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Grande Prairie


Grande Prairie NEWS HEADLINES (2018):

July 2018: At the end of October, Greyhound is ending its bus routes in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and most of BC (one route will remain in BC). It will put 415 people out of work. There has been a 41% decline in ridership.

June 2018: Swiss Chalet has closed its doors after 5 years. It was located along 100th Avenue and 108 street Grande Prairie, near Staples. Also Grande Prairie Pub has closed its doors after a brief opening. It replaced Tilted Kilt. Before that it was known as township 71, Rics Grill and before that Eastside Marios.They were located on the corner of Highway 40 and 100 Avenue.

May 2018: A new Canadian Tire Store is now under construction on the west end of Grande Prairie with an anticipated opening in 2019. Located northwest of Costco along 116 Street.

May 2018: Flooding in the Peace Country will go on record as one of the worste in 2018 with the late spring. Many rivers overflowed their banks causing problems.

April 9 2018: Long time Daily Herald Tribune Sales Manager and Parsons Printing owner Al Parsons passed away at the age of 70.

Nov 2017: A number of new stores have opened in the Prairie Mall, Grande Prairie. After extensive renovations to the vacated Zellers/Target on the north side of the mall, Urban Planet, Marshalls, Just Cozy and Lululemon have recently opened.
enlarge photos: Urban Planet - Marshalls - Just Cozy - Lululemon

Map of Grande Prairie
Featuring the subdivisions that include photos.

Mighty Peace Country MAP

Many events are held throughout the year in Grande Prairie and surrounding area.
Events of the Peace Country

Grande Prairie and Area Attractions Attractions.

Grande Prairie
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Parade 2016
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2016 Stompede
Parade 2016
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Dec 6, 2015
Grande Prairie
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Grande Prairie
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GrandePrairie 2014
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Catching Trout
June 2014
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March 2014
Grande Prairie
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Located 460 km northwest of Edmonton, Alberta, is the City of Grande Prairie, with a population over 68.556. (Estimated over 70,000 with recent annexation in Janurary 2016) Grande Prairie has a large trading zone of more than 250,000 people.

(214 Place, situated along 100 Avenue).

Welcome to the City of Grande Prairie. It wasn't that long ago that Grande Prairie was known as one of the fastest growing cities of Canada. With many major stores opening and with the development of the many new subdivisions, this community has changed quickly. In 1991 the Population of Grande Prairie was just over 28,000 and in 2011 it was reported at 55,032. The last census of 2015 showed the population was now 68,556, an increase of 24% since 2011. With the annexation Jan 1, 2016 the population is now estimated to be over 70,000. It is the 5th largest city in Alberta passing St Albert and Medicine Hat. Grande Prairie used to be the 7th largest city.

Grande Prairie Statistics.
The average age (2015 census) indicates the majority
of population is 44 or younger with 41.9% of the population between 20-44. 24.48% is 19 and younger. The main industries range from forestry, agriculture, oil and gas. Some of the major employers of the area are Ainsworth Mill (recently purchased by Louisiana Pacific), Weyerhauser, Canfor, Risley Equipment, Prairie Mall. Some of the Regional Facilities include the Grande Prairie Regional College, the Queen Elizabeth ll Hospital and Crystal Centre.

Each year the City of Grande Prairie features the Canada Day Parade and gives a front row seat as Ken Connors takes his video camera right into the middle of the street to capture all the action.
View VIDEO> (28.07min)
Featuring the Main Street of Grande Prairie
The Dual Cam shows both sides of the Main Street as one travels west along 100 Avenue. (For best results increase video to fill screen)

View VIDEO> (4:26min)
VIDEO Grande Prairie Santa Parade
Dec 3, 2017: Thousands of people young and old lined the streets of Downtown Grande Prairie for the traditional Santa Claus Parade. It was a chilly sunny Sunday afternoon and was there and captured the entire parade on video.

View Video> (12:32 min)
VIDEO Centennial Spectacular
The Centennial Spectacular took place in celebration of Grande Prairie's 100 Anniversary August of 2014. Lots of things to see and do at Muskoseepi Park, including the Ol' Fashioned Carnival at the Museum, plus many activities and entertainers at the Twin Stages. The evening concluded with a performance by Emerson Drive and a Spectacular Fireworks. View VIDEO> (5:23min)
of Grande Prairie and Area
Over 200 Videos: (parades, mud bogs, fishing, camping, sights to see etc)

When visiting Grande Prairie, you can now choose from an abundance Hotels and Motels. Many are featured on the Hotel Page. You can shop downtown, 100 Avenue and 100 Street, or at the Prairie Mall located on the north side of the City. Many major stores have now opened on the west side of the City. Feeling hungry? There are many restaurants to choose from. Some of them list their entire menus on Grande Prairie Restaurants.

Junior Hockey takes place at the Crystal Centre in Grande Prairie featuring the Grande Prairie Storm of the AJHL. Grande Prairie Storm Schedule. The Grande Prairie Athletics are part of the North Peace Hockey League (mens senior hockey) and play at the Coca-Cola Centre. NPHL Hockey Schedule

VIDEO Grande Prairie Storm 2015-2016 Season
This video captures some of the excitement of Grande Prairie's team in the AJHL. The Grande Prairie Storm are celebrating its 20th Anniversary in the AJHL in the 2015-2016 season.
View VIDEO> (1:00min)

VIDEO The Grande Prairie Athletics 2017-2018 Season PLAY> (2:27min)

If your desire is the head out of town and doing a little camping, or fishing there are a number of campgrounds near the City that gets you close to nature. Camping and Fishing.

If you are planning on hitting the slopes Nitehawk Ski Area, is located 14 km south of Grande Prairie and offers downhill skiing and snowboarding. The Wapiti Nordic Ski Club 6 km south of Grande Prairie is the best destination for Cross Country Skiing. Downhill and Cross Country Skiing.

Many new subdivisions are being added each year. You can view pictures of each subdivision by viewing the Grande Prairie Map. If you are planning or selling your home you can contactd Royal LePage, the Realty Group, one of the major sponsors of this website. Also check out the Real Estage page that features some of the current listings of local realtors. Grande Prairie Real Estate.

There are a large number of Schools including the GrandePrairie Regional College. Education.

You can get involved with the community by joining a service club. Service Clubs.

History plays a big part of the City. Take a trip down memory lane. History


The Alberta Mill is Ainsworth's biggest OSB manufacturing plant that employs over 200 people from Grande Prairie and area. September 2013, Louisiana Pacific has purchased Ainsworth.

Weyerhauser located a few km south of the City, produces dimension lumber - visual grade lumber for export and North American markets, construction grades, and low grades for Alberta remanufactures and employs about 700 people. Originally opened in 1972 as Procter & Gamble.

Canadian Forest Products
(Canfor) employs over 175 employees - administrative, sawmill and the woodlands operation. The Canfor operation manufactures top quality dimension lumber.

Risley Equipment
Risley Equipment employs over 175 people producing the patented Risley Rotosaw, Lim-mit delimbers, the Rolly II Modular Single Grip harvester and Double Grip Rocessor, and the Rotosaw Slingshot Harvesting Head.

Prairie Mall
The Grande Prairie Mall located on the North end of Grande Prairie opened in 1974, now offers more than 90 stores and services, 650 seat Food Court plus parkade.

Queen Elizabeth II Hospital
Regional health care facility employs over 1000 people. Cares for approximately 10,000 patients in one year plus over 100,000 out-patients per year. Health Region 8 is now officially called the "Peace Country Health Region". 98 Street and 105 Avenue.

214 Place,
located in the Downtown sector at the corner of 100 Avenue and 102 Street, is the tallest building in Grande Prairie. It alone employs approximately 1000 people. There are over 400 stores in the Downtown and employs about 4000 people.

Grande Prairie Dowtown Association website.

The After Hours Clinic has moved to 104-11745-105 Street in 2017. Open Mon-Fri 5pm-10pm, Sat & Sun, 10am-9pm, Stat Holidays 10am-4pm.

Westgate Centre is under construction on the west side of Grande Prairie (north of Costco). Some of the businesses are now open including are Bed Bath & Beyond, HomeSense, Pier 1 Imports, plus others.

Grande Prairie has been named Canada's Top Entrepreneurial City in a survey conducted by the Canadian Federation of Independent Business. It is partially because of the high business start-up rate. This is the 3rd year that Grande Prairie has placed first.

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Grande Prairie

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