Grovedale, Alberta

Located 21 km south of Grande Prairie, Alberta, on Highway 40 and Highway 666 is the Hamlet of Grovedale.

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The most significant event in Grovedale's history was the building of the bridge at O'Brien Park that crossed the Wapiti River. It opened in the winter of 1958. It wasn't until the mid 1970's that Natural Gas service came to the area.

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Grovedale is not just a hamlet but a community that includes the immediate surrounding area. (population of approximately 500). Located in the Municipal District of Greenview includes the Towns of Fox Creek, Grande Cache, Valleyview and the Hamlets of DeBolt, Little Smoky, Ridgevalley, Landry Heights and Grovedale. Total population of area 5,611 (2015) The first settlers came to the area in 1928. William and Mary Gabler are known as the first official residents of Grovedale. (Jayelle's convenient store is now located near the original Gabler settlement just north of Grovedale)

For the settlers of Grovedale in the 1920's, it was a challenge to cross the Wapiti River to get to Grande Prairie. The best place to cross was at Plum's Crossing, as it was the shallowest point. It was named after a cattle rancher who cleared the trail to the river. (5 km east of the present day bridge at O'Brien Park) (enlarge picture of Valley)

In 1934 a ferry crossing was built (where the current Bridge now stands at O'Brien Park) T.E. Cooke owned a sawmill at this location and with the help of the settlers in the area, built a ferry and a house for the ferryman. In those days the ferryman survived only by donations of food made by those who used the ferry.

WEST OF GROVEDALE: From Grovedale you can travel west, and there are no services for 70 km until you get to Nose Creek, a very remote area. Many make a trip along this highway to get to Two Lakes, another 62 km past Nose Creek (132 km from Grovedale) Two Lakes offers overnight camping areas as well as excellent fishing. 86 sites. Includes 3 campgrounds. (780) 538-5350. Take a trip along this highway to get to Two Lakes, another 62 km past Nose Creek (132 km from Grovedale)

The Grovedale Day Care opened in June of 2022 and is located not far from the Community Centre VIEW PHOTO

On the outskirts of Grovedale you mostly likely see a number of horses grazing.

In 1939 the first Post Office and store opened and it was also that year when area farmers started to grow alfalfa as other grains did not grow that well. The first school was opened in 1945 to teach about 14 children. Electricity finally came to the area in 1958. 1963 another school was moved to Grovedale from Bridge Creek, a community 9 km south. This school eventually was renovated in 1967 and renamed Penson Elementary School. Named after long time pioneer and school board secretary-treasurer, Jack Penson.

There are many things to keep the youngsters occupied in Grovedale, which includes the Brownies and Guides. There is a lot of soccer and baseball games plus many take karate lessons and figure skating lessons.

Each year in mid August Grovedale holds its Annual Picnic and Fair at the Grovedale Fair Grounds. Includes silent auction, breakfast, parade, events, supper and dance. Enlarge Photos above CLICK HERE.

The Grovedale Fish Pond is located 14 km east and south of Grovedale on Highway 40. Day use area, stocked with trout fish. No camping at this location.

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