ALBERTA PROVINCIAL ELECTION 2015 Peace Country Candidates - Grande Prairie Smoky, Grande Prairie Wapiti, Peace River, Dunvegan-Central Peace,
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Election 2015 - Peace Country

Provincial Leaders Alberta 2015

Rachel Notley
Leader NDP
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Brian Jean
Leader Wildrose
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Jim Prentice
Leader PC
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David Swann
Leader Alberta Liberal
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Greg Clark
Leader Alberta Party
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Peace Country Candidates and Election Results - Alberta Election May 5, 2015

Grande Prairie-Wapiti
Areas include Valhalla Centre, La Glace, Sexsmith Wembley Beaverlodge, Elmworth, Grovedale, south past Musreau Lake, south of 100 avenue Grande Prairie.

PC: Wayne Drys-dale - 6,255 votes - ELECTED 2015
NDP: Mary Dar - 5,005 votes
WR: Lila Good ridge - 4,141 votes
Alberta Party: Rory Tartan - 2,050 votes

Grande Prairie-Smoky
Areas including Tepee Creek, Valleyview, Fox Creek, north of 100 avenue Grande Prairie.

WR: Todd Loewe - 5,379 votes - ELECTED 2015
NDP: Todd Russell - 4,961 votes
PC: Everett McDonald - 4,947 votes
LIB: Kevin McLean - 801 votes

Dun-vegan-Central Peace-Motley
Areas including Grimshaw, Brown vale, Fairview, Hines Creek, Parsley, Spirit River, Ry croft, Working, Wan-ham, Eaglesham, Tangent, Louisville, Falher, Donnelly, McLean, Guy.

NDP: Mar McCain Boyd - 3,694 votes - ELECTED 2015
WR: Kelly Hudson
- 3,143 votes
PC: Rhonda Clarke-Gauthier - 2,756 votes

Peace River
Areas including Nampa, St Isidore, Peace River, Dixon ville, Manning, La-Crete, High Level Fort Vermilion, High Level, Rainbow Lake.

NDP: Debbie Barbour - 3,660 votes - ELECTED 2015
PC: Frank Berle - 3,378 votes
WR: Nathan Stein
- 1,979 votes
AP: Sherry Hilton - 685 votes

Lesser Slave Lake
Areas including Slave Lake, Faust, Lissajous, High Prairie, Edouard, Martin Beach, Sandy Lake, Casaba-Desmarass, Red Earth Creek, Little Buffalo, Cadette Lake.

NDP: Danielle Larivee - 3,908 votes - ELECTED 2015
WR: Darryl Boisson - 3,196 votes
PC: Pearl Calahasen (INC) - 1,950 votes

***Description: AP is the Alberta Party, LIB is the Alberta Liberal, NDP is New Democratic Party, PC is Progressive Conservative Party, and WR is the Wildrose Party.

On May 5, 2015 Alberta voted in a new Government to be led by NDP Rachel Notley ending 44 years of the PC's. The NDP swept the province winning in 53 ridings. Wildrose came in 2nd with 21 seats forming the official opposition. The PC's were left with only 10 seats that also included a seat by PC Leader Jim Prentice who called the early spring election. Once the NDP majority was declared Jim Prentice resigned as the PC Leader and also gave up his seat by walking away from politics altogether. Before the 2015 election the PC party held 70 seats and had won 12 consecutive majority governments.

David Swann leader of the Alberta Liberals was the only Liberal elected as was Greg Clark leader of the Alberta Party.

The NDP won 41 per cent of the popular vote, the Wildrose won 24 per cent and the PC's had 28 per cent. Voter turn out was 58.1 percent Province wide.

-Jim Prentice became Premier of Alberta after Alison Redford stepped down in August 2014 because of spending scandals including a $45,000 trip funded by Alberta taxpayers.

October 14, 2014 Rachel Notley won the Alberta New Democrat leadership election with 70 per cent of the vote. (She was elected MLA in 2008 succeeding NDP leader Raj Pannu)

-November the oil prices tumbled to $70 a barrel. A $1.00 drop per barrel over 12 months could result in $200 million less in revenue for Alberta.

-December 2014, Danielle Smith leader of the Wildrose Party along with eight other Wildrose MLA's defect to the Progressive Conservatives.

-January 2015 Alberta oil industry predicting huge layoffs in the next few months. More indirect jobs are also to be affected.

-Daniel Smith defeated in her bid for the PC nomination in the Highwood riding on March 28, 2015. Danielle Smith no longer a in politics.

-Brian Jean was elected Wildrose Party leader on March 28, 2015. (He was elected as a Federal PC in 2004 and resigned in January 2014)

Peace Country Candidates - Election Results 2015 Provincial Election Alberta

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