HINES CREEK Alberta Population, History, End Of Steel, Accommodations, Camping, Major Employers, Zavisha Sawmills.
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Welcome to the Village of Hines Creek Alberta. Located in the Municipal District of Clear Hills No. 21.
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Hines Creek Hotel. Last Spike Cafe, End of Steel Tavern. (780) 494-3781.

Villager Motel. 110-10 Street. (780) 494-2732.


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Hines Creek New Composite School is now the only school in Hines Creek. Kindergarten to Grade 12. The new school replaces the Grace Shepherd Elementary and Hines Creek High School. (Grand Opening October 3, 2003.) About 200 students attend. (780) 494-3510. School Website


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Hines Creek Golf Course. On Highway 64, 3 miles south of Hines Creek. 9 holes, club rentals, cart rentals, pro shop and camping available. (780) 494-2217 (2015: the old club house, pictured above, has been demolished and a new clubhouse has since been built)

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Hines Creek Homesteader Lodge, is a senior facility that has 23 units. (780) 494-3500.

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St Paul Lutheran Church is one of three churches on 4th Avenue. Also St John's United Church and Roman Catholic Church.

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Viterra is located on the south part of Hines Creek providing products to the farmers in the area.



Located approximately 25 km north-west of Fairview, Alberta is the Village of Hines Creek at the junction of Highway 64 and Highway 685. A population of 380 people (2011 stats) living in 147 dwellings, and serves a trading area of about 3300.

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Elevator, Mural, Church at Museum, Old Building at Museum, Threshing Machine at Museum, Stooks of Grain, Sign.

The Fur Trade was very active in the 1800's in this area, and attracted many to come to this part of the country. At that time the Northwest Company established a fur-trading post at Dunvegan on the banks of the Peace River, located south of Hines Creek. Hines Creek got its name many years ago from the nearby creek. The creek was named after a fur trader Jack Hines. The settlement started as a post office in 1928 with Carol Leonard, the first postmaster.

The Hines Creek Elevator was originally built in 1968-1969 as the Wheat Pool elevator. It became an Agricore elevator in 1998 and in 2000 was sold to a private individual who stores seed in it.

The major employer in the area is Devon Canada with a gas plant located between Hines Creek and Worsley. It employs many residents from Hines Creek. Canfor closed its Hines Creek Operations June 30, 2005 because of timber supply shortage. It had been in operation since 1970 and had employed up to 100 employees. Zavisha Sawmills is located on the outskirts of Hines Creek and is a local family owned business that ships lumber throughout the world. It is very unique that it cuts custom size boards and also packages shavings for animal bedding. (enlarge Zavisha photo)

Since there is no hospital in Hines Creek, the residents travel south-east to Fairview for the nearest hospital. RCMP services are available from Fairview as well. Hines Creek Website

NOW POSTED Events of the Peace Country
Events of Hines Creek: Ethnic supper held on Family day in February at the Dave Shaw Memorial Complex. Heritage Day is a special day held in August celebrated each year at the end of Steel Museum. Heritage Day events include a breakfast, homemade baking, local entertainment and childrens activities.

Residential area in the southern part of Hines Creek.

August 26, 2006 Hines Creek and District Centennial Park officially opened.
On the west side of the village stands the All Saints Ukrainian Catholic Church. (pictured left) There are only a few like it in Canada. There is also a Russian Orthodox Church located approximately 2 km north of the village.

Surrounding Hines Creek there is good farming land for grain and mixed farming. It is one of the industries in the area.

The above Hines Creek tractor/farming picture, has been published in a Grade 3 Social Studies Textbook called "Our World" published June 2005 with a small mention on Hines Creek, Alberta. The 200 page hard cover textbook has been distributed in Alberta and around the world. 40,000 English and 10,000 French copies were produced. (Ken Connors has donated the copyright picture for use in this book as per a licensing agreement)

-George Lake Campground. 15 sites. Located 4 km south, 2 km east of Hines Creek off Highway 64.     Water, boat launch, phone, swimming, playground. Open May to October.(780) 494-3820
-Stoney Lake. Approximately 20 km north. 20 sites, fire pits, lake, boat launch, fishing, swimming, and hiking trails. (780) 694-3600.
Sulphur Lake Park. Approximately 30 km northeast. 20 sites, lake, fishing, playground. RV dumping     station. (780) 494-3600-Carter Camp. Located 25 km west of Hines Creek on Highway 685. 20 sites.        Water, boat launch, RV dump, fishing, swimming, playground, hiking trails. Open May to October. (780)494-2222.

One of the newest additions to the Village of Hines Creek is the Splash Park located at 2nd Avenue and 10th Street.

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Hines Creek End Of Steel Museum opened in 1985. Located on the east side of Hines Creek, at the junction of Highway 685 and 64. Open May to mid September, Monday to Sunday. Also school tours and weddings are held here along with a Farmers Market open til early October. (780) 494-3522.

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Hines Creek is the village of the "End of Steel", remembered by the giant railway spike, 13 feet high and 15 inches wide. The
spike was erected in 1990.

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Dave Shaw Memorial Complex. Named after Dave Shaw, an early pioneer, businessman, and former Mayor of Hines Creek. The Complex has a curling rink with 4 sheets of ice, as well as an arena used mainly for hockey and figure skating. (780) 494-3666
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The Municipal Complex is located on main street and houses the Village of Hines Creek office. (780) 494-3690, also the Municipal Library (780) 494-3879 and also the Firehall.

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