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Welcome to the Hamlet of Grouard Alberta, located in the Municipal District of Big Lakes.

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Kapawe'no Cree Nation.
In 1970, three reserves (Freeman to the north, and Halcrow and Pakeshan to the west) amalgamated to form the Kapawe'no reserve.
Kapawe'no First Nation
Grouard is one of the oldest settlements in Alberta. The language spoken in Grouard is English and Cree.

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The Native Cultural Arts Museum (located in the Northern Lakes Colleges Moosehorn Lodge. (displays Aboriginal art works and artifacts) The Museum was established in 1976. Located at 62 Mission Street. (780)751-3306.

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Grouard Northland School, Kindergarten to grade 9. (780)-751-3772. Part of Northland School Division No. 61. School website

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Senior Citizens Community Club (located south of the church)

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Located just 17 km east of High Prairie, Alberta, along Highway 2, then another 19 km north on secondary Highway 750 is the Hamlet of Grouard situated on Buffalo Bay near Lesser Slave Lake. (303 residents 2011 Census) living in 84 dwellings.

Grouard is rich in history and its origins date back to the early 1800's with a fur trading post located only a few kilometres from Lesser Slave Lake. The area was originally known as Fort Waterloo and later took on the names Lesser Slave Lake Settlement and also Lesser Slave Lake Post, when the name Fort Waterloo, moved to what is now Slave Lake. The first mission was located by the bay but when Bishop Grouard arrived in the community in the late 1800's, he had the current church, then the cathedral, built. It was completed in 1902 and has been in that location since then.

The first post office started in 1903 and was called the Lesser Slave Lake post office. The name of the community was changed to Grouard in 1909 in reference to Emile-Jean-Marie Grouard, and the Grouard Mission.

VIDEO Grouard - Featuring the Downtown Area
Grouard is Hamlet located about 36 km northeast of High Prairie along Highway 750. Take a drive past the St Bernard Roman Catholic Church as well as the Northern Lakes College plus view more of Grouard in this video.

View VIDEO> (3:21min)

In 1913, there were over a thousand people living in Grouard with many stores, hotels, banks, barbershops, schools along with many doctors, dentists, including a detachment of the RCMP. But as with many communities in the Peace Country, once the railroad missed Grouard by 12 miles to the south, many businesses moved. Services pertaining to Health, Shopping, Banking and Police are now available from High Prairie.

Kapawe'no First Nation Kapawe'no Health Centre. Kapwn Rehabilitation Centre Website

The Grouard Museum and St. Bernard Church are important community features as it represents a lot of history of the area. Most of the surrounding land is comprised of Boreal Forest and is home to a variety of wildlife.

Some of the homes in a residential area of Grouard.

Distance to travel: 160 km to Peace River and 370 km to Edmonton.
Grouard has its own Volunteer Fire Department.

Grouard Events: NOW POSTED Events of the Peace Country
Each Year Northern Lakes College puts on 2 Cultural Events. The Northern Metis Celebration in February and the Round Dance in November.

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St. Bernard Roman Catholic Church (Incorporated in 1902) The church and the cemetery, have been designated as a Provincial Historic Site.

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Sign on the side of the St Bernard Roman Catholic Church.

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Northern Lakes College serves 26 communities in northern Alberta. (enables adults to continue their education) (780) 849-8600. Has outdoor skating rink, basketball court and gymnasium facility.
Northern Lakes College.

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