Figure Eight Lake Provincial Recreation Area, Alberta

Located approximately 40km northwest of Peace River along Highway 737 is the scenic Figure Eight Lake located in the County of Northern Lights. Or 20 km north of Brownvale Alberta (8 km north of Highway 737). Brownvale is located on Highway 2, 161 km north of Grande Prairie. Figure 8 Lake is a favourite spot for catching trout in the summer as well as ice fishing in the winter time.

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Figure Eight Lake Provincial Recreation Area has fishing for trout and has 23 overnight campsites. Figure Eight Lake is a great spot for fishing, birdwatching and camping. Because it is such a small lake no gas motors are allowed. Only Electric motors are allowed.

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In the early years, 1956, the shallow waters of this area were first stocked with Northern Pike, but they did not survive. It was not the right environment for fish to survive the winter months. The level of water was very low and had two shallow basins resembled a figure eight, and that name stuck. Finally in the 1960's there was interest to see if something could be done to make it into a proper lake.

In 1969 many volunteers from the Brownvale Community took it on themselves to drain the shallow basins, clear the brush, bring in sand, raise the level of the water by raising a weir near lac Cardinal where the water drained. Once the levels were high enough, it was stocked with trout and Figure Eight Lake became a great fishing spot. The Brownvale Community Club, Figure Eight Lake Recreation Club and a number of Provincial Groups were involved.

In 1986 an aerator was installed to maintain the oxygen levels for the survival of fish over the winter.

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Figure Eight Lake Park is an area of 38.6 hectares or 95.4 acres. The deepest part of the lake is the south side, while the middle of the lake becomes shallower and the north side of the lake being the shallowest. The maximum depth of the lake is 6 metres or about 20 feet. This lake drains south and into Lac Cardinal which is situated at Queen Elizabeth Provincial Park, Alberta.

WINTER: Cross Country Skiing is popular at Figure 8 Lake Provincial Recreation Area during the winter months. It has around 5 km of ungroomed trails available. Also Ice Fishing is popular during the winter.

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