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Welcome to Fort Vermilion. Located in the Municipal District of Mackenzie No. 23, the largest rural municipality in Alberta. (780) 927-3718. The Municipal District also includes La Crete, Zama City, Rainbow Lake and High Level.
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Sheridan Lawrence Inn overlooks the Mighty Peace River. Restaurant, pub, liquor store. (780) 927-4400.


Heritage Bi-Centennial Park, day use, kitchen shelters, boat launch, fishing. Located in Fort Vermilion . (780) 927-4222.

Fantasy North Park, located at the Golf course in Fort Vermilion, Electrical, water, concession. Cable TV (780) 927-3227.

Fort Vermilion Bridge Campground. Located 10km west of Highway 88. 10 sites, shelter, swings.

Wadlin Lake Provincial Park, 26 km southeast of Fort Vermilion. 55 sites, boat launch, fishing, swimming, concession booth, hiking. It is home of the endangered White Pelican Colony. (780) 927-3718.

Machesis Lake Forest Provincial Recreation Area is about 30 km east on Highway 58 and south 17 km. 20 sites, boat launch, electric motors only. Rainbow trout.

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"Where Alberta began" monument was a gift from High Level Chamber of Commerce for the 1988 Bi-Centennial. A time capsule is located here along the Peace River at Heritage Bi-Centennial Park.

The bridge across the Peace RIver was built in 1974. Before then a ferry was used to cross the river.

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The Fort Vermilion Community Library located on River Drive. Read the excellent book collection. (780) 927-4279. Library website

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The Fort Vermilion Airport and forestry landing site located just on the east edge of Fort Vermilion, along River Road.

                  FORT VERMILION

Fort Vermilion is a Hamlet located approximately 78 km southeast of High Level. It is the oldest settlement in Alberta and was established in 1788 as a post for the North West Company located on the banks of the Mighty Peace River. Today Fort Vermilion serves an urban and rural population of about 2500 and has a population of 727 (2011 stats) living in 239 dwellings. (661 km northwest of Edmonton, Alberta.)

A few steps from mainstreet (River Drive) is the Mighty Peace River. The Fort Vermilion Nature Trails cross the town from one side to the other and the hike can take anywhere from 30-45 minute.
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Old Bay House, Campground, Firehall, Cemetery Marble Memorial, Cemetery Fieldstone Fence, Residents, Downtown.

The name Vermilion comes from the red ochre deposits along the riverbanks in the area. Cree and Beaver Indians were the first to inhabit the area and was a meeting place for northern natives. The fur traders came and shortly after in 1788 the Fort Vermilion trading post was established at Boyer's Post 5 miles downstream from Fort Vermilion. In 1821 Fort Vermilion was taken over by the Hudson's Bay company and about 10 years later, the post was moved to the present location of Fort Vermilion. The old Bay House was built in 1906 near Fort Vermilion near the riverbank. It was where the Chief Factor lived. He was the one who organized the operations of the company. In 1907 Fort Vermilion experimental Farm was established and moved to its current site in 1935.

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Clark House was built in 1907 as a Hudson's Bay Clerk Quarters. 1943 was home to Willy and Agnes Clark until 1994 when it was moved to its present location next to the Visitors Information Centre near the Community Cultural Complex.
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The Visitors Information Centre is a 1923 dove-tailed log Bourassa/St. Germain House. Was originally located on the banks of the Peace River and in 1983 was moved to its present location. Open June to August.
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Trappers Shack located at 5003-River Drive. Formerly known as the Riverside Cafe. Built in 1912-1916 and is one of three dove-tailed log buildings in the community. Is a provincial Historic Site.

VIDEO Fort Vermilion - Historic Buildings VIDEO
A video featuring the many Historical Buildings in Fort Vermilion including a short clip of owner of the Fantasy North Golf & Country Club, Agnes Rosenberger. The Clubhouse is one of the oldest buildings in Fort Vermilion.

View VIDEO> (3:04min)

There are over 25 historical sites and buildings to view in Fort Vermilion including the St Lukes Anglican Church Cemetery that dates back to 1877. It has a marble memorial and fieldstone fence. Also located in the same area is the Bay Factor's House and Cookhouse. Follow the River Drive to the east.

St. Theresa General Hospital. 36 beds with 10 beds for extended care. The hospital was built at this location in 1983. (780) 927-3761. Provincial Court of Alberta. 4607-River Road at the old hospital location.

Special Events:
Rodeo held in July with bucking broncos, cattle roping etc. at the Rodeo Grounds located about 5 km southwest of the Hamlet. Bareback local bronc rider Kenton Randle was one of the riders who represented Canada in the 2002 Olympics in Salt Lake City, USA. Canada Day Celebrations are held with many events, activities including a parade. The Town "n" Country Fair and River Daze has been held in early August. Get to know you night, held in September and October. Arts and Crafts Show is held in November. Curling Bonspiels and Hockey Games are held from December to March.
NOW POSTED Events of the Peace Country

Fort Vermilion Public School. Grades 7 to 12. Approximately 150 students attend. (780) 927-3706. School website St. Mary's Elementary School. K to 6. (780) 927-3201. School website

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Community and Cultural Complex (780) 927-4222. Fort Vermilion Heritage Centre. Museum, Historic site. Over 25 historical sites and building in the Fort. At the site, see the old log house, prehistoric Bison bones, the first Nations Exhibit. Open June to August and only by appointment September to May (780) 927-4603.

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Fantasy North Golf & Country Club. The clubhouse is estimated at over 150 years old. 9 hole grass greens, mini golf park, driving range, clubhouse, club and cart rentals, all service RV Park.

The Echo-Pioneer weekly newspaper serves High Level and Mackenzie County. website

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There is a boat launch and peer with access to the Peace River located along River Road, Fort Vermilion. There are many rivers and streams in the area that are good for fishing. Mostly walleye, pike and grayling are the catch of the day.

Fort Vermilion School Divisions No. 52. 5213-River Road, Fort Vermilion. website.
Blumenort Mennonite school. (780) 927-3113.
Northern Lakes College, Fort Vermilion Campus. (780) 927-2450.

In July 30th 1988, Fort Vermilion celebrated its Bicentennial and visitors for the celebration included the Prime Minister of Canada, Brian Mulroney and family.
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