Hilltop Lake Recreation Area, Alberta
Hilltop Lake Campground is located west and north of Sexsmith, Alberta. From Sexsmith go north 2.5km and turn west on Highway 59 and travel a total of 23 km west then north on Highway 724 for about 14.5km on gravel road. Also can be accessed from Woking, Alberta all on paved road. Travel west of Woking on Highway 677 for 13km and then south on Highway 724 for 6.5km to the campsite.

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Hilltop Lake Campground has 10 overnight stalls with fire pits, picnic tables, outdoor washrooms and parking. No power sites and there are no user fees to camp overnight. It also has a four walk-in sites in the day-use area that can be used with tents. In the same area there are picnic tables, fire pits, playground and shelter. Canoes and non-motorized boats are only allowed on this small lake. Hilltop Lake Campground is known for the ATV trails near the campground in the Saddle Hills. The deepest part of the lake is eight feet.

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Hilltop Lake is a fairly small lake. A number of people swim in the lake and there is a small sandy beach. Canoes and non-motorized boats are only allowed on this lake.


Hilltop Lake got its name from being located in the Saddle Hills. There is no record on the exact date when it opened but some are estimating it opened in the early 1980's. A sawmill was located there for a number of years and later Weyerhaeuser Forestry and the Improvement Distrtict built the campground. The Municipal District of Saddle Hills was incorporated as a County on July 1, 1999.

EVENTS AT HILLTOP LAKE RECREATION AREA: There are no scheduled events at this park, but is known for its ATV Trails nearby in the Saddle Hills.
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The Day-use area is quite spacious with plenty of room to enjoy the park. There are a few picnic tables that are close to the lake.

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