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Welcome to the Village of Girouxville Alberta.

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Esquire Hotel. 4903-50 Street. (780) 323-3568.


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Girouxville Municipal Campground located on the east side of the Village. RV dump, playground. Water available.

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The Village of Girouxville office located on the Main Street. (780) 323-4270. Girouxville Chamber of Commerce (780) 323-2346.

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Girouxville Community Hall. Many weddings are held here including the Ladies Auxiliary Fall Ball. The Town's Christmas Party is held each year and many annual meetings are held in the hall as well. 5012-48 Avenue. (780) 323-4111.

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Smoky River Bridge at Watino (southwest of Girouxville) along Highway 49, now demolished. The new bridge is very different as it blends in the the highway. (no overhead structure)


Located approximately 106 km north-east of Grande Prairie, Alberta on Highway 744 is the Village of Girouxville, or approximately 9 km west of Falher. Population of 266 people (2011 stats) living in 129 dwellings. Is a rich French Canadian community and is a strong farming community.

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Totem Pole, Club Etoile, Girouxville Cemetery, Antique Truck, Bowling Alley, Monument, Flower Display.

Originally the community was known as Fowler, a name given by the railway when it first opened a train station at the settlement. The name was changed in 1915 after one of the first settlers "Giroux". The First post office opened in 1917. The Cree Indian lived in the area and had called it "umstosee owuskee" meaning "Frenchman's Land". In 1941 a Credit Union was incorporated followed by a Co-op store. In 1951 Girouxville was incorporated as a village.

Featuring the Main Street Girouxville
The Dual Cam shows both sides of the street as one travels north to and along mainstreet. (For best results increase video to fill screen)

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Since there is no hospital in Girouxville, people must travel east to the McLennan Hospital. RCMP service is also available from McLennan. The Golden Age Manor in Girouxville has 18 units.

Some of the larger businesses of Girouxville include the Caisse Horizon Credit Union and the Co-op Bulk Station. Other businesses include the Smoky Bank Seed Cleaning Plant, Westport Grain, a service garage, plus a number of welding, and machining companies. Honey production in the area is a major industry with thousands of bee-hives located through-out the area.

Grotto of our Lady of Lourdes
The Annual Religious Pilgrimage is held each August to the Grotto of our Lady of Lourdes located in the centre of Girouxville. Has been a tradition for over a half of a century. A large number of artifacts - statuary, paintings and reliquaries are located in the church, in the grotto and at the Museum. 14 statues are situated at this site.
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Events of Girouxville:

Many people come to celebrate Chinook Days which is now held every 4 years. Games, sleigh rides, businesses have a trade show, and the Museum is free all day which also provides home made ice cream. Little Smoky River south of Girouxville is a favorite spot for fishing. Walleye and Pike. Little Smoky Ski Hill 1/2 hour south of Falher. 780-837-8144.

A residential area in Girouxville displays some of the older homes.

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Musee Girouxville Museum located on main street was built in 1968. Features a collection of over 7,000 artifacts recalling native, pioneer and missionary life. Also many articles of the early years. Open May to September. 5015-50 Street. (780) 323-4252.

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Girouxville Sports Club. 5204-51 Street. The Curling Rink has 4 sheets of ice and has many bonspiels during the winter. Located next to outdoor basketball court and outdoor skating rink. (780) 323-4244.

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Located on the corner of 50 Avenue and 49 Street is the Paroisse Notre Dame de Lourdes Parish. It holds mostly French services every weekend.

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