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Welcome to the Hamlet of Guy Alberta located in the MD of Smoky River No. 130. Other communities in the same MD are Girouxville, Falher, Donnelly and McLennan.

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One of the smallest buildings in Guy is the Post Office that is in operation. The first post office opened here in 1930.

Located on the northeast part of Guy is the Wolf Honey Company. The family owned business has been in operation for over 20 years. It is Canada's largest producer of Organic Honey and has retailers in Alberta and BC (includes Freson Markets) (780) 925-2282.

Rogers Logging is also a company operated in Guy. A number of farmers live within the community as well.

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The Parish of St Guy. Here is a plaque with some of the history.


Located just 57 km north of Valleyview, Alberta, along Highway 49 is the Hamlet of Guy Alberta. (23 km south-west of McLennan) The population is around 40 people.

Coming into the small community just off Highway 49, facing east.

The community of Guy, Alberta was named after a Roman Catholic Oblate missionary, Bishop Joseph Guy in 1931. He was Vicar Apostyolic until 1938.

Guy Community Centre located in Guy Alberta.

Events of Guy: NOW POSTED Events of the Peace Country
A number of events take place at the Community Centre which includes Church Bazaars, Reunions, and Weddings. Farmers Day events are held each June with Baseball Tournaments, BBQ, Kids Games and a Dance. There is camping available at the Centre when the events are held.

Some of the homes are almost completely hidden by the trees.

There are no services in Guy. For fuel, restaurants, hotels, medical or law enforcement, residents of the area travel to neighboring communities of High Prairie, McLennan, and Falher.

The Guy Cemetery is located near the entrance of the community.

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The only Church in Guy is located at the centre of the community. The Parish of St Guy. The first Pastor was Father Jean-Francois Mallet in 1932 and the same year was the benediction of the church bell. The church is known for having one of the tallest steeples.

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In 1958 the Pews were built and 1961-69 the Statue of Fatima, altar and tabernacle were set in place. The Statue is located to the north of the Church.

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