BRIEF HISTORY: 1050 CFGP AM (now Rock 97.7 FM) was the only radio station in Grande Prairie for years until 1979 when Big Country CJXX started playing country music on the AM bandwidth. Free FM (now known as 2Day FM) and Shine FM (now Reach FM) as well as Q99 have now come on board trying to capture their market share. Every listener has his own preference to style of music which will determine which Grande Prairie Radio Station a person listens to. Some like more music and less talk, while others like more news and information. Announcers voice, personality, how professional they sound, also come into play. One of the factors of which radio station is doing better financially is by the amount of commercials the stations would play each hour. The more commercials sometimes results in less music. Even though the commercials are not priced the same at each radio station, the 8-9am time slot is usually higher priced than most other times of the day. Looking back at the Radio Stations in Grande Prairie as it was in 2010.

Here are some results done by on a special spotlight of the 5 Grande Prairie Radio Stations morning shows.

Spotlight done April 29, 2010 - 8am-9am - Rock 97.7, Free FM 104, Q 99 (similar music formats)
Spotlight done April 30, 2010 - 8am-9am - Big Country XX, Shine FM
(Information was taken from a recording of each radio station and is as accurate as possible. This spotlight was not done to determine which radio station is best but done for a matter of interest to find out what each one was doing at the same time.)

Some overall facts from this 2010 Spotlight on Radio:
Most news: Big Country XX
Least amount of news: Shine FM
Most Sports: Big Country XX
Least amount of Sports: Shine FM
Most music: Rock 97.7
Least amount of music: Shine FM
Most ads: Big Country XX
Least amount of ads: Free FM
Most DJ Chatter: Shine FM
Least amount of DJ Chatter: Big Country XX.

Interesting observations: Rock 97.7 and Shine 96.3 FM did not do interview clips on their news or sports in 2010. The news person reads the entire news without any breaks. (Don't know if this is the style they prefer, or if it is a cost cutting measure, as it costs extra to get national voice clips, or if it is a time cutting measure, as doing local interviews requires a lot more time to set up.)

Also, interesting to see how Terry Van Veen of Shine FM juggles the announcing of the morning show, with interviews in-studio as well as doing the news and sports. (That is a very difficult thing to do. Makes it difficult to "get the news" when one is doing all the other things)

It does seem that a number of the radio stations do not mention the "time" or "temperature" very many times. One would think that it would be helpful, as a listener getting ready for work or school is only hearing fragments of the show. (not everyone is sitting listening to the entire show) -Ken Connors of

LISTEN TO RADIO CLIPS OF 2010 in Grande Prairie:

Free FM 104.7
Uncle Scotty does the morning show. Sara Buchan news and sports.(2010 Radio Clip 3:00min) PLAY>
Q99 Radio
Paul and Pike in the morning. (Paul Ouellete Randy Pike) Randy also does news and sports. (2010 Radio Clip 2:29min) PLAY>>
Big Country XX
Lyle West and Sasha Spencer on the Big Country Breakfast Show! Dave Michaels does news, Sasha does sports. (2010 Radio Clip 3:00min) PLAY>
Shine 96.3 FM
Terry Van Veen does DJ show and also News and Sports casts. (2010 Radio Clip 2:29min) PLAY>
Rock 97.7
Kevin Albers and Cliff Kriz do the morning show. Cliff Kriz also does news and sports. (Did not get permission to be able to display the radio clip)

(Radio Clips featured above are from April 29 and April 30, 2010- All clips are posted with permission. Rock 97.7 did not respond to a number of e-mail requests)

RADIO SCRAPBOOK that centres on the Radio History of the Peace Country and includes other radio stations Ken Connors worked for from 1971-1981: CFGP, (SUN-FM Rock 97.7 FM) CKNL Fort St John, 1140 CKXL Calgary, CJOC Radio Lethbridge, 1090 CHEC Lethbridge, CJME Regina, 630 CHED Edmonton.
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