolief Omlid was one of the first settlers to arrive from Norway in 1915 and built a log house that was two stories and located 4 miles west of Hythe. In 1993 the house was donated to the Hythe Heritage and Historical Society. The house is now a museum and is used to house antique and museum items.

The Happy Valley School opened in 1915 and the Railway came in 1928. Some settlers moved up to a half mile east to accommodate the railway. Hythe was incorporated as a village in 1929. In 1947 the first hospital was built and around 1950 the first covered ice rink in the Peace Country was built and became home to the Hythe Mustangs Hockey Team for many years.

South Peace Centennial Museum opened in 1967, located just west of Beaverlodge 2.5 km north on Highway 43. Celebrates the Annual South Peace Centennial Pioneer Days and Peace Country Opry, 3rd Sunday of July.

The South Peace Centennial Museum is now home to a grain elevator built in 1929 that was located at Albrite, along Highway 43 near the town of Beaverlodge. It was originally owned by Federal Pacific Grain, then UGG who sold it to the Fosters in 1964. It was first hoped that an elevator located in Beaverlodge could be moved to the Museum, but it was discovered, that elevator couldn't be moved because of the poor condition it was in. In the spring of 1996 two old United Grain elevators in Beaverlodge were demolished. Those elevators were built in 1928 and over time became inefficient.

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Hythe Events:

Each year Hythe hosts an Agricultural Fair in early August. Newcomers Potluck Dinner is held each spring.
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Hythe Headliner, small community newspaper started in 1973 as a bi-weekly. It is now operated under the Town & County News based out of Beaverlodge and reaches the communities of Hythe, Valhalla Centre, Sexsmith and Clairmont with 1,800 readers. Published Thursdays. 780-354-2980. Town & Country NEWS VIew PAGE

Hythe Residential Area

One of the early settlers homesteaded in the Valhalla-Hythe area. The Ronning 2 1/2 storey log homestead, built in 1914 by Halvar and his son Chester Ronning still stands today. The Ronning family played an important role to help settle the area. Halvar Ronning was the founder of the Norwegian Lutheran community in the Valhalla region while Chester served as a missionary to China, became involved with politics, the air force and participated in the international commissions on Korea, Laos, Hanoi, Saigon and Vietnam. For his accomplishments he was designated an Officer of the Order of Canada in 1967, became a Companion of the Order of Canada in 1972 and inducted in the Alberta Order of Excellence in 1983.

Public Library: 100013 - 100 Street (780) 356-3014.
Village of Hythe: 780-356-3888. For more information on Hythe visit the Village of Hythe Website

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